Author's Note: This takes place immediately after Simon Said, overlapping just a tiny bit, and then develops into its own story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or any of its characters. I just love to play with them!


Chapter 1

The Winchester brothers turned to leave. Dean approached the Impala on the driver's side, Sam on the passenger's.

The older brother's cell phone suddenly began to sing. Dean flipped it open and looked off into the distance.

Sam looked back at Andy and offered a smile. He felt sorry for the guy-being alone and all, having just found out he had a brother only to end up killing him. Sam was grateful he had Dean, and he glanced back appreciatively at his older brother as Dean snapped the cell phone lid closed and slid it back into his pocket.

Sam raised his eyebrows as if in a question.

"Ellen. Said she's got something for us," Dean offered.

Sam nodded, opened the car door with his left hand, since his right was barely useful with the cast, and ducked inside. Dean opened his door and slid in behind the wheel. Then he paused.

"What?" Sam asked softly.

"Nothing, probably. S'just Ellen called me Sam."

"She's still getting used to us. I'm sure it was nothing."

"Yeah, maybe," Dean answered hesitantly starting up the Impala.

"Think Andy will be alright?" Sam questioned returning his attention back to the dazed mind controller.

Dean glanced back in the rearview mirror. "He'll be fine."

"It's just, he's all alone. You know? His girlfriend is even afraid of him, of his abilities. It's not like he has anyone."

Dean looked over at Sam and smiled. He knew exactly what his younger brother was thinking.

"Sam, I'm not afraid of you, and I never will be. People scare easily. They fear what they don't understand. Who knows, maybe in time, his girlfriend will be okay with him. Either way, you don't need to worry about me or being alone. I'm here and I'm not planning on going anywhere."

Sam smiled and blushed, a bit embarrassed that his older brother had realized his concern.

"…Well, except to Ellen's," Dean added playfully. Then he furrowed his brow. "I still think it's weird she called me Sam."

"Wishful thinking, probably," Sam added teasingly.

Dean smiled and nodded his head surprised he'd left the door wide open for his little brother to get the best of him.


The Winchester brothers pulled up in front of the Roadhouse. The sun had just set across the horizon and the dark evening sky was quickly taking over. The lot was littered with various trucks and it was obvious that a crowd had rolled in.

"That's just great!" Dean groused.

"What?" Sam questioned, surprised by his brother's declaration. He glanced over, analyzing the Impala, thinking that something was wrong with her. It…he corrected himself amusingly as he realized even he was beginning to look at the car as if it had a female personality.

"We don't need to be discussing our business with a crowd hanging around," Dean stated gruffly.

Sam knew exactly what Dean meant-a crowd of hunters, supernatural hunters. His older brother feared what the hunting community would do if it discovered his visions, let alone the research they were conducting.

"Dean, don't worry, man. We can talk in the back room. No one will hear anything," Sam offered to calm his older sibling.

Dean nodded and exited the car. He eyed the parking lot suspiciously. For a Tuesday night, it just seemed a bit too busy-more like a weekend crowd.

Sam picked up on Dean's cautiousness. "Could be a good thing. Maybe everyone is celebrating successful hunts," he offered trying to provide a perfectly reasonable explanation for the crowd.

"Maybe," Dean answered still a bit unnerved about Ellen's mistake earlier. He reached back inside for his .45 in the glove compartment and checked that it was loaded and ready, then shut the door. "Let's take a look around back" he commented.

Sam, trusting Dean's instincts, agreed, and they headed off.


Dean stopped abruptly next to the back window and tugged Sam closer by his sleeve. Peering in through the window, he could barely see into the bar room through the backroom doorway. But everything looked normal. Guys were sitting around drinking, smoking, and playing pool. Ellen was nowhere in sight, but that wasn't unusual. The bar was around the corner from Dean's position. Jo was also nowhere in sight.

"Anything?" Sam asked quietly from his sidelined position. He was a bit surprised by Dean's protective gesture, but complied none the less.

"Nothing," Dean complained. His tone indicated that he still wasn't convinced. He would rather see what he was dealing with than deal with surprises, and his gut was telling him something was amiss.

"Man, I get that you're worried about me being a supernatural freak and the roadhouse being a haven for hunters, but only Ellen and Jo know. Ash might be suspicious, but I doubt he's put any of it together. Based on Ellen's reaction to the news of Dad's death, I don't think she or Jo would do anything to harm us."

Dean glanced back at Sam. His little brother was way too trusting, but he did have a point. He tucked his gun into his waistband and headed toward the front with Sam in tow.

Sam crossed in front of Dean and turned to face him.

"Do you really think it's a good idea to take that thing into a bar full of drunken hunters?" he questioned with his eyebrows raised nodding toward Dean's hidden weapon. He was amused that his brother was so cautious in some ways and not in others.

"Yes," Dean stated flatly. He didn't want to take a chance at being unarmed should anyone try anything to get to Sam.

Sam sighed exasperatingly, turned and headed toward the door. He knew Dean was protective, but this was a bit over the top even for him.

Upon arrival, he felt a quick pull back on his jacket as his brother moved out in front of him. Sam shook his head. Once a big overprotective brother, always a big overprotective brother.

The elder Winchester grabbed the long metal handle and yanked the large wooden door open. A world of music, noise, and smoke assaulted them immediately. Dean glanced quickly around the room and back at Sam.

His brother nodded and they entered.


Instantly Dean sensed it, a tension so thick the cloud of smoke that permeated the room seemed more like a breeze of fresh air in comparison. Ellen was in plain sight behind the bar looking frantically at Dean. A scruffy man stood directly beside her. His body language was threatening.

Dean reached for his piece and stepped back, abruptly shoving Sam out the door with his body.

As he raised his arm to take aim, the door was suddenly slammed toward him crashing into his shoulder and knocking his weapon from his hand.

He stumbled backwards practically falling on his younger sibling, who was also attempting to get his footing after his brother's abrupt shove.

Sam grabbed the door frame and pulled himself up and righted his older brother with the front of his body as well.

Frantic that his piece would be recovered and used against them, Dean kicked the door back slamming the hidden attacker on the other side in the face and away from the fallen weapon. As Dean attempted to reach for his gun, the wounded and enraged man emerged from his position forcefully shoving the door closed hoping to once again bombard the elder Winchester.

But Dean had already cleared the door as he reached for his piece. Sam, however, was not as fortunate. He had just begun to reenter the bar when the door was kicked back. The solid block of wood rammed mercilessly into him, and he was thrown outside by its impact.

"Sam, get the hell out of..."


"!" Dean commanded from the other side of the suddenly closed door as he threw a forceful punch into the face of his attacker.

The large man was thrown backwards. His head struck the wall with a painful crack, and he began sliding down to the floor.

Dean fisted the man's jacket and dragged him back up to his feet preparing to finish him off.

The youngest Winchester, not about to leave his brother trapped in the road house by himself engaged in a fight, reopened the large wooden door just in time to see another man making his move toward Dean from the opposite side of the doorway.

"Dean! Look out!" Sam yelled out desperately as he reentered the road house.

Dean turned in response to his brother's warning.

Sam blocked the second attacker's advance by placing his body protectively in front of his older brother, directly in the aggressive man's path. He jabbed his left fist into the man's face and followed with a right cross catching the man full on with his cast. The man stumbled back raising his arms defensively over his face. Sam took full advantage of the situation and drew his leg up and kicked the man in the stomach throwing him forcefully against a round wooden table that crumbled into a pile of sticks under his weight.

The man attempted to rise, but fell back as he succumbed to his injuries.

Now confident that Sam had successfully dealt with his attacker, Dean turned back to the man staggering behind the door trying to get his bearings. Dean grabbed his shirt, raised him to his feet, and punched him into oblivion. His body fell bonelessly to the floor.

Dean attempted to recover his weapon that lay a few feet from him on the wooden floor.

"Behind you! Behind you!" Sam's voice hollered out suddenly.

Dean stood up quickly, swearing as he saw his opportunity to recover his weapon vanish. The look on his brother's face told him what he needed to know, and he began turning to face his assailant. Before he could reposition himself, he felt strong arms embrace him from behind in a vice grip that literally removed the use of his arms for his defense and forced the air out of his lungs.

Still facing Sam, he bent over toward the floor exposing the man's face to his little brother who then placed a forceful punch to the attacker's nose snapping it like a twig.

The man released his grip on Dean and grabbed his bloodied face. Dean stood up, shoved his elbow forcefully into the disabled man's ribs, turned and put a well placed blow to the back of his head.

The unsuspecting man, whose broken nose was bleeding profusely, doubled up and collapsed to the floor.

Before the body stilled, another man swiftly moved in to disable Dean. But Sam was much too quick. He shoved Dean out of the way and threw a left into the oversized man who barely paused before grabbing Sam by the shirt. Sam twisted and turned so that the man's back was toward the open door, and he kneed him in his groin. His body took the full impact since the door offered no give, and the man groaned painfully and dropped to the floor paralyzed by his pain.

Dean cursed as he watched his weapon disappear under the newly fallen man's hulk-like frame. He dove for the floor and attempted to move the bulk of a man up enough to grasp the weapon.

Sam moved over toward his brother to watch his back. But before he could get his bearings, he heard a loud shriek.

"Sam! Look out!" Ellen's voice barked from across the room just as another large man sidelined the youngest Winchester, slamming him into the open wooden door that was unforgiving due to the collapsed body that was unconscious behind it and the one that lay in front of it under Sam's feet.

The man standing beside Ellen turned abruptly and elbowed her in the face.

As she moved to take him, she heard Jo's piercing scream bellow out as he fisted his hand in her hair, lifted her up from behind the bar where she was being held, and put a knife to her exposed throat. Ellen stiffened and froze.

Sam's body hit hard, his head even harder. He was dazed for a moment. He felt a strong punch to his stomach and muscular hands grasp his already aching head.

"Sam!" Dean hollered as he leaned back and raised his right leg. Mustering up all the power he was capable of delivering through the limb, he kicked the man full force, his boot making contact with the attacking man's side. The brute's chest snapped, and he released his grip on Sam and clutched his now damaged side.

Dean, furious that the bastard had threatened his brother, followed mercilessly with a right cross to his face. He felt the bones give under his impact and watched as the man dropped to the floor with a thud.

Sam stumbled a bit while trying to recover from the blow his head had just received. His vision was swirling and his legs felt disconnected from his body. They seemed to be unable to respond to his commands. A trickle of blood cascaded down his face from a deep cut just above his temple.

Dean grabbed his gun off the floor and spun around placing himself protectively between his brother, who was just inside the door, and the bar. Sam grabbed hold of Dean's shoulder to steady himself. His vision was blurry at best and his balance was still clearly off. Dean held out his weapon and swung it in all directions threateningly and began to slowly back himself and Sam up-toward the door.

Before him stood three scruffy, sturdy built men who had risen to their feet once the commotion had broken out, seemingly impartial to the events unfolding around them. Behind the bar stood a man holding Ellen at bay with his grasp on Jo. Her eyes radiated pure fear. There were three unconscious men on the floor, two fallen men that were beginning to stir, and two more men approaching from the right in a menacing way.

Dean swung his piece in their direction.

"Back off!" Dean warned, his words laced with venom as he cautiously backed Sam out through the doorway. He had no idea if any of the men were armed and he couldn't move too quickly for fear he might miss the drawing of a weapon or cause his injured brother to stumble behind him. He was well aware of Sam's shaky grip on his shoulder, and he prayed his brother wasn't about to fall over. Timing was everything and Dean knew it.

The advancing men slowed and glanced back at the three supposedly impartial men, as if looking for directions.

One of the three turned toward the bar and nodded.

It was then that Ellen screamed.

Dean froze. To his horror, the man, standing behind the bar with a wad of Jo's hair tightly grasped in his calloused hand, prepared to draw the blade across her throat.

"No! Jake! Please! Don't do it!" Ellen begged.

Ellen looked pleadingly at Dean. If he didn't surrender, Jo would be dead within seconds.

Dean looked at Jo and then directly at Ellen and tightened his lips. He glanced over at the man who had been clearly identified as Jake. Dean felt the tightening grasp of his brother's hand on his shoulder. While he knew that Sam's balance was precarious, the grip communicated fear: fear for Jo and Ellen, fear for Dean. He reached his left hand behind him to attempt to steady his little brother and reassure him.

For a brief moment, everything stood still.

"It doesn't have to go this way, Dean," the arrogant man, who seemed in charge, smoothly cautioned, his voice cutting through the silent tension that was smothering all who were present.

Upon hearing his brother's name spoken, Sam's fears were confirmed. They hadn't walked into the middle of anything by accident. These men not only knew who they were, but they had been waiting there specifically for them.

Sam attempted to move through the doorway to take a stand with his brother. Dean protectively blocked his advance.

"Step inside, you and your brother, and close the door. We'll have ourselves…," his eyes darted over Dean's shoulder and fixed on Sam, "….a little chat. Calm like," Jake added, returning his gaze back to Dean as the corners of his mouth curled evilly upward. "Nobody has to get hurt here."

"I don't think so," Dean responded eyeing the situation and playing out his options in his head. His first priority was Sam. There was no way in hell Jake had plans to chat with his little brother. That much was obvious.

The man behind the bar pulled Jo's head back, further exposing her neck, and began to press the blade in, forcing a show of blood.

"No!" Ellen screamed again.

Dean bit his lip. There was no way in hell he would let these bastards hurt Jo or Ellen. However, giving up Sam was totally out of the question.

He wished Sam were armed and cursed himself for not having followed his gut and better prepared his little brother for this situation. If he and his brother remained to fight, Sam, without a weapon, would be forced into a physical confrontation. And, he was pretty sure Sam was no longer capable of defending himself. His younger brother's tightening grip on his shoulder and swaying tugs were a clear indication of that. The best he could do was to give Jo and Ellen a fighting chance while he got Sam safely out the door. Once his little brother was safely outside, he determined he would come back in and finish it.

Before the drop of blood that glistened on Jo's neck could fall, Dean fired his weapon, and the man holding Jo jerked and fell instantly to the floor behind the bar with a loud thud.

Jo gasped as her mother grabbed hold of her and shoved her down behind the wooden counter. The two began to make their way along the bar to where Ellen had weapons stashed in case of an emergency. She grabbed the two weapons and passed one to her daughter.

"What the h…?" Ellen whispered as she checked her weapon over.

Jo looked up at her mother. "Mine too," she whispered acknowledging the fact that hers had also been unloaded.

"Damn it!" Ellen spat. She gestured toward the end of the bar with her head, and they began to make their way in that direction.


The instant the shot was fired, Sam felt himself being shoved forcefully through the doorway toward the parking lot by his older brother. The sudden movement was disorienting to the already unsteady man, and he struggled to regain his balance as he anticipated more gunshots would follow, and he feared for his brother's safety.

Jake nodded, and one of the men standing next to him drew his weapon.

Dean detected the movement and fired again, dropping the aiming man where he stood. Then he immediately swung his weapon to confront the two men advancing on his right.

The first guy made contact attempting to seize Dean's weapon just as the young hunter fired. The horrified man's body jerked and dropped to the floor.

Before Dean could reposition his weapon for the second, the advancing man grabbed his arm and forced it upward toward the ceiling rendering his weapon useless. He kneed Dean brutally in the stomach, and disarmed him.

The force of the impact caused Dean to double over and drop to the floor. He gasped and coughed trying to regain the breath that had been viciously forced from his lungs.

"Dean!" Sam yelled as he reentered the roadhouse and tried to assist his brother. He drew back his fist and attempted to make contact with his brother's assailant. But his motor coordination was slowed by his head injury, and before he could react, he took a second blow to his temple and dropped unconsciously to the floor next to his brother.

The man, pleased with his victory, drew back his leg and kicked Sam hard in the chest and then aimed his foot at the youngest hunter's head.

"Sam!" Dean coughed out as he rose to protect his fallen brother.

He rammed his fist, knuckles forward, into the attacker's head causing the surprised man, whose focus had lingered a second too long on the younger Winchester, to stumble backward slightly.

But he quickly recovered and readied to go after Sam again. The mere size of the man would make him difficult to take down and without his weapon, Dean had no other choice. He launched himself at the threatening man using the full force of his body to take him to the floor. The man lay crumpled beneath him unmoving.


Dean froze, holding his breath. He felt like a steel blade had just cut right through him. The sound of a cocked gun threatened from behind him where he knew Sam had fallen.

He lifted himself up and slowly turned around, fearful of what he might find.

To his horror, Jake was standing over Sam and had the panicked Winchester's weapon aimed at the base of his little brother's skull.