Hello everyone! I know I should be going back to my other stories, but… I didn't feel like it so… ya… This story actually happened when my friends and I were bored in school. I will explain what class we were in and what was happening during that class the best I can so things aren't confusing. Now, this is the list of characters that will be appearing so far and who my friends and I are.

Hikari: Me

Akari: Kiesha

Kenkin: Griffyn

Link (Legend of Zelda)

Kakashi (Naruto)

Oh, and this is in script format, sorry about that!



Setting: We were sitting in Science class talking about tsunamis, and my teacher was talking about a tsunami that hit a town in Canada… I think it was in Canada…

Hikari: So bored… Interesting story though

Akari: Ahh! I will never take a bath AGAIN!

Hikari: Why?

Akari: Water is… evil! O.O

Hikari: Weirdo…

Link: Hiya guys!



Hikari: Link you spaz, chill out!

Akari: Water…. O.O

Kakashi: O.O

Hikari: Akari… Have fun/throws a glass of water at Akari/

Link: LOOK OUT/heroically dives in front of Akari and takes the water. Then pretends to die a horrid death/

Akari: Water/jumps off cliff/

Kakashi: O.O

Hikari: …HAHA/looks at Link/ LINK!

Link: Tell Zelda… I…

Hikari: What?! Tell her what?!

Link: Love her… /dies/

Hikari: NOOOOO/jumps off cliff after Akari/

Akari/dead/ Water…..

Kakashi: O.O freaks… /poofs away/

Hikari: O.O /walks away/

Kenkin: hehehe… I am the God of Something… /looks at Hikari/ Hey! How can you walk? You just feel off the cliff!

Hikari: I don't know, I landed on something really soft that kept saying 'water'

Kenkin: Fair enough.


And thus the end of Chapter 1. If you lasted this long, I applaud you. Please review and no flames. Thank you.