…I have nothing to say…


Hikari: Me

Akari: Keisha

Kenkin: Griffyn

Denice: Shadow Princess 15

Joe: Codey

Link (Legend of Zelda)

Kakashi (Naruto)

Orichimaru (Naruto)

Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

Moogle (Final Fantasy)

Disclaimer: Must I say these stupid things? Ugh, fine, don't own anything other than Dark Link.

Dark: You don't own me!

Fine, I don't own you either.


Setting: …Can't seem to remember…

For those of you who forgot, Denice and Hikari were looking for Link.

Denice: Damn! Where could he have gone?

Hikari: I don't know but why don't we go get Akari and Kakashi? They're Ninjas!

Denice: Sure, why not?

Akari: As a matter of fact… /someone starts singing 'We've Learned Something New Today'/ I'M NOT A F(beep)ING NINJA!

Denice: Dude, chill out.

Hikari: Seriously.

Akari: WHOOT! Denice vs. Hikari for Link's heart! Sorry Hikari. /Bets money on Denice/

Hikari: Thou thukith. (A/N: Just my way of saying 'you suck')

Denice: What do you mean…?

Akari: Well…. Hikari has a thing for Link. /nudges Hikari/

Denice: What?

Hikari: That's right! I'm in love with Link!

Akari: Really?/gasp/ I was just joking! XD

Denice: You're going down…

Hikari: Not if you go down first /tackles Denice and forms a dust cloud/

Link/walks in/ Hey Akari! What's up/sees the dust cloud/ what's going on…?

Akari: Meh… the usual… Denice and Hikari are fighting for Link's heart… /notices Link/ Oh Link! Umm… hi!

Link/screeches/ THEY'RE WHAT?

Denice/stops fighting and notices Link/ who do you love more?

Hikari: Yeah, me or Denice?

Akari/grabs popcorn/ This is gonna be GOOD!

Link: Can't I love you both…?

Hikari: No! You have to choose one of us!

Link: In that case… I choose…

Akari: WAIT! I got to get more popcorn… ok, I'm good.

Link: Akari!

Denice & Hikari: WHAT!

Akari/chokes on popcorn/ WTF?

Link: Well, I can't choose between you two…


Hikari: How…How could you…?

Akari: Not surprised! With my good looks and my superior hunting skills… Well, you know where I'm going!

Hikari: Shut up Akari.

Link/sighs/ I should of just shut up…

Akari: Whoot! Let's go Link/grabs Link's hand/

Link: Oh dear god no!

Hikari: Get back here Akari!

Akari: Buhahaha! Never!/runs away/

Link: Help me! Please god, help me!


Zellie: I know it's short but we kept getting interrupted…

Link: … What is Akari going to do to me…?

Dark Link: Think about it.

Link/thinks about it/ oh no…

Zellie: This could get interesting… R&R please and no flames.