Hey Guys! This is your girl and I just came up with a story that will of course be a Jommy. So here is the prologue and tell me what you think about it so I know to continue it or not. Oh and I don't own anything but the idea of the story.


So Jude is 18 years old and is kind of the wild child of her family. She never win Instant Star, so that means she never meet Tommy. Her mom and Dad still got the divorced because her dad was cheating like in the show. That is part of the reason she became the problem child like she is. Jude has a boyfriend and his name is Brandon. They got together in the 10th grade and ha been dating ever since. They graduated from high school and Party all the time. Brandon is Jude's Boyfriend/drinking buddy. It's safe to say that Jude is no virgin. Jude and Brandon also has an open relationship which means it is ok to have one night stands with other people.

Jude is still friends with Kat and Jamie, they are dating, who tries to stop Jude from being so wild but she doesn't listen. There is only one person who can make her think through her choices and that is Sadie. She's the reason Jude had only one one night stand. Sadie and Jude share an apartment together and Sadie doesn't go to college because when their mom ran off with her boyfriend she took the money with her.

Sadie is also the assistant of one of Canada's biggest fashion designer. Pam Clark. Sadie wants to go to college but being an assistant of a world known designer has it's preps like you can get into the hottest night clubs and meet the hottest guys. That is where she meets Kwest and they just started dating. Sadie kind of wishes she held out on Kwest's date when she found out he know the one and only Tom Quincy but decided not to when she found out they were best friends.

Tommy is still they player of course considering Jude wasn't there to sat him right.

So what happens when Jude and Tommy meet at a club opening and she wakes up in his bed? She thinks she's forgot about him until Sadie's boyfriend gets her a recording contract and he is her producer! Can they move on and be friends? Or will they grow a connection to stop him from his player ways and her from being a wild child? Stay turned to find out.