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Chapter 3

The Hidden Epitaph!

Chika sat down in her desk, and turned to face Ryou, "Nice to meet you." Ryou glanced at her and smiled.

"Same too you, Alkaid," Ryou whispered.

"So, you could tell it was me?" Chika wondered.

"Not that hard, you look just like your character," Ryou laughed softly.

"I guess," Chika said.

"All right class, turn your books to pg. 567," Mr. Mirashi said. "And do problems 1-25, due at the end of the period." There were several groans at that comment. "Stop complaining and do it, if you start now, you'll finish in no time." Chika raised her hand slowly.

"Yes Chika?" Mr. Mirashi asked.

"Umm...I need a book," Chika told the teacher.

"Oh, I almost forgot. How silly of me," Mr. Mirashi chuckled in embarrassment. He walked to one of the book shelves and pulled out a text book. He then walked over to Chika and handed it to her. "Here you go."

"Thanks," Chika said. Mr. Mirashi then turned around to work on some other stuff while the class did their work. Ryou's eyes glanced slightly to Chika while he worked.

'She sure is pretty' Ryou mentioned to himself. 'Damn, I shouldn't be thinking like this. Bad Ryou.' Ryou sighed to himself as he turned back so that he could quickly finish up his work. Not realizing that Chika was staring at him as well.

'He is so handsome,' Chika thought to herself. 'Wait, what the hell did I just think. No Chika, this is Haseo, the silent, doesn't care about anything player. I should not be falling in love with him.' Chika turned back to her work and quickly began to read the questions and then answer them. She was not going to get a bad grade on her first assignment in the new school, no way. While everyone worked, the time ticked away.


Snake Blade walked slowly through the cavern he was in. His eyes moving quickly, "I hope no one found this place." He then heard some voices from up ahead and ran to check on them. Standing in a circle were three players, they just killed a monster.

"Man, these things were tough," one of them said.

"Ya, I'm sure glad we found this tough area, we will level up pretty fast, as long as we fight like we are now," another said. The last member turned his head to see a man glaring at them.

"Uh...who are you?" the player asked.

"None of your business," Snake Blade growled. "But, since you entered this place, you can't leave alive."

"What do you mean?" the lead player asked.

"Just this," Snake Blade grinned. He pulled out his long sword and ran forward, killing the lead player with one swing.

"Y-Y-You monster," one of the players stuttered.

"Thank you," Snake Blade grinned as he killed the last two players in less than a second. There was clapping behind him and he turned to see a shadowy figure standing in a hallway.

"You're as quick as ever," the man chuckled. "I was going to come deal with them myself, but, you saved me the trouble."

"Master," Snake Blade said with a bow.

"Did you find the one we are looking for you?" the man asked.

"Yes, the one we seek resides in another player," Snake Blade said.

"Is this player strong?" the man asked.

"Very," Snake Blade replied.

"Then, do you think we can bring him to our side?" the man asked his subordinate.

"Not just by words, I might need to use that," Snake Blade said.

"Hmmm...I see," the man nodded. "Very well, we can use him to take over "The World"."

"Very good master," Snake Blade bowed again.

"Now, go, put your plan into action," the man said.

"Yes my master," Snake Blade saluted as he ported out of the area. The man turned slightly around and faced a stone carving that was within the chamber he was currently in.

"Soon Cubia, soon you'll take your vengeance," the man grinned as he walked back into the cavern of which he lived. It was almost time, and he couldn't wait for the fun to begin.


Silver glanced at Yata and watched him carefully, "So, what do you want to hear?" Yata chuckled lightly at the man before him.

"Young Haseo tells me you are an epitaph user," Yata said. "I wonder if you could help us."

"I don't know if I should help a bunch of bastard CC Corp employees," Silver muttered.

"Watch your mouth!" Pi screamed at the man.

"Shut up you old hag," Silver spat at the pink haired woman. "I don't need you telling me what to do."

"You bastard, I'll take you on if you think you're all that," Pi growled.

"Then bring it hag," Silver smirked.

"Fine!" Pi shouted at the man.

"This could be interesting," Yata whispered to himself. "Fight with your Avatars then, I want to see whose is truly better."

"You want to risk that Master Yata?" Pi asked.

"Just don't use data drain, plain and simple," Yata said. "This is also away to see if Silver should join us."

"Very well Master Yata," Pi nodded.

"Sure, I'll fight the old hags Avatar," Silver grinned. "Who knows, it could be fun."

"We'll see about that," Pi growled.

"Very well, meet at the Chaos Gate," Yata told Silver. The man nodded and left the room, and headed for the Chaos Gate, Pi right behind him, while Yata just simply ported their, a smile on his face. "This will be fun."


Chika sighed as she exited the building, and walked over to a picnic table so she could eat her lunch. She was about to sit down, when someone caught her attention, "Hey Chika!" Said girl turned and saw Ryou, plus some other guy and girl.

"Yes?" Chika asked.

"Want to have lunch with us, Ryou would really like it," the boy said.

"Shut up Jose," Ryou growled at his friend. He was blushing like mad as he glanced at Chika.

"Now, now, calm down you too," the girl said, trying to stop the two from killing each other. Chika smiled at the two and decided it would be nice to make new friends.

"Sure, I'll join you," Chika told the group.

"All right, then let's go find somewhere to sit," Jose said. Chika followed them, and they found a nice shady spot underneath a tree.

"Here is good," the girl said.

"Oh yeah, I forgot introductions," Ryou said. "Well, you know me all ready. This is Jose, and this is Ruma." Ryou motioned to the two in turn.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Chika," she said.

"The pleasure is ours," Ruma smiled.

"So, do you play "The World" as well?" Jose asked.

"Yep," Chika said with a nod.

"Cool, Ryou is that where you met this cute girl?" Ruma asked.

"I guess," Ryou said, his face showing a hint of pink.

"So, are you two in love," Jose teased.

"Shut the hell up," Chika growled, which made Jose flinch.

"O-Okay," Jose breathed.

"We are just friends," Ryou commented.

"Well, that's better than nothing," Ruma said. "Hey, how about we go some place this weekend, it might be fun."

"Sure," Ryou nodded. "How about you Chika?"

"Sure," Chika replied.

"I'm in," Jose said.

"We know, wherever I go, you go," Ruma grinned.

"Yep, I"m your loyal man," Jose smiled.

"Whatever," Ryou moaned. Chika giggled lightly at Ryou's comment.

"Let's get eating," Chika said. The others nodded and began to eat their lunch, and waiting for the bell to ring.


The wind blew softly as Pi and Silver stood facing each other. Pi had a look on her face, that said she was bored. Silver laughed at this. "What's so funny you bastard!" Pi screamed.

"Your face...looks funny...like that," Silver said through laughter.

"That's it! You're dead!" Pi screamed. The field disappeared, and Silver was looking into a data field of some sort. In front of him was Tarvos, her wings flexing slightly as she glared at Silver with hatred.

"Man, even your Avatar hates me. What did I do?" Silver asked no one in particular.

"Die!" Pi roared. Tarvos charged at Silver with lightning speed, but Silver dodged the attack like it was nothing.

"Hmmm...this is fun, mind if I play," Silver said with a grin. He lifted his hands, and his eyes began to change. "Come out! Come out! COME OUT!" Silver roared. "Cubia!" Their was a blinding light as the newest Avatar began to form around Silver's body. Yata's eyes widened as he stared at Silver.

"It...can't be," Yata whispered to himself. "The hidden epitaph. Cubia." In front of Yata, was a giant looking monster. He had a purple substance circling his body. His head was a skull, which had four holes on it. His hands flexed slowly as he glared at Tarvos. He let out a giant roar, making the entire area shake. Tarvos looked on in wonder, she never saw anything like this.

"What's happening?" Pi asked, her eyes turning to Yata.

"It's the hidden epitaph, Cubia," Yata informed. Cubia glared at Tarvos, anger filling his eyes. His huge body moved slowly towards Tarvos. With each move he made, his body would shake. The purple substance began to move around the body some more before shooting purple balls at Tarvos. Her wings came up and blocked the attack with ease.

"Is that the best you got," Pi taunted as she charged at Cubia. He opened his mouth slowly, and four fireballs shot out from his skull and charged at Tarvos. She barely dodged them, her eyes glancing with worry at Cubia. The Avatar grinned as the purple substance began to rise underneath Tarvos. She looked down to see the attack, and quickly flew out of the way. She turned around and glared at Cubia. She opened her wings, and shot out a fury of energy balls at Cubia. The Avatar smirked as the purble substance raised up, and blocked the attack like it was nothing. "Damn," Pi growled.

"Having fun?" Silver asked. He opened up his mouth and shot out and electric blast. Tarvos destroyed the attack with one of her own, but she didn't see the beam coming towards her, until it was too let. The blast shot through Tarvos, making Pi's eyes widen. She had lost, and in no time. This thing, was truly more powerful than the others. This was the legendary Cubia, the "Hidden One". She let out a scream as the data began to break apart and disappear within her body. Pi fell to the ground with a thud, she couldn't move. Cubia then disappeared, and Silver dropped to the ground.

"That was interesting," Yata commented as he walked over to Silver. "That Avatar of yours is truly powerful. I have a mission for you, meet me at GU's headquarters." Silver nodded as he watched Yata wake up Pi, and together the two gated out of the area. Silver sighed, every time he used Cubia, his character always became weaker.

"Damn, I wish I could use this thing without feeling like I ran the marathon," Silver groaned as he too gated out of the area.


Haseo walked out of the dome and towards GU's Home. He had gotten a message from Yata earlier, and he wondered what this was about. He used one of the green gates, and got to the Home in no time. He walked in slowly as he looked around. Their was no one here, like usual. He walked up the stares and into the large room where Yata was. Yata stood at the front, Pi by his side, and Silver standing in the center. Haseo walked up beside him and glanced sideways to stare at the man. "Something wrong?" Silver asked.

"No," Haseo simply stated as he turned back to facing Yata.

"Thanks for coming Haseo," Yata began. "Silver told me about the person you ran into yesterday. We seem to have some information regarding him."

"That's good, I can pay him back for humiliating me," Haseo growled. "So, what did you find."

"It would seem that he was sighted in an area earlier today. He had the exact same description as the man you fought," Yata said.

"What area was he found in?" Haseo asked.

"Delta: Hidden Collapsed Fortitude (a/n: I don't know if fortitude is a key word, if it is, good for me, if not, I made this word up, like you guessed)," was all Yata said.

"Hmmm...let me guess, you want us to go check it out," Silver stated.

"Yes, you and Haseo will be working together," Yata said. "I also asked Sakubo to meet you at the Chaos Gate. He/she will accompany you."

"Very well," Haseo nodded. He turned and exited the room, Silver right behind him. They reached the Chaos Gate, and saw Sakubo standing there. He/she turned around and glared at them.

"You are all late," Sakubo said in a voice that only showed it to be Saku. She was pouting at the two before her.

"What's Yata pulling, sending a little squirt with us," Silver moaned.

"You want to say that to my face!" Sakubo yelled, her eyes shooting daggers into Silver.

"Uh..." Silver mumbled, a huge sweat drop forming on his head. "I wouldn't do that."

"Very good. Now, shall we get going?" Sakubo asked.

"Yes, let's go," Haseo nodded. Haseo invited Sakubo and Silver to the group, and then walked over to the Chaos Gate. He entered the key word for Delta: Hidden Collapsed Fortitude. In and instant, they were ported to area, and ready to find Snake Blade.

To be continued...

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