Blue Meeting

This is an in depth part of a journal of my time spent in BGC 2040 timeline and not the upcoming battle journals that tells those fateful events of the Knight Sabers. This took place in the event of my meeting and recruiting of Priss S. Asagiri.

Chapter 1

March 2039

No luck finding Nene in the phone listings because those people who in the book are neither too old nor too young to be Nene's age group. But Sylia has left out a website using the program puzzle to lure any potential hacker who can be of use for the Knight Sabers and I suggested to her that she should sometimes web hacking into Genom databases to catch some unsuspecting or helpful hackers. Well looks like Sylia wants go out for a night drive and I'm joining her. Anne has left a few minutes ago to buy some take-out food for dinner on her bike. Oh well, I guess I had to keep myself from looking down her legs for the drive. What can I say; I'm a BGC fan boy or anime otaku, especially if this is with very beautiful females that you see to compare with watching their cartoon images to their real images. When it comes looking at her beautiful body with her clothes and by accident, without her clothes. It tends to make me lose my mind track on serious items of the Knight Sabers for a few minutes in green environmental defcon. And what is a green environmental defcon, you might ask? That's my special ability to distinguish between dangerous and safe environmental situations. For example, if a naked woman walks by or a heterosexual couple having sex in front of my eye view in safe or normal environment or in green defcon then my normal emotional response kicks in. But if an invisible or a visually distant hostile sentient force is observing me at the same time, this incident is happening. I go to a yellow environmental defcon mode and the normal emotional reaction is nullified and I start carefully going to an alert mode. Then my actions are measured very carefully to deceive or to hide from that force. Red environment defcon happens when that hostile force starts using violence to attack me or the surrounding innocent bystanders then any form of visual or audio distractions don't affect me in emotional way. Enough of that explanation, Sylia has Nigel for her emotional needs and wants and in the past, a young classmate named Reika (Yeah, yeah, those who watch BGC OVA series know who might guess of Sylia's girlfriend might be.). But if I didn't meet Anne before my detoured MAsR timeline (Myth as Reality theory) trip to the Bubblegum Crisis OVA instead of the BGC 2040 TV series timeline (that I only saw the first volume tape before the trip and the rest of my information of future events from tapping into my prime incarnation self) then I would have a serious romantic relationship with her or Priss or both. For Linna, I would have a physical sexual relationship.

Now let's get back to my log story, after we reached the Silky Doll's underground park lot and walked to her red Mercedes 2 door coupe. Sylia opened her driver side car door and then change her standing posture to her hands to her hips annoyed pretending posture. I smiled at this and looked into her car and see my house pet/guest, Gruft, a small male kitten with orange and purple striped fur sleeping on the driver's seat. Sylia picked up the kitten by the scruff of his neck and started to berate him of not sleeping in her car because he tends to shed his cat hair on car's upholstery. But it's an act that she plays on; because her eyes tell me she's amused by his antics. Beside, Gruft has been her substitute for her departed dog for her emotional anchors (I'm her first anchor). Then after that she sits herself into the driver's seat and places Gruft on her lap. Then we are off in our night drive.