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Summary: Sometimes it's very hard to forget someone you really love. Destiny and fate are always the reason why these things happen.

So here it goes…

Chapter 2: Forgotten Memories

Ino's POV


I heard the phone rang and I suddenly felt that it was really important, so I quickly grabbed the phone. "Hello?" I was trembling and I didn't know why. "Ino…there's something I have to tell you…" It was Naruto and he was crying. I asked him what happened and he answered me the things I won't forget. "Ino…Shi-Shikamaru…he's…gone…." "What? I can't understand…what happened?" "Did you see the news? Switch on the television…." I quickly switched on the television and the news was about a plane crash. "So…what's with the news?" "That plane crash incident…Shikamaru was there…he was inside that plane…he's planning to surprise you on your birthday…but then…that incident happened…" My tears started to fall down and my heart was tore apart. I didn't even say a word. Naruto was shouting at the phone that time but I didn't even answer him. All I knew was he hang up the phone and I saw him after a few minutes. I saw him in front of me, crying. He approached me and hugged me. I felt like I was loosing my strength. I was about to give up but Naruto supported me. I remembered the time when Shikamaru told to Naruto that he must looked after me. I realized how a good friend Naruto was! I cried and cried on his shoulder and he didn't left me.

End of Ino's POV and Flashbacks…

"Good morning Temari!" Seiji greeted her. "Good morning Seiji-kun! So how's your memory?" Temari asked him. Seiji had amnesia and Temari found him near the seashore. She was the one who take care of him. Months had passed but there was no recall in Seiji's memory so she named him Seiji. "I'm only dreaming about this girl but I didn't even remember her name. All I knew was she called me Shikamaru. I felt like she was important to me but then I didn't even remember the name I called to her." He looked at the ground and tried to remember that dream. He felt like he was having a terrible headache. "Arrgh!" He held his head and Temari gave him medicine that let him calm. "Seiji, don't pushed yourself too hard. There's time to get your memory back." He nodded to her. "Ahh…Seiji?" she glanced at her, "What?" he asked her. "I planned to go to Konoha this week and if you want to come…I'll be glad to have you with me." "Sure but…may I know the things you will accomplish there?" "Uhmm…I'll be having a meeting with their Hokage." "Oh…ok…please excuse me…I'm just going to my room and have a rest…" "Ok…good for you…" He simply nodded to her and he went to his room. He lay down to his bed and relaxed for awhile. The dream always in his mind and he was curious about the girl who called him Shikamaru.

The next week…

"Temari-san you better hurry! Are you planning to carry the house? Why did you pack all of this stuff?" he was totally annoyed of what she's doing. "Seiji-kun…we're going to stay there for a year! So you better pack more of your stuff!" she teasingly smirk at him. He only sigh and went to his room to get all of the things he'll needed.

At the Konoha Airlines…(nice name! P)

They departed in the airplane. "Oh…Seiji…" she sighed and acted as if she forgot something. "What? Is there something you left again?" he teasingly smirked. He liked it the way he teased her. She sighed again, "Hai…but forget about it…it's just my favorite hat…" he didn't say anything but just laughed at her. "Oh…Seiji-kun! You always try to tease me!" she playfully punched him at his shoulder. They were always teasing each other. They didn't know why; all they knew was they were happy when they treated each other like this. It's just a fun time for them.

They went to the hotel they check in. They placed their bags there and Seiji lay down on his bed. Temari lay down on her bed too. Of course, they have different rooms and their room was just one wall apart.

Seiji loved the view outside his room. There was a terrace in his room. If you're at that terrace you could see the clouds. He loved the clouds. He felt like he was calm and very peaceful. He went to the veranda and lay on the chair he saw there. The chair was like in the beach resorts. He looked at the clouds. The clouds were fluffy and it adds to his peacefulness. He closed his eyes and he recalled his dream. He felt that he was been in this place before.

A knock had snapped him to his thoughts and bring him back to reality. "Uhmm…sorry for interrupting you…" he raised his head and saw Temari, "It's alright…I was just enjoying watching the clouds." "Oh…back again to your hobby?" she chuckled that made him to smile. "Seiji, can you please come with me after dinner in the Hokage's Office?" "Yes…sure…" he responded.

They took dinner and headed toward the Hokage's Office. She gave him time to look around. He went to the bar in front of the Hokage's Office (weird huh? Having a bar in front of the Hokage's office…). He entered the bar. He sat beside the bartender's table (or anything you want to call it). He glanced at the girl who was singing. 'Her voice was attractive and she's beautiful, too. I wonder why I felt that I know her…' he thought.

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