A Note: I have decide to repost this and other chapters because every once ina while I get the urge to write something stupid about this gang. So, it is purely for my amusement if you don't like it don't read it. Thank you.

At A Random Lake-One boat seams to be the only one on the water currently. It is not one of those dorky row-powered, flat-bottomed fishers; it is Capricorn's boat. Let us take a moment to step back and observe this boat and the persons in and around it. Ahem, the boat is huge! By huge I mean it is a two-story, water-slide bearing, kitchen having, air-conditioned houseboat. Like I have stated before it is Capricorn's boat; it is red, all of it.


Oh look! Something is happening!

At The Boat-Rocky, a young black-haired, quite cute but air headed, black jacket is lounging in a chair on the deck of the boat. Despite the fact that there is an actual lounge chair a few feet away, he is sitting in a plastic purple lawn chair. (OK so not everything is red.) That lounge chair belongs to-

-And he's in the water! -Courtesy of Kat. She slaps her knees as he comes up spluttering, laughing at her first prank of many of the day.

I will finish my thought: Capricorn and nobody touches it but him. Thank you. Now we shall continue-

Kat is still laughing as Rocky, done with his empty threats, begins laughing too while, I might add, treading water. Kat never knew what was coming to her until she was in the water also. It was Capricorn's turn to laugh; one uncontrollable burst like a rusty hinge until he was back to normal. Though he couldn't help but smile and try to frown.

"Oh screw it!" He muttered to himself allowing the smile to show and quite an evil one.

Maybe I was wrong, it is Capricorn who is going to do the pranks here not Kat.

"I," He declares to himself though both Rocky and Kat hear full well. "Am going to have-" He stops. He can't bring himself to say it. His mouth is twisting, he clamps his eyes shut and tries to do the same to his ears. "Fun." He chokes out. The water bound pair's eyes are wide. Capricorn opens one eye and looks down at himself, just to make sure he's still the same evil son of a b- I'll stop there for common courtesy.

In Capricorn's Scary Demented Head- "Did we just say that?" "Yes we did." "Are we going to do this?" "I suppose so." "Am having an interior monologue with myself?" "Yup, we are."

Back At The Boat- Capricorn screams and jumps around like he expects someone to be behind him. There is laugher. He flinches. Looking down at Kat and Rocky clinging to the boat about to drown in their laughter he decides he shall never be scared-no no wrong word-startled by the expression of 'turning over a new leaf'-

"Pfffffttt. Like that will ever happen." He straightens his jacket and turns to reenter the cabin of the boat through the sliding glass door.

No he does not smack straight into the door causing a nosebleed and has to be cooed over by Mortola the whole day. (As much as I may like too, Sigh, maybe later.)

He does however smack straight into-

"Damn it watch where you're going!" Marcie shouts at him. And surprisingly he steps aside to let her pass. Realizing who she has just yelled profanities at she stops and swallows and "Oh it's you -Uh I mean-" She grimaces twisting her entire face with it. Which, Capricorn thought, is a damn shame.

"Ehm, yes Marcie," See how easily he regains his composure as evil overlord of his own little society? "From now on keep your head up when you walk." She walked past and dove fluidly, fully clothed minus shoes, into the lake.

Making sure she was deeply engaged in her splashing match with Kat, He slumped against the door. She always walks with her head up, he thought longingly, like a queen.

And how fast he can dispose his dismal demeanor again?

Still slumped against the glass he spies Jesse another of his black jackets on the balcony just beside the slide. He scrambles into a standing position. He's going to jump, he thought just before-

"CANNONBALL!" Jesse screams and throws himself off the roof. Jesse hangs in mid air as we, as well as Capricorn, take time to observe our surroundings.

The boat, as said before, is anchored in the middle of a desolate and fog covered lake, completely alone. Other black jackets aboard the boat reside in dreamland, dreaming of fire and who knows what else. Until this point when Jesse yells they all are awake. Cockerell and Flatnose, Jesse's former roommates are arranged as so. Jesse and Cockerell had stolen the two beds in the tightly packed upper floor room leaving Flatnose, grumbling the whole time, to sleep on the floor. Basta and Rocky have the beds in another room while on the floor sleep Mizz an elderly stern but understanding maid, and Rose a young lazy and somewhat slutty maid. In the last room in the upper floor was Capricorn, in the bed and Kat and Marcie in a corner on sleeping bags.

Quite biased arrangements if you ask me. Now back to the action!

Back at the Action- Kat, Marcie, and Rocky stop and gape at Jesse, who instead of a cannonball seems to be doing a belly flop . . . from two stories up . . .

Capricorn rolls his eyes and strides self satisfyingly to his red armchair. Just as he sits down the action resumes and Jesse plummets to the water and with a, to Capricorn wonderfully sickening, slap (they hate each other) hits the water and floats there.

Capricorn sputters laughter, while Rocky guffaws, Kat snickers, and (to Capricorn's satisfaction) Marcie laughs openly. Jesse turns himself over groaning, his front already beat red.

"What the bloody 'ell is goin' on out 'ere?" Flatnose yells at no one in particular in his nasally voice.

Capricorn pastes his mask back on and without looking at him said, "Jesse just made his day a living hell."

He had, as we shall find out later but now to take a break and see how Mizz is getting along with the lazy pieces of s- all right that's enough.

Mizz may easily be mistook as Mortola though there are those little differences that only the wise and not blind will notice.


She has bright green eyes that you could swear glow. There is a particular incident to go along with this, which I shall introduce at a later time.

Her gray hair is long, down her back and is always kept in a low loose tail.

She wears navy blue jeans under her black dress. As do Kat and Marcie though not now.

"Basta? Rose? I declare you two are the laziest sacks uh trash I have ever had the displeasure to 'ev met."

4. She has a horrible southern American accent

Mizz stood bony hands on bony hips moving her eyes like a tennis ball in a match between the two dozers.

"Worse than Capricorn reeally."

That had done it. Basta shot up and had his knife pressed to her throat just as she said, "But Ah admit Capricorn 'as more use than ya'll two."

Basta heeled at the grudging compliment to his master. He sheathed his knife saying, "Good thing too, woman." It was a horrible comeback. He walked past her intending to, metaphorically of course, sit at his master's feet and see if he was thrown a bone.

"Stray mutt." Mizz mutters. She turns toward Rose. Her red hair is the only thing visible besides the sleeping bag she clings to.

Mizz pulls back her foot ready to kick her-

"OK! OK! I'm up I'm up!" Rose too shot up and was out the door and possibly down the stairs before Mizz could even get a good look at her.

"Gonna be one o' those days huh?" She again mutters to herself.

By 'one o' those days' she of course means the one where everyone was either terribly out of character or-

"On drugs."

Interrupting the narrator during a rant! Gosh Becky!

Mizz too goes down the spiral stair. Now we shall return to the outside where currently Jesse has decided to lie on the green flowered couch in the down stairs living room, easily viewed from the deck.

On the deck- Capricorn is sitting in his totally out of place red arm chair contemplating the fog. Does the fog mean the water is cold? He asks himself silently, or does it mean it's warm?

So entranced by this baffling question (Which I myself cannot understand. Smack forehead.) He didn't see Marcie climb out of the water. Marcie had come up with an evil plot while staring at the fog too. (Evil people think alike don't they?) Watch Carefully.

She sits on him. All of the dripping wet shirt and shorts she is wearing along with herself is now dumped into Capricorn's lap.

He sputters as she giggles. "Now-What the?" She wrapped her arms around his head thoroughly soaking him.

As she hugged him she was totally unaware of the position she had put him in. He noticed but was too stunned to take advantage of this.

In Capricorn's Still Demented But Now Distracted Head- "Are we being hugged?" "Yes we are." "Am I looking at what I think I am?" . . . . . "Hello?"

On The Deck-What stuns and distracts him even more is how she doesn't get up! She just sat there like a cat on its favorite patch of sun. Her curly wet head is against his shoulder.

"You know you make a really good chair."

Capricorn sighs in contentment.

Another Note: It is at a lake because my family goes to the lake and this is where I come up with a lot of these things. Strange settings befuddle the mind. I'm done you can go now.