A lot of people seemed to like the style of 'Love Is' so I tried something in the same style again. I would write something directly about how Zuko and Iroh split paths in the Season Finale but over the holidays I had no computer so this drabble was all I could write.

Disclaimer – I don't own Avatar

Their Eye's Watered

Iroh's eyes watered with happiness as he watched his nephew laugh freely for the first time in three years.

Zuko's eyes watered as he ran against the wind, for once not fleeing from enemies or inner demons but just for the pure thrill of it.

Iroh's eyes watered and he sneezed violently when his nephew tripped over sending his tray of cutlery and tea soaring through the air and dust flying into his uncle's face.

Zuko's eyes watered when he was unfortunate enough to receive a full on blast of his uncle's yet-to-be-perfected tea's stench.

Iroh's eyes watered when he celebrated the birthday of his son who would never come home.

Zuko's eyes watered when he felt his father was lost to him forever.

Iroh's eyes watered when his nephew left for Azula.

Zuko's eyes watered when his uncle did not follow.

Iroh's eyes watered as he watched his nephew fall.

Zuko's eyes watered when he could not rise again.

I tried to add in humour but in the end, angst started calling to me -.-U. Heck, the last two lines actually came to me in a dream!