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Summary: She thinks that letting him go that day was the reason why he's gone now. She blamed herself for what happen to him. She wished to bring him back and she believed that he's there somewhere...and someday they'll get together again.

So here it goes…


By: tenten14

Chapter 1: Ino's Wish


It's been 2 years since the death of Shikamaru. For her it's hard to forget someone whom you love. That's what she says…

Everyone always sees her happy and always let them laugh. But the thing is they know and she knows that she's pretending to be happy…

"Hey guys! Uhh…you look all sad. What's the matter?" Ino asked them. "Ino…I don't mean to offend you but…you know that you only hurt yourself! You're the one who's not alright… Please don't pretend to us…if you want to cry it's alright…because you have to…" Naruto admitted to her.

"I know…" Ino looked down "I know that I mustn't pretend...but I don't know how to forget him…this is all I can do to forget…I love him…I wish…that day…I didn't allow him to leave…he asked me…if it's okay for me if he leave…I let him even if I didn't want to…because I trust him and I know that he'll come back…" Ino said between her sobs. Naruto hugged her and let her cry to his shoulder while Sakura and Chouji tapped her at the back.

End of flashbacks…

That was the last time she cried because of him. She promised to herself that she won't cry anymore. But deep inside her she's crying and wanted to forget him.

My friends told me that I should forget all of it but how can I supposed to forget. Ino thought and after that she wrote her wish on a paper beside her.

After writing the letter, she cried while placing the letter inside the box of her memories. This box was full of stuffs that Shikamaru gave to her and all of their pictures with him and her friends. That was her wish…to be with him all through her life. She knew that she cannotbe with him again. But she hoped that he will see him again.

Three years after that day…

Ino was a successful singer in a bar with her friends. They were the band who performed there. Ino and Sakura were the lead singers. Naruto was the DJ and the guitarist. Neji and Sasuke were members of the band too; they were the drummer and the pianist.

Sakura asked Ino about what song they will perform. She also mentioned that she won't sing because her throat hurts. "What?! Sakura, I can't perform without you…" Ino complained to her, "You are a great singer Ino! You can do it yourself…uhmm…why don't you sing the song you composed. Naruto knows and everyone in our band knew how to play it. Can you do it for me please…? Please?..." Sakura begged for it with her puppy eyes (like the one in the anime ;P). "Ok…ok. I'll do it for you." Ino took it. She informed Naruto and the other members of the band that she's the only one who's going to sing and the song she'll sing.

The music played and people came to that bar. The DJ, Naruto, came up to the stage and entertained their audience while Ino stood behind Naruto with the other members of the band. "Guys, I want you to know that Sakura was sick so she's not around. Now, this was the first time you'll hear Ino sing solo! Here's our band!" Naruto get his guitar and position. The audience applauded them. The music started and Ino started to sing.

Time passes, the world changes
But I'm still the same ole' kid
And your jokes still bring me laughter
As if you still were here
And it hurts
When I smile
'Cause my heart still remembers
When you were around

Wow, Ino's voice was totally terrific! I felt every word that she said… Naruto thought.

'Cause you were there
When no one was
Just when I thought nobody cared
You showed me love
'Cause you were my friend
You always told me
And I am still here
Because you were there

Wow…amazing... Sasuke and Neji thought.

So precious, small treasures
A time when truth was innocent
True friendship, was all we were after
A place where kids could still be kids
And it hurts
But I'm glad
'Cause at least I was blessed
To have you as my friend


You're my best friend
There are no accidents
God has a plan for everyone
And he brought you in my life
To show me what a good friendship was

The audience clapped their hands. Ino began to talk to the audience.

"Ok guys, did you like my voice?" the audience shouts "yes!" Ino laugh, "I guess you do…I just wanted to sing this song…the one that I composed…It's just a short song …" Ino smiled at the audience and the instrumental played.

Again the audience clapped their hands.

I've been dreaming of you tonight

And hoping if you're holding me too tight

And you'll say your goodnights

How I wish that you're here by my side

Just to let me know that you're thinking of me too


But now that you're gone

I can't help myself and cry a lot

And my friends will cheer me up

But it's not enough

Some of the costumers cried because of the song.

I'm lost in my dreams

And all I could see is you and me

All through the day I used to think of you

But all I find is myself always crying because of you…

Naruto gave his hankie to Ino and Ino wiped her tears. Ino glanced at the audience and she noticed a guy looks like Shikamaru. That guy was already leaving. She ran to him even if he already left. The audience was confused and wondered what was happening and Naruto noticed that. He talked to the audience about what was happening.

Back to Ino, she hugged a guy that she has mistaken. Actually the guy that looks like Shikamaru is not the guy she embraced. The guy was confused about Ino's action. The guy talked, "Hey…Ms.? What are you doing? Are you okay?" Ino glanced at him…his not the one she saw. "I'm sorry…." Ino ran away from him. Naruto found out what happened and approached the guy. "Ahmmm…sorry for that…" Naruto apologized and proceeded to Ino. He found her at the hallway and she was crying. Naruto talked, "Ino…I know that you have mistaken that guy…I thought you forgot all about him…but I guess it keeps bothering you until now…" he looked at her then Ino responded, "I don't know…what's happening to me…he's not the one I saw…it's another person…so I'm not loosing my hope…I know that he's alive…we don't have his remains…as long as I don't see his dead body I will not believe that he's dead…!" Ino cried again.

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