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Angel's P.O.V: After leaving Jude…..

Once Mason and I were far enough away from Jude I stopped.

"I need you to do me a favor." I said turning to him.


"My part of Jude's gift is in the trunk of my car. Your part of the gift is in the bag you brought, right?" I asked.

"Yeah. Remember you left like a thousand messages to make sure I didn't forget it on the bus." He said rolling his eyes at me.

"Well I need you to go get them wrapped at the mall." I said starting to walk towards Darius's office.

"Wait!" He said running after me. I stopped. "Angel you know it's almost Christmas and the mall is going to be crowded. The gifts are going in a gift bag with tissue paper over it. Do it really need to be wrapped?" He asked.

"Ummm yeah it does. When Jude opens our gifts I want it to be a rush of excitement for her. Having the gifts wrapped will add to her excitement." I said like it was the most logical thing in the world.

"But I don't want to go to the mall. That is why I get all my holiday shopping done online or early so I won't have to deal with the crowd." He said

"Mason the mall will be deserted today. Kids are still in school and people still have to work. It should be an in and out job. Please…" I gave him sad puppy eyes as I held out the keys to my car and some money. He rubbed the side of his face before giving a huff and taking the money and keys out of my hand.

"If it's crowded, I'm not staying." He said.

"Fine" I said smiling at him. I turned to walk away.

"And…" He started. I stopped and turned to look at him again. "I want to be able to sit in and watch you guys try on dresses." He smiled at me. I know Portia said no boys but it's Mason.

"Deal. Anything else?" I said raising an eyebrow at him.

"No I'm good. See you at noon." He said walking away. I shook my head before I started heading towards uncle D's office again. Once I reached the office I knocked.

"Come in!" I opened the door and waved at him. He flagged me in and went back to his conversation on the phone. I closed the door and sat in one of the chairs opposite of him.

"You don't have any crab cakes? I placed this order to you a month before hand….I don't want to hear about the mess up! I just want to know how it's going to be fixed." There was more silence on his end. I could tell Darius was about to blow his top. "Let me tell you how this is going to go. There will be crab cakes at this party and they will be delicious. If my food is not here then you might not want to come. And if you don't come, you might want to put a sell sign up on that place. When I am done with you, you will be black balled so far from this industry that you'll need plane tickets and the miracle of god to come back. Do we understand each other….good." He slammed the phone down and started rubbing his temples.

"Are you ok uncle D?" I asked timidly. A pissed off Darius is not your friend.

"I'm good." He said looking up at me with a confused look on his face. "Why are you here again?"

"The contest winner is coming on today. In 24 minutes to be exact." I said

"Oh right. I forgot all about that." He said reaching forward to grab the remote on his desk. He turned on the television in back of me. I turned my seat around to find a blue screen. "Angel, can you pass me that remote over there?" He pointed to the self next to the TV that had the camera on it. I got up and grabbed it. As I was handing it to him, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" Darius shouted. The door opened to reveal Joe. He was about 5'9, cameral colored skin, with big brown eyes, and muscles out of this world. He was one of the new techs D hired to make sure everything around the studio was working like it should. From what I heard he was one of the best and just graduated from college. Even though we never had a conversation (since his first day was also the day I got put out on my ass because of Eden) but on looks alone, I was interested. Look how fast we forget about Kyle. Shut up voice. Kyle has a girlfriend and seems content where he is. I am going to stop flirting with him and move on. Whatever helps you do to sleep at night. "What's up Joe?"

"Stereo 3 and 4 aren't working." Darius dropped the remote on the desk.

"What do you mean it's not working?" Darius growled. Joe looked kind of taken aback and scared. Oh you should be scared. D got up. "I'll be out in a minute." Joe backed out the room and closed the door. I'm guessing nobody told him Darius would react like that. "Angel just press play and the tape should start." He passed me the remote before he walked out the door. He closed the door after him. I shook my head. D is going to be stressed, which means I will be avoiding him during the party. I pushed play and waited. The screen was still black when I started hearing voices.

"Do you know what you're doing?" A voice said with a heavy Spanish accent.

"Yes. My brother told me what to do. He even wrote out what to do." I heard a paper crunch in the back ground. The second voice must be showing the first the paper.

"When did you learn to read?" Snickered the first voice.

"Shut it. The red light is on but the screen is still black." You hear more fumbling with the camera.

"Did you ever think of taking off the cover?" The first voice asked sarcastically. Finally the screen burst with light. First thing you see is a young girl who looked maybe a year or two younger than me. She was a pretty girl. She was Hispanic with almost black hair with blonde streaks. She looked annoyed and had her arms crossed over her chest. She had on a pair of tight jeans and a nice black top. I couldn't see her shoes but I could tell that they would have been cute.

"Oh" Said the second voice that was still off screen.

"¡dios mío. ¡Qué idiota." The Hispanic girl said as another girl sat next to her. She was also a pretty girl. She was heavier then the first girl but you could tell she carried herself with pride. She also had an complexion that remind me of a Hersey bar. Her skin was smooth and flawless. I would be lying if I said I wasn't jealous of her gorgeous skin. She had on a pair of jeans and a cute fitted top. They can dress, I like them already.

"English please, el telemundo." I couldn't help but laugh at that. They didn't seem to like each other very much. "Let's get this done before she gets back." They glared at each other for another second before turning to the camera and smiling big.

"Hi Angel!" They both said at the same time.

"I'm Carmen" Said the Hispanic girl.

"I'm Lisa and we are entering our friend Veronica to win a chance to meet you." Said the second girl a.k.a Lisa.

"Our best friend Veronica is your biggest fan. Ever song, interview, or music video, Vee….."

"That's what she likes to be called" Lisa said interrupting Carmen. Carmen gave her a look before continuing.

"Vee has it all. On her Itunes and her DVR is where you can find it." Carmen reached of screen to grab something. When her hand came back in to focus she had a photo. She got up and moved closer. She put the photo right in the camera's focus. It was a picture of three girls hugging each other. On the ends were Lisa and Carmen. In the middle was another Latina girl. She was slim with light brown hair. She had hazel eyes and had a huge smile on her face.

"That's Vee in the middle. We are all 17 and seniors in Elizabeth Capa High School, by the way." Carmen said. After a few seconds she sat back down next to Lisa.

"Everybody loves Vee in our high school. She nice, funny, and she'll hang out with anyone. She holds no judgment on anybody." Lisa said.

"Yeah she's really cool and a good listener when you need somebody to talk to. She's done a lot for the both of us and we feel like it is our turn to give her something." Carmen said.

"We're not just doing this because she loves you. We are doing this because we believe you are the only one who can talk some sense into her." Lisa said. "You see, Vee is a singer…" Carmen cut her off.

"She's a great singer! She has won almost all the talent shows at our school and some local talent shows too. I mean she could won them all but this slut Cassidy Granger slept her way to winning." Carmen said. Lisa nodded.

"Total slut. But any way, Vee would always joke about being the next big star and have the famous Darius Mills knocking down her door." They laughed. Darius would do it too. He believes in getting them before the competition does.

"No matter what she was doing, she would have to make up a song about and then sing it. Cleaning her room…"

"Taking out the trash…" Carmen continued

"Even when she was eating, she would start singing without even realizing she was doing it. We could never escape her singing." Lisa said laughing and while having a faraway look on her face. Like she was remembering happy times. "But now she doesn't sing at all." Lisa stopped, looking sad.

"Vee has been doing real bad lately." Carmen said. They both were quiet for a few seconds. "You see Vee's father, Alex, lost his life to cancer about 9 months ago and Vee hasn't been the same since."

"Mr. Alex was a great man. He was so funny and always knew what to say if any of us were having problems. Vee was daddy's little girl, so it was a big blow to her." Lisa said.

"She has quit all of her after school activities. Cheerleading, school choir, and she doesn't sing at all anymore." Lisa said. "Her dad was always her number one fan but now she feels like since he's gone there is no need to sing." I know how Veronica felt. When my mom died I didn't want to do anything.

"Her mother, brother, and both of us have tried to get her back into singing but it doesn't work. Every time we bring the subject of singing up she just gets quiet and doesn't talk to us for the rest of the day. We feel like we're losing her." Carmen said sadly.

"So we figured who better to help her out then her idol. She needs you to…." Just then the door handle rattled followed by three knocks.

"Why is your door locked Lisa?" A voice called through the door.

"Shit." Lisa whispered. "Hold on Vee" She yelled to the door. Carmen and Lisa leaned into the camera.

"We want to keep this a secret just in case she doesn't win. We didn't want her to get her hopes up to be let back down." Carmen said half whispering.

"Carmen? What are you guys doing?" Veronica called through the door.

"Hold on" They both screamed.

"Ok. We really hope you come through for us Angel. You are our only hope." Lisa said before reaching towards the camera. And then it went blank. I leaned back in my seat. I felt for Veronica. I went through the same thing. It took Tommy, Portia, Darius, and…other things before I finally decide to get my shit together. Can I really be that person that she needs me to be?

"Hey" I looked up to see Portia leaning against the door. "Did you watch the tape?"

"Yeah I just got done watching it. You seen it already?" I asked as she walked in closing the door back.

"Yeah I'm the one who picked it." She said sitting next to me. "It reminded me of you, so I thought it would be good for you to relate to her since you went through something similar. "

"What am I suppose to do? I couldn't even bring myself out of the misery I was living How am I going to do it for her?" I said rubbing my face. Portia patted my shoulder.

"You'll know what to do when the time comes" She said softly. Just then Darius phone started ringing. Portia got up and answered.

"Good afternoon, Darius' office?" She was quiet for a minute. "Thanks Kim. We'll be out in a minute." Then she hung up.

"The contest winner is here and I have to go find Darius. When this phone rings that will be your signal to come out and meet her, ok?" I nodded as she walked out the door and closed it behind her.

I didn't know what to feel right now. You see the world doesn't really know my mother died. My father didn't want the pity looks and people feeling sorry for us, so he hid it. We had a very private service and dad pulled some strings to make sure it stayed behind closed doors. Of course some of my old friends from high school knew and some family friends of my mother and father but it never came out officially. And to actually have to talk about it today and bring back all those memories…I think I'm going to be sick. I jumped as the phone rang. I took a deep breath before I got up and walked out the door. I make sure to have a big smile on my face as I round the corner to the front desk. I see the three girls have their backs to me talking to Darius.

"I can't believe I am going to be getting a tour of G-Major. This is so cool!" Said a voice I didn't recognize. Which means that has to be Veronica.

"I'm glad you could come. Oh, here comes the tour guide." Darius said smiling at me. All three girls spin around.

"I heard something about a tour." I said smiling. Two out of three girls screamed and ran over to me pulling me into a hug. I laughed as I noticed Vee was still standing next to Darius with her mouth hanging wide open. As Lisa and Carmen pulled away, I walked over to Vee.

"I can't believe this." Vee said as I stepped in front of her. "I…don't even know what to say." She said seeming dazed. "So not only am I getting a tour of G-Major but I'm also getting to MEET YOU!" She screamed in excitement.

"But that's not all." Darius said.

"It's not?" She asked confused.

"No. You will be attending Jude's birthday party tonight." Said Lisa.

"I am?"

"Yes. You will get the celebrity treatment. Hair, make-up, your pick of beautiful dresses, shoes and jewelry, while hanging out with Angel, Jude and other G-Major artists." Darius said. He was enjoying this a little too much.

"I can't believe this." Vee said

"I think you said that already." I said laughing. I put my hand out. "I'm Angel. You are Veronica, right?" I already knew her name but I had to get her talking. I mean other then saying she couldn't believe it.

"Oh I'm so sorry. Yes I'm Veronica but you can call be Vee for short." She said reaching for my hand but stopping short. She leaned forward like she wanted to hug me but stopped again. I laughed again.

"Bring it in." I opened my arms to hug her and she smiled before hugging me back. She pulled away when I turned to her friends. "And you are Lisa and Carmen." I said it as a statement.

"Yes we are and we are so happy to be here." Lisa said in almost a sequel.

"We're so so happy to be here." Carmen said in her heavy Spanish accent.

"And we're happy to have you. Why don't we take this into my office so we can discuss some business before Veronica heads off with Angel." Darius said leading us to his office. Once in his office, he sat on behind his desk while the girls sat in the sofas of his office. I stand next to Darius' desk. I could see the girls vibrating with excitement.

"Now that we are here I need the forms signed by your mother." Darius said.

"I don't have any…" Vee started but got cut off.

"I have them." Carmen said reaching in her bag for a tan folder and handed it over to Darius. With a thank you, Darius began to look through the papers to make sure everything was in order.

"My mother knew about this?" Vee asked turning to Carmen.

"Of course she knew. We needed her to look over the papers Mr. Mills…." Darius cut Lisa off.

"Please, call me Darius." He said giving her a big smile. She giggled. When Darius turns on that charm, no women just swoon. Burf!

"I mean Darius sent over the papers and since you are under age, she had to give her consent." Lisa said finishing. Vee looked over to her.

"What kind of papers?" Vee asked. Darius pulled a paper out of the pail.

"Just regular consent forms saying that your mother knows you're here and what will happen when you are here." He handed me the paper and a pen to hand to her. I walked over and handed it to her. "That is a consent stating that we and other magazines will take your photo and it is ok to put your picture in magazines. Your mother already signed. Now we just need yours and that will be done."

"My pictures will be in magazines?" She asked.

"Yes it will be. For my magazine, Solid, I'm going to bring you back for a brief photo shoot and interview on the fun you had at the party. But other magazines will have pictures of you too, they will just be pictures of you on the carpet when you arrive." Darius said.

"That is so cool! You are so lucky. I kind of hate you a little bit." Lisa said to Vee, bumping her shoulder with her own.

"I know. You are lucky your one of my best friends." Carmen said smacking her knee.

"That reminds me." Darius reached in his bottom drawer and pulled out another folder. "Can you give this to them Angel." I walked back over to and grabbed the papers. I looked at the papers to see Carmen and Lisa names on them. They were photo consent forms. I handed them to the both girls who were looking kind of confused.

"What are these for?" Carmen asked.

"You are going to need them, since you will be attending the party also." All I heard was screaming. I laughed because Darius said it like he was a game show host.

"Are you kidding?" Lisa asked with a wide smile on her face.

"Nope. As you noticed your parents already signed it, so all we need is your signatures." Darius said with a big smile. He loves this attention.

"How did you get their parents to sign without them knowing?" Vee asked in awe.

"With help from your mother. She gave me numbers to call and brought in the papers for you two signed yesterday."

"I think I'm in love with your mom." Lisa said. I laughed.

"So what does that mean for us? I mean, I know we're going to the party but what are we wearing?" Carmen asked.

"Already taken care of that. Portia, our stylist, has picked out some choices of dresses and shoes in both your sizes. Once this meeting is done I'll give her a call to take you to Conference room B to pick out your stuff." Darius was in a really giving mood today I see.

"So are we done?" Carmen and Lisa asked at the same time.

"No we are not. I have one more order of business. Angel" He handed me papers to hand to the girls. I handed it to them and I could see they were anxious to get out of his office and I was too. I didn't even bother looking at the papers I was handing out. "Those are confidentiality agreements. It means that if you hear or see something that your weren't suppose to, then you can't talk about it to anyone outside of you three. I wouldn't normally do this but you will be hanging out with Angel and she never watches what she says." Darius said looking at me.

"Hey I do watch what I say." I said. He just looks at me for a second. "Ok so I don't but it's not my fault. Tommy is the reason I can never seem to watch what I say." He gives me another dry look before turning back to the girls. I move back some so I'm standing behind him before I use my index finger and circle it around my ear, mouthing he is crazy. They laugh and I laugh with them. D doesn't even turn around when he says:

"I'm not crazy but you do talk too much." He says. I swear that man has eyes in the back of his head. I step up next to him.

"I love you too uncle D"

"Sure. Now I know you guys want to get out of here so just sign the papers and we'll be good to go." Darius didn't even finish his sentence before they started talking excitedly to one another and signing the papers.

"Where's Jude?" Darius asked.

"Last time I seen her she was in the lobby. I was just going to call her and tell her to meet us down here now since she hasn't seen the Conference Room yet and it is her birthday." I said pulling out my phone.

"Do that while I page Portia." He said.

I put the phone to my ear and waited for it to ring…

Jude's P.O.V:

I pulled the car into the G-Major parking lot with a jerk.

"Whoa whoa whoa." Tommy said as I pulled into a parking spot and turned off the car without taking out the key from the ignition.

"Ok so maybe I'm not ready for an S Car." I said looking over at him.

"Girl, your not ready for roller blades. I don't even know how you got your license to begin with." He said.

"What? Just because I almost hit one dog?" I asked.

"No because the dog was on the sidewalk." I burst out laughing.

"I was so bad." I say chuckling some more. Tommy just shakes his head. He wipes his brow and reaches over to take the keys out the ignition. I look, or stare, at his side profile for a minute before he looks at me. I smile at him.

"What?" He asks.

"I just…" I look down at the steering wheel. "I really like us hanging out." I finish and I look over at him to see him staring right back at me.

"Me too." He says giving me a small smile. I roll my eyes at him.

"I mean, you can be a serious pain in my ass Quincy. You know one of those pains that just won't go away. It just lingers and won't shut the hell up. It's just always there and…" He cut me off.

"Is there a point to this?" He asked raising an eyebrow at me.

"Yes if you would just if me finish. Even if sometimes you make my life a living hell…" I leaned over and kiss him on the cheek. I pull away to look him in the eyes again. "there's not one thing I would change about you." I say softly. We stare at each other for a second and I realize that I may have some type of feelings for Tommy, feelings that I really shouldn't have, the fact is I still love Brandon and Tommy will always be a good friend. My phone rings bringing me out of my trance. I grab it quick and flip it open not even looking at the screen to see who it was. But I thought it was Brandon considering he was supposed to call me.

"Hi, Brandon?" I say.

"Are you trying to call me a man Jude?" Angel responds. I smile and lean my head against the head rest.

"Oh, hey Angel." I say.

"Well damn, don't sound so happy." She said sarcastically. "We need you down here now. The contest winner is here and I am going to give her a quick tour before we head into the room. So be down in the lobby in about ten minutes, ok?"

"That's fine. I'll be in the lobby waiting for you." I say. We both say bye and then hang up the phone.

"What did Angel want?" Tommy asked.

"To let me know that the contest winner was there and she wants me to meet her in the lobby in ten minutes. So that means it's time to go in." I say opening my door. Tommy follows my lead and gets out the car also. We meet at the front of the car and just stand there for a minute. "Thank you Tommy. For everything."

"Hey it is your birthday but I don't think you are every driving my car again." He said playfully shoving my right shoulder. I laughed and shoved him back before we headed to the front doors of G-Major.

A/N: Hey you guys, I'm not one to talk about things but I just wanted to talk to you guys about the recent suicides because of bullying. Most of the teens were gay and killed their selves because of ignorant people. I take this personal because I have gay friends and family members and I wouldn't want them to go through anything like that. I writing this because if anybody out there needs to talk because your being bullied, whether it's because people think your gay or they just don't like the way you look or talk, I am here for you. If you need to talk just write me and I'll give you my e-mail so we can talk. Or please talk an adult about the problem or you can go to for gay and questioning youth. And if you are a person who knows somebody is getting bullied, you may not want step in, you can still tell an adult or try to help that person any way you can.

I want you to know IT DOES GET BETTER! I was bullied in high school by a bunch of popular mean girls. Now I see the same girls who were mean to me turned into sluts or on their second child with nobody around to help them (I don't mean to offend anyone). That's what I call karma ladies and gents! But please be kind to one another!