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Crazy Old Man

' Really for along time I have thought it was just age that made Albus as crazy as he was, but now teaching here for twenty-five years through Harry Potter, And his offspring, and every Weasley under the sun plus this year in about five minutes Neville Longbottom's triplets I have come to suspect it was the children that got him…or Fawkes, never did trust the flaming turkey. Alas somehow I find myself smileling and whistling. Voldemorts gone and maybe I've gone crazy I did spend a lot of time in his office…Oh, my! I've relised, all that time I. had. LEMONDROPS! That's where the insanity lies." That epiphany is what knocked him out of his drug-induced happiness.

"Lemondrop Severus?" asked the crazed Headmaster

"No Albus!" Sev said vehemently "You are what has caused my craziness you and those damned delectable sweets!"

"How could you say that Severus?" he asked a very present and bright twinkle in his bright blue eyes.

With a cry of outrage Professor Severus Snape rose up and stalked out of the Great Hall heading for his personal rooms to change out of his dark lavender robes into something more suiting on the way inadvertently showing his rather broad and toned body to the new professor Hermione Granger and more than half of the Hogwarts students as he took off his outer robes to show him in just a pair of Wrangler jeans. Many of the women and men plus boys and girls were ether drooling or eyeing him with a preditorial gaze, others where like 'wow never thought I'd see that'.

"Oh, this year is gona be fun." Said Hermione, one of the many women that had been eyeing their prey before he had rounded a corner and was out of sight. "Very fun indeed." With a smirk and scheming mind Hermione lead the second through seventh years into the hall.

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