Moonlight Fight!

Nathan was dragged into the cave until he was finally dropped in an alcove guarded by another Mightyena.

"Chief wants this one alive and well taken care of. Make sure he's in prime condition for the ritual." Then the two Mightyena walked off leaving Nathan alone and afraid. He looked at his captor the Mightyena was obviously younger than the others and had eyes full of sorrow. Nathan curious asked why he was so gloomy. Then the guy snarled, bared his teeth and told him to mind his own business.

"Sorry I asked." Nathan slumped to the ground upset. This was just swell what did he do to deserve this?! First he had every single pokemon he had caught and trained stolen from him, then he'd been beaten to a pulp, after that he was cursed and now he was a prisoner of a Mightyena pack awaiting some ritual. Nathan laid his head down on the hard ground and waited for his fate.

Outside Ethelia and Poochyena were concocting a plan to save Nathan. None of them seemed to work.

"Grrrr. Why does Nathan have such bad luck?!" Ethelia paced trying to think of something to save her friend. Then she was surprised when Poochyena answered her.

"I'll walk into their camp and say I'm lost. Then they'll take me inside that cave and I'll search around for Nathan." Ethelia considered this.

"All right but we need to make you look more than just lost. Before he could dodge she nipped his leg causing him to yip in pain. Then she singed his back fur. Poochyena looked like he had come in contact with a fire pokemon and had lost. Poochyena tried to walk but could only limp.

"Why did you do that?" Instead of answering Ethelia pushed him through the bush forcing him into the pack of Mightyena. Almost instantly he was spotted and soon surrounded by the same three Mighyena who had guarded Nathan.

"Well what do we have here." Poochyena shaked under their gazes.

"I'm…I'm…l…lost…and…h…hurt." The three looked at each other and grinned.

"Aw. The poor little pup is hurt and lost." One of them mocked.

"What's the matter little puppy? Can't take care of yourself?"

"Don't worry we'll make the pain go away for you." Poochyena braced himself as he saw the three crouch down ready to pounce.

"Stop right there you three!" Poochyena looked up to see a large female striding towards them. "Is that anyway to treat our own kind?! You act more human than that kid we captured does." The three backed away quickly allowing the alpha female to see him clearly. "Now little one. What's wrong? You look like you got attacked by a Growlith."

"Actually it was a Ninetails." The female gasped and grabbed him by the cuff of the neck and walked away.

Back inside the cave Nathan was trying to formulate a plan to escape. He started to get up prepared to make a run for it.

"Don't try it kid." Nathan was startled to see his guard looking straight at him. "I already tried that." Nathan was curious.

"So you're a prisoner too?"

"Yeah, the same as you. I used to be a trainer but…" Nathan realized that this must be the trainer whose buddy had run screaming out of the woods. "These accursed Pokemon changed me into one of them! Isn't that supposed to be impossible?"

"I really don't…" Nathan got quiet as he saw another Mightyena walking towards them. She looked at Nathan and then turned to his guard.

"Fang I want you to take good care of this pup. He's run into a Ninetails and is hurt. Take good care of him." Then she placed Poochyena on the ground gently and left.

"NATHAN!" Poochyena got up and limped over to him.

"What are you doing here? Did you and Ethelia get in a fight?" Poochyena shook his head.

"No I cam her to rescue you!" Nathan looked at Poochena's wounds and realized there was a huge miscalculation in their plans.

Looks like I'm going to have to rescue everybody now, but how?

Night came and soon the three Mightyena came and grabbed Nathan.

"Time to join the pack freak!" As always Nathan fought for all he was worth but the odds as always were against him. Just thinking about how these Mightyena treated people was making him angry. Soon he was marched into a circle of Mightyena. The leader was in the center. The moon glowed a pale white, full as could be. Nathan was led into the circle.

"LET ME GO!" He punched one of his captors as he attempted to bite him sending him flying into a tree. "Who are you to do this to people?! Who gave you the right?!" As another captor came at him he dodged and grabbed him by his leg and hurled him into another tree.

"We do this because we have no choice. Every year our pack diminishes because of your kind! Now we have a method to saving our pack."

"So why kidnap innocents? Why did you kidnap me and Fang? We weren't doing anything to harm your pack. We were just trying to get through the forest."

"Enough! Your kind constantly mistreats pokemon. It's only fair they receive the same treatment. Begin the ceremony!" All the Mightyena began to howl. The sound buffeted Nathan driving him to the ground. He opened his eyes and saw black fur beginning to grow on his arm. He was helpless as it began to spread. "You are a member of our pack from now on!" Suddenly the howling was replaced by yips and yelps as a fire sprang up. Nathan struggled to his feet gripping his arm as the transformation began to recede. "NO!" Nathan looked up in time to see the chief coming right at him. He gathered his strength and punched the leader backwards. Suddenly Ethelia leaped out of the trees and used flamethrower to cause a barrier between the two and the pack.

"I'm sorry that humans capture your pack but what you're doing is no better!" Nathan and the chief were circling each other within the fiery blaze.

"What would you care human?!" Suddenly his nose tingles and a look of awareness dawns on his face. "You aren't human are you? You smell of Vulpix. Let me guess you got cursed by a Ninetails." Nathan's top left mark began to heat up. "It'll be a pleasure ripping the flesh from your bones!" He charged and Nathan did also, transforming into his vulpix form. With a ferocious roar the two met.

Mightyena leaped upwards to crush Nathan in a stomp attack but Nathan rolled to the side and dealt the chief a painful kick. Mightyena responded by biting him causing Nathan some real pain. Mightyena was blasted back by an ember attack and backed up a few steps. Nathan was on his hands and knees as he crouched down ready to strike.

"I'll give you this kid. You're good a lot better than any normal pokemon. However I am not normal. He charged forward and Nathan dealt him a quick attack in the stomach. The attack halted Mighyena's head butt attack and gave Nathan a chance to use another ember attack that sent him flying into the fire wall. With a painful howl Mightyena was defeated. Ethelia burst through the flames carrying Poochyena in her mouth, soon Fang also came hurtling through the wall. She nudged her head to the side signaling to the others that it was time to go. And so the three of them escaped the Mightyena pack.