In the dark night, six Shark cats snuck towards Jellicle Territory. Hardly making a sound, they slunk away from their borders. At the head of the group was Apollo, the leader of the gang. He walked tall and proud, unafraid of any Jellicle that could pounce him. Beside him sauntered Amelotte, vain, beautiful, snooty, ready to show the Jellicles who really were the powerful tribe. They were flanked by X-Ray and Amarrah, two cats with special powers. X-Ray had x-ray vision, and Amarrah was psychic. Bringing up the rear were Magoslavia and Cierro, who was making very brazen overtures!

"You scared, babydoll?" Cierro purred to Magoslavia. The queen sighed. Long ago she had found it best to ignore him. Cierro paid her no mind. "It's OK if you are, sugar. I'll knock the life out of any Jellicle that dares look at you." Magoslavia still said nothing. Cierro tried again. "Ya know, after the ball, how about we just get behind that dumpster over there and.." But that was as far as he got. Magoslavia scratched him across the face. "Shut up, Cierro. What in the heck made you think I was one of those queens?" With that, she ran to the front of the group.

When the cats arrived at the Jellicle Junkyard, they saw no sentries. But they had learned from experience that when there were no sentries, there were always booby traps in store for any Shark who dared enter. "Ok, X-Ray," ordered Apollo, "Case out the joint." X-Ray blinked and flashed his eyes at the outside of the junkyard, looking for any kind of trap, even something as small as a rigged bucket of water. Cats had drowned in those innocent-looking buckets before. He noticed nothing but a bunch of dancing Jellicles, a tire, presumably to lift cats to the Heaviside Layer; and Old Deuteronomy. "That's weird, guys." The tom commented. "There are no traps set out. Maybe the guards were just... Off their guard. Pun intended." Everybody cracked up, except for Apollo. "Come on, guys, this is serious!" the tom barked. We don't know what's going to happen and….. Magoslavia, WHAT are you doing?" The grey and white queen was climbing over the trash!

"Everybody! We have to stop her!" screamed Apollo. Amarrah, however, hesitated. "Ummm….Apollo?" she ventured. "Slavie appears to be thinking that you are a pain in the arse and worry too much. Let's indulge her. She could be right." One by one, the cats climbed into Jellicle territory.

"MAGOSLAVIA, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" Apollo screamed at his younger sister. "YOU COULD HAVE DIED! YOU IDIOT, MUST I ALWAYS HAVE TO TELL YOU THESE THINGS!" "I thought you said we were going to try it Magoslavia's way, 'Pollo," countered Amarrah. "Shhhhh." Cautioned Magoslavia. "They're so caught up in their dancing, they don't even know it's us! Let's just get our mission over with! I know we all want to get home and go about our lives!" With that, the Sharks scattered.

Meanwhile, Romelus was staring at the dance floor, lonely and lovelorn. He was the only one in the guard that had no dance partner. The Tugger, naturally, had grabbed Bombalurina, and was now doing an incredibly seductive slow dance with her. Mistoffelees had leapt on Sillabub and was stroking her back while she purred with pleasure. Munkustrap was kicking with Demeter, and even Pouncival had started a dance with Rumpleteazer. He wished his mystery queen would arrive more than ever. It was then that he heard the commotion. There were strangers in the junkyard!

Magoslavia looked up in shock at the silver Jellicle looming over her. She realized with dread that this was the infamous Munkustrap, her brother's worst enemy! The two were arguing profusely. Suddenly they split. Then, the Jellicles screamed "MAMBO!"

"MAMBO!" yelled the Sharks.

"GO!" They screamed together. Then, the kicks flew, the paws batted, and cats flitted all over the dance floor. The grand climax occurred when Amelotte and Apollo faced of Munkustrap and Demeter. Magoslavia never saw who won. Her eyes were focused on a handsome tom across the way. This tom had golden, tabby-striped fur, and his head-fur was in the most stylish mullet Magoslavia had ever seen. His collar was made of genuine black leather. His eyes were what really reeled her in. They were as green as emeralds. One look told Magoslavia that he was the one; it was he who she'd marry, he who'd father her kittens. Hypnotized, she moved towards her newfound miracle.

Romelus had also just seen the most magical sight of his nine lives. He saw the most beautiful queen in the world. Her fur was a gorgeous grey and white, she wore a lacy collar and Woolworth pearls like Rumpleteazer's, and her eyes were like oceans. Best of all, she was walking RIGHT TOWARDS HIM! He hurried to meet her, and the two did a silent waltz, in which it seemed like they were the only two cats in the world. Finally, they stopped. Romelus broke the silence. "You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Are you sure I'm not dreaming?' Magoslavia giggled. "I'm not asleep." She shivered. "My paws are cold. Yours too?" She slipped her paws into his. "So warm." Romelus commented, "I am not one of yours." "Yes. I know. And I am not one of you." Then, they moved in for what was supposed to be an amazing kiss, but were thwarted. All of a sudden, Apollo had stepped right between them!

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