Ancient Magic

First Saga : The 6 Olympians

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Summary: All things are connected.

Prologue : Unknown Prophecy and Unexpected Letter

Albus Dumbledore flicked on his desk lamp and fingered the pile of mundane papers on his desk. Another big load of paperwork needs to be done. He let out a long sigh as his fingers massage his temple. He was weary, sure but more than that. He was worried and afraid. The chamber of secret has reopened, and Dumbledore knew very well of what has happened and what will happen next. The Dark Lord is returning, and unless Harry is prepared to face him, there is nothing that could stop the Dark Lord. Or to be more specific, the Dark Lord and his new found partner in crime. To make matters worse, he don't even have the slightest idea who is Voldemort's new ally.

As the headmaster of Hogwarts, he knew it was his responsibility to protect the students. But right now, he is more concerned about the third prophecy. The third prophecy which Professor Trelawney unexpectedly had made to him the night before the first student was petrified during Harry's second year at Hogwarts. Dumbledore stood up from his chair and walk towards where he kept his Pensive. And then he slowly placed his wand to his temple and extracted a silvery tendril before placing it into the Pensive.

Suddenly Professor Trelawney's image appeared on the liquid surface and the voice of Professor Trelawney filled the room, "When the chamber reopens and its secret revealed; the Fallen Star shall provide its wings to the Dark Lord. Thus their dark power will immensely rise till it reached upon the highest sky. The Heart of Light is corrupted, the Tear of Life is given, and a cup of poison is received. Only Celestial's beloved Ethereal, who descended from the sky, has the power to overthrow the power of the fallen star. And only the chosen one, who was marked has the power to defeat the Dark Lord" And then the room went silent again, the image on the liquid surface slowly fades away.

"Who is Celestial's beloved Ethereal? Who is this Fallen Star?' Dumbledore thought and blinked a few times before walking back to his desk. He patted Fawkes gently before sitting on his chair facing the desk. Dumbledore pushed several papers away on his desk to reveal a dark blue envelope with a golden seal underneath the papers. 'Hmm, what is inside this envelope that is so important till it needs a sealing spell?' Dumbledore took out his wand tapped the golden seal with his wand and pulled out a piece of parchment from inside the envelope. His eyes narrowed, he was holding a white piece of paper with no writings, no pictures, no nothing. It's just an empty piece of paper. He checked the envelope again only to find another 8 empty piece of paper, 6 white, 1 yellow and red.

Dumbledore was slightly annoyed and founds himself cursing the sender. 'How did I fall for this simple hoax?' He was about to put the paper away when he heard a faint voice whisper to him 'Gubraithian Fire'. Dumbledore frowned for a second and then smiled slightly. He aimed his wand at the empty white paper and flick of his wand. Immediately the paper was flown in the air, burned in flames. Then it floated back into Dumbledore's hands, his fingers could still feel the heat from the paper. The paper had transformed itself into a blue piece of paper with words engraved in gold. It read:

Olympian Academy of Might and Magic

Dear Professor Albus DumbleDore,

Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

On behalf of Olympian Academy of Might and Magic,

We are delighted to inform you that

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

are among the chosen magic schools for our transfer student program currently held in our school.

We have decided to enlist 6 of our students to Hogwarts as transfer students. The names of the student are listed below:

Avian Raelethe Cellistea

Nekrad Knight

Freia Velour Farben

Vincent Khron LaCroix

Terra Von Giovanni

Jester Von Giovanni

You can find each of the student's profile and background in the envelope; if you wish to know more about the students.

Please fill and send the yellow paper to accept, or the red paper to decline.

We hope to hear from you soon before the new term starts.

P/S: Hey Albus, we should meet and have a drink sometime. It's been awhile since we 'actually' talked face to face since that day. Oh, and is Minerva still single?

Headmaster of Olympian Academy of Might and Magic,

Maximillian Strauss

Dumbledore let out a laugh after he finished reading the letter. "Max, Max, my dear old friend. Still the same I see, just like old times."

Maximillian Strauss or Max as Dumbledore likes to call him was a former Hogwarts student and was a Gryffindor like Dumbledore himself. Strauss has always been Dumbledore's best friend during their student years. Both of them are called 'Double Trouble' as they always seem to cause chaos whenever both of them are together. And it is also widely known in their 3rd year that Strauss has publicly announced his love and adoration to Minerva McGonagall in front of all Hogwarts residence. Of course Minerva was extremely shocked and immediately hexed Strauss for the whole year.

But despite their 'trouble-maker' status, Dumbledore couldn't have achieved what he had achieved if it wasn't for Strauss. Yes, Dumbledore and Nicolas Flamel discovered the 12 uses of dragon blood, but it was Strauss who first suggested it. Yes, Dumbledore defeated the Dark Wizard Grindelwald, but he couldn't have done it if it wasn't for Strauss help. Strauss was the one who created the vanishing cabinet to escape detention, and among his final invention was The Mirror of Erised. It was created as the final protection for the Philosopher's Stone. Although Nicolas was the only known maker of the Philosopher's Stone, Strauss was also among the one who assisted in creating the Philosopher's stone. Dumbledore had to admit, that Strauss is without a doubt much more creative than himself.

And he smiled again as he took out the 6 empty white papers and performed the 'Gubraithian Fire' spell on each of the paper. Dumbledore continued to smile as he examines the student's profile one by one. 'Very impressive, especially this Avian girl' Dumbledore thought.

After he finished examining, Dumbledore decided to send the yellow paper; he once again performed the 'Gubraithian Fire' but as the paper floats back to him, the only words that appeared were, 'Hah, you have to try another spell for this one, mate!' Dumbledore frown and tried another spell, still the same words came out, he tried another, but still the same result came out and the same goes for the next spell. After several long minutes doing the same thing over and over again, Dumbledore finally found the right spell which was using the revealer on the yellow paper.

"Always the prankster you are, Max." Dumbledore said to himself smiling.