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Chapter 2

New Enemy, New Student

The man took a step towards Haseo, who in turn took a step back. "What do you want," the Adept Rogue growled at the man.

"Hmm...you need to learn manners don't you," the man laughed as he stopped a few inches from Haseo.

"Take one more step and I'll kill you," Haseo growled as he moved his scythe to a ready position.

"Hahaha! Very funny," the man chuckled. "You think you can take me." The man grinned as he pulled out a long black blade, and got in a ready position.

"Are you serious," Haseo couldn't help but chuckle. "You think you can beat the Terror of Death."

"I don't think, I know," the man smiled. He took a step back before charging at full speed towards Haseo. The Adept Rogue brought his scythe down to block the sword attack. He then twisted on the ground and came around with a strike to the back, which was stopped by the black whips. Haseo's eyes widened as the whips began to absorb his scythe.

"What the hell," Haseo mumbled as he tried to pull the scythe out, but it wouldn't budge. Haseo cut his losses and jumped backwards, letting go of his weapon. He glared at the man as he turned around and faced him, that same grin on his face.

"Is that all you can do," the man taunted. Haseo growled as he pulled out his broadsword and prepared to attack. He ran at the man with all the speed his character had and swung his giant sword in a horizontal slash. The man moved his sword to the side, and was able to stop the giant blade in its tracks.

'What is this guy?' Haseo asked himself as he disengaged from the battle and jumped backwards. He breathed heavily as he stared at the man. "Who are you!"

"The name is Snake Blade," the man answered.

"That's a weird name," Haseo commented.

"It symbolizes who I am," Snake Blade said. "These black whips are snakes, and I use a sword. So, it isn't that weird." Haseo jumped forward to strike Snake Blade, but moving in a quick motion, the man's blade knocked the huge blade back onto the ground. Haseo dodged one of the black whips that was aimed for him. When the whip touched the wall that was behind him, it disappeared. Haseo watched with wide eyes.

"What are you," Haseo growled as he pulled out his twin blades.

"I'm what I am. I'm AIDA," Snake Blade answered in a tone that suggested it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"I thought AIDA was destroyed," Haseo said.

"It was, but, even a little piece of it, can return in the form of a player," Snake Blade said. "Even one piece, can cause so much destruction."

"What do you mean?" Haseo asked. Snake Blade lifted up a crystal and showed it to the Adept Rogue.

"The piece of a larger puzzle. A puzzle that if finished, will spell this games destruction, and termination of all its players, forever," Snake Blade replied.

"Why would you do that," Haseo said in shock.

"To cause pain, and to rule the entire Internet," Snake Blade laughed. "I'm a virus, a virus that will infect everything in "The World"."

"You're crazy," Haseo said as he prepared to attack.

"Maybe so, but this is my destiny," Snake Blade continued to laugh. "This is what I was designed for, to infect everything, and destroy it all."

"I heard enough," Haseo said as he charged forward. He struck his first blade out, which was blocked by Snake Blade's sword. Haseo then moved the other one in a horizontal slash. The snake man saw this and brought his hand up to block it. "You want to die?" Haseo asked confused as he watched the blade tear through the man's hand. Snake Blade smiled as he pushed the blade back and then sent a kick into Haseo's abdomen. He breathed heavily as he tried to raise up his head. He saw the tear in the man's hand, and the data that made it up. The hand then began to repair itself. "Damn," Haseo mumbled as he tried to get up. "This isn't possible. He is stronger than anything I have ever fought."

"See, you can't defeat me at your level," Snake Blade laughed. He raised up his hand, and the purple substance began to form something within the area. "I'm bored right now. So, I'll let you play with my little friend." In an instant, an AIDA, that resembled a medium size snake, floated before Haseo, its fangs bared before Haseo. "See you around." With that last sentence, Snake Blade disappeared.

"Wait!" Haseo screamed as he moved towards where the man had been. A tail suddenly smashed down in front of him, and he looked up to see the AIDA glaring at him. "Not good," he muttered. He rolled backwards to dodge a tail swipe, but as soon as he looked up at the AIDA, he was smashed with the tail. "Damn, this thing is fast." He looked up to see the AIDA preparing an attack. It shot a fury of energy balls at Haseo, and he closed his eyes, ready for the impact, but it never came. He opened them slowly and saw a man with silver armor and red gauntlets in front of him. His sword was too the side, which meant he stopped the attack.

"You okay," he asked Haseo.

"Ya, thanks," the Adept Rogue said. "Who are you by the way."

"The name is Silver. Nice too meet you," the new player said. He turned his attention back to the AIDA. "You need to use your avatar."

"How do you know about the avatars?" Haseo asked.

"No time for questions, just do it," Silver commanded. Haseo nodded as he felt the presence of his avatar.

"Come on...come on...come on," Haseo chanted as he began to change. "I'm right here! Skeith!" Skeith appeared in a flash of light and stared at the AIDA. "Now you piece of trash, show me what you got!" Skeith charged forward and knocked the energy blasts from the snake AIDA away with his scythe. He then dodged to the left to dodge a tail attack, and then moved back to the right to dodge the AIDA's fanged mouth. He then ran forward and began to rapidly slash it, causing the AIDA to howl in pain. He then took his scythe back, and slashed in a horizontal motion, causing a protect break to appear. Skeith then aimed his right arm that was forming the data drain and shot the ball into the AIDA. It then began to absorb its data. When the data was absorbed, Skeith disappeared, and Haseo landed on the ground.

"Nice job," Silver congratulated as he walked up.

"Thanks for the assistance," Haseo said.

"It was no problem," Silver said. "You should head back to town, those two girls are probably worried about you."

"I guess your right," Haseo said as he made to move to the now reconstructed gate.

"Oh, one more thing," Silver quickly said as he ran up to Haseo. "If you need my help don't hesitate to call."

Received Silver's member address

"Thanks," Haseo said. "Don't worry, I'll call you. I think you should go see Yata too, he might want to know how you know about the avatars."

"Oh, that's simple, I'm an epitath user like you guys, mine is a little different though," Silver answered.

"Still, you should go talk to him," Haseo said.

"Fine, fine, I will," Silver said. "See you around." Silver then gated out from the area. Haseo sighed as he followed suit. In an instant, he was standing near the Mac Anu chaos gate.

"Haseo!" Tabby called cheerily as she ran up to him. "You did it, I knew you could."

"Th-thanks," Haseo stuttered. 'I really whish she would calm down a little bit,' he told himself.

"How did it go?" Alkaid asked him as she walked up to the two.

"It's fine, I need to go check some stuff with a friend, but first, I have to log and think about some stuff," Haseo said. 'I can't tell her who that man was, it could cause a panic,' he told himself.

"All right, catch you later," Alkaid said as she walked to the chaos gate, and headed to Lumina Cloth.

"Bye Haseo!" Tabby called as she ran out of the dome, and too god knows where. He sighed to himself, "She is so annoying." With that, he logged out of the game.


Ryou Misaki took off his virtual head gear and placed it onto the desk. He lend back in his chair and gave a loud yawn as he stood up and moved to the door. "Time for something to eat," he told himself. He exited his room and headed down the stairs that were a few feet from his room.

"I'm home son!" a voice called from one of the rooms downstairs. Ryou reached the bottom of the steps and walked towards the kitchen, where his father was. He entered the kitchen, and he saw his father place down a brief case and sit down in one of the chairs. Laying on the table was some food, which had been picked up by his father. Since his dad owned a company, he was barley home. And with no mother living with them, they either ate out together, or Ryou would have to find some food in the house. He also drove sometimes to get food. Depended on what he felt like having.

"How was work?" Ryou asked his father.

"Oh, you know, the same old same old," Ryou's father said with a yawn as he began to shuffle through the food. "Here, hope you like it." Ryou smiled as he took his meal and began to eat it. It was some ramen, with white rice, vegetables, and bread. He loved ramen.

"Thanks dad," Ryou said.

"You're welcome," Ryou's dad said as he began to eat his meal. "So, how is your little game coming along. Having fun."

"Ya, I'm just glad my friends got out of the coma," Ryou said. "It's alot more fun now."

"Good, meet any grils that live near here," Ryou's dad chuckled.

"I know Shino, one of the players, who lives near here. And Alkaid, another player, lives a few towns away from here," Ryou replied with a small blush, but only when he said the name of the character Alkaid. He's dad noticed this and grinned.

"Maybe you should talk to this Alkaid girl about visiting, she close to your age?" Ryou's father asked.

"Ya, only one year younger," Ryou answered his father.

"Maybe you two could hook up, you might not be as board around the house," Ryou's dad said with a grin.

"Ya, it would be nice," Ryou said. He turned his eyes to stare out the window, and gaze at the night sky.

"By the way, I'm going to be leaving on another business trip tomorrow," Ryou's dad informed him.

"That's a surprise," Ryou grumbled. "I wish you could stay here longer."

"Don't worry son," his father said as he got up and headed over to one of the trash cans to throw away his finished food. "You'll be fine, always all."

"I know, it's just that I would like to spend some more time with you," Ryou said.

"I'm sorry son, after I'm done with this huge project we are working on, I promise I'll take time off to have some father and son quality time together," his father spoke. He gave a yawn as he made for the steps. "Well, time for me to get some sleep, big day tomorrow. Catch you later." Ryou watched his father head up the steps and sighed. He finished the rest of his meal in complete silence before throwing his trash away. He then walked up the steps and entered his room. He lay down on his bed and gave a loud yawn. His eyes slowly drifting off, and he fell into a world of dreams.


It had been a few days since the fight with Snake Blade, and his father leaving on his business trip. Ryou was driving to school, and his mind was thinking about the past events. Atoli, Endrance, Tabby, Silabus, Gaspard, and himself couldn't find anything on this matter. And were at a dead end when it came to finding Snake Blade. He hadn't heard anything from Silver about what Yata said, or about what was going on. And surprisingly enough, Alkaid hadn't logged on since that little adventure all those days ago. "I wonder what she is doing," Ryou whispered to himself as he entered the parking lot and parked his car. He got out of the drivers seat and walked around to the other side to open up the passengers door and get his bag. He locked the car before making his way towards the school. He was deep in thought, and didn't even notice someone sneaking up to him.

"Hi Ryou," said a female voice. He turned around slowly to see a young female in her school uniform. She had blond hair, and green eyes. He turned to the man beside her, who happened to be her boyfriend. He had dark black hair and brown eyes. He had the same uniform that Ryou was wearing.

"Sup man," the boy said when he saw that Ryou was looking his way.

"Nothing much Jose," Ryou told the boy. He then turned to the girl, "Hi Ruma."

"Well, let's get too class," Jose said as he began walking towards the school.

"Right behind you," Ruma cheered as she ran to catch up with her boyfriend.

"She is too much like Tabby," Ryou moaned.

"Hurry up Ryou! There is supposed to be a new student, and I want to meet her!" Ruma called to the boy. Ryou sighed as he ran to catch up with his friends, scratch that, his best friends.

"So, how is "The World" treating you?" Jose asked.

"It's going good, made a lot of friends," Ryou replied.

"Any girlfriends," Jose joked.

"Why does everyone keep asking me that," Ryou grumbled.

"Just curious man," Jose chuckled at his friends red face. "You blushing or what."

"No," Ryou said quickly as he turned his head away.

"Ah, I think you look cute when you blush," Ruma spoke up.

"You better not steal my girl," Jose said with mock jealousy.

"Why would I do that, I could do so much better," Ryou chuckled. Jose laughed with his friend, and they looked to see Ruma displaying mock anger.

"Are you mad?" Ryou teased.

"No, but I will have to hurt both of you," Ruma said with a glint in her eyes.

"Oh oh," Ryou and Jose said in unison.

"After school you will receive your punishment," Ruma told them as she walked pass them and into the double doors.

"I got a few hours to right my will," Jose said.

"Ya, and to do everything we need to do before we die," Ryou joked.

"Come on, let's get going," Jose said as he too entered the double doors, followed by Ryou. The two stopped by their lockers that were right next to each other, Ruma's was right beside Ryous. They got their stuff and headed to class. When they entered they saw Ruma in conversation with her other friends. Ryou and Jose walked pass them, and noticed that Ruma still had that glint in her eyes.

"Oh man, she won't let up about this," Ryou sighed.

"I know, its rough isn't it," Jose said.

"Honestly, I don't know how you can stand going out with her," Ryou said.

"When you are in love man, nothing makes since," Jose laughed. He took his seat, and Ryou took his own right behind him. There was one empty desk next to him, which was probably for the new student. A few seconds later, a man with grey hair, and round rim glasses, plus a black suit, and blue pants, walked into the room.

"Hello class," the man said.

"Hello Mr. Mirashi," the class said.

"As you know, we got a new student today who has transferred to this school," Mr. Mirashi began. "So, give her a warm welcome. Let me introduce you to, Chika Kuramoto." A girl walked in slowly and looked at the class. She was wearing the school uniform that the girls where, and she had shoulder length red hair, that reminded Ryou of someone.

"It can't be," Ryou whispered to himself as he stared at the girl. She looked around the class and smiled.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you all," she said in an all to familiar sounding voice. She turned her eyes too see Ryou looking at her. And in an instant, they both recognized each other.

"Take the empty seat next to Ryou Misaki," Mr. Mirashi said as he pointed to the desk. Chika nodded as she walked towards him, her eyes never leaving his.

"It really is him. Haseo," Chika whispered to herself. Jose saw her staring at Ryou and grinned, maybe Ryou will finally get a girlfriend. He chuckled to himself at the thought, now they could do double dates. This was going to be fun.

"It's her," Ryou whispered. "Alkaid."

To be continued...

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