A Note: This is such crap. I may take it of later, it bugs me. And I love stupid stuff like this. Oh well. If you didn't like/were sickened by/hospitalized by the first one do not read this one.

New Year's Eve About 11:47 Capricorn's Village: "If one of those damn things is blown in my face again I'm going to cut someone's tongue off."

"Oh come on Capricorn." Rocky the perpetrator of the blowing-the-blower-thing-in-the-boss's- face says. "You know you wouldn't do it, you'd get Basta to." Rocky is drunk but that doesn't mean he wouldn't have said that sober; he's quite dumb.

Rocky smiles stupidly as Mizz dragges him away saying: "Oh Rocky I think Rose want to see you."

"Oh really." Capricorn covers his ears as Rocky's voice screeches.

The church is thronged with people the majority of them drunk or asleep. The racket is horrible and echoes off the walls. I hate this holiday, he thinks, Not that I don't like a good excuse to drink but. . .

He takes another gulp out of an emptying bottle of wine. A little flat.

Look! Do you see that in the not so far distance? Kat and Marcie are drunk too. On what you ask? Well if I told you that would give away the joke now wouldn't it?

They fall. Hard. Right at Capricorn's feet, like a present, from some. . . weird. . . person. Santa? No!

"Two drunk little girls how about that."

I can't believe Mizz let them drink. I mean come on she's like the most strict of all den-mothers if you like that name-if not well here's another one: wait I can't think of another one. Oh well.

"Yah know what Cap?" Marcie crawls up the last step and sits on the now vacant arm of Capricorn's chair. "Yer mean." She tells him and takes another swig of her cup, nearly choking on it.

In Capricorn's scary little mind: "What were we just told?" "It's true though." "So we should take it as a compliment?" . . . "I can't see you nodding!"

Back to the future! Not really though: "That's great." He says smiling at her almost pleasantly at her.

"I know." She has almost choked on her drink again before she says it.

"What is that crap?" Capricorn leans in trying to look in her cup.

Her and Kat, who has sat gagging at Capricorn's feet the whole time hock: "Vokka," Meaning of course Vodka: Don't ask. Before Kat blows chunks.

"Eh," Says Capricorn as he jerks his shiny shoes out of the way.

"Don't ever drink and drive." Kat announces just as she lays her head on the floor.

Outside: "Feel better now?" Marcie asks as Kat gulps chilly air.

Capricorn is trailing behind them trying to dislodge some invisible thing from the bottom of his shoe.

Kat doesn't answer instead she goes on with: "You obviously hold your liquor better than me."

Marcie rolls her eyes. "Yup."

"Bah!" Capricorn is obviously a little drunk as he thinks he can now become a slasher off of one of those movies he so diligently watches. (Tell you later. Long story. . . Maybe)

"What it wasn't scary?" Both the girls hadn't budged only feared for his sanity as they shook their heads.

"Happy New Year!" A shout comes from inside the church.

"That was half-ass." Capricorn says.

They both agree.

The Next Morning: Oh the hangovers.

Ding! Ding!

Capricorn and a ton of others groan and roll over in there beds.

"Oh my gog where did they even get a bell?" he steps out of bed, still in a now wrinkly suit he notices, only to fall over something smacking his nose on the floor.

"What the 'ell." hell to interpret his nasally voice as he covers his nose. His legs still drape over the source of his discomfort.

"Uh what. Eeeh!" Marcie tries to sit up only to fall back over clutching her head.

"Why are you in my room?" he asks her. He takes his hand off his nose and looks down. He screeches. He faints. But wakes up in time to hear Kat say:

"You locked us in when you were drunk." Kat of course, sitting hautilly on his bed, seems to be hangover free. Wait, woah, On his bed?

Capricorn of course does not notice this little tid-bit just yet. "Why were you in here in the first place?" Blood is dripping down- "Why are you on my bed?" he snaps.

That's the last thing I need is a p-

"I climbed up here when you fell off." She explains.

"I did not fall-and why were you in here?" Take into mind that no one has moved since he fell off the bed.

"Because you locked us in here-" Marcie tries.

"But-" Capricorn stutters.

"You were-" Marcie again.

"Oh! Right." Capricorn's little brain finally remembers what he did. "I was-"

"Yup. Yup." Marcie tosses him off forgetting her headache for a moment.

Capricorn nods to himself remembering how close he came to-

Marcie falls on the bed. "And now we shall sleep on something more comfortable."

Two-He's cut off in his thought by another thing-the blood trickling into his mouth from his nose.

"You two are maids you can't take the day off." he protests but to no avail.

"Watch us."

He gets up muttering something about when I get back and lazy b-

You cut off my thought. Aaaah!

Later: An argument is heard from outside one of the voices is female the other male.

"Seems like Mortola is trying to take care of Capricorn." Kat comments

"Yup," Marcie agrees.

Much Later, At Dark: Kat and Marcie have lain abed all day in Capricorn's bed I might add. Just as the sun sets Capricorn sneaks in perfectly silent, but not so like a cat.

"Ah!" He screams at them and this time the slasher thing works.

Final Note: Author's voice Capricorn's voice

Oh gog that was pretty horrible huh? Now go tell me about it; I will laugh.