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My head is talking to me
I don't know what it needs
but the loudest voice
is the one I heed

Insomnia, my swollen bloodshot eyes
Insomnia, awake till morning light
Insomnia, stirring deep inside
Insomnia, somebody turn out the lights
I'm twisting and turning - I keep waking up
the madness I must tame
my candle is burning - I keep waking up

Insomnia, footsteps on the walk
Insomnia, I hear someone knock
Insomnia, I wish it was a dream
Insomnia, can you hear me scream

Elphaba's eyes darted around the room as another bolt of lighting flashed outside her dormitory window. The storm was violent. Far more violent then anything she had ever encountered in her life. Torrential rain battered the small windows, while unceasing thunderclaps made her convulsive uncontrollably. This couldn't be happening. Not to her. Not now. Not ever.

Sweat trailed down her green flesh, burning the already tear scarred skin. Slowly she turned over onto her right side, away from her slumbering roommate. A bolt of lightening crackled in the background, lighting the dark room up, making her emerald skin glow eerily .

How in Oz's name did this happen to her? How impossibly lonely might she have been to let something so irresponsible take place? Was she so desperate for attention that she would sink this low? How could she risk a friendship like this? Her only friendship? How could she betray the three most important people in her life? What would they think if they found out? No. What was she thinking? They wouldn't find out because this wasn't happening to her. No. Not her. She wouldn't believe it. She couldn't believe it.

She wasn't going to lose everything she had worked her whole life to gain over some stupid choice.

Choice. It had been her choice. She had chosen to do it. She had ruined their lives. She ruined people's lives.

Another lightning bolt crashed into the ground sending her flying under the covers as unnatural sobs raked her body.

The midnight bells rang out suddenly, causing Galinda to stir in her bed. Slowly she turned over onto her side.

"Elphaba, really. I'm trying to sle-" Within moments she was at her sobbing roommates side.

"What! Elphie? Don't cry! Shhh. Here sit up," Quickly but attentively she applied the oil to her friends raw skin, trying to prevent further burning. Wrapping her arms around Elphaba's neck she rubbed her head soothingly. "Shhh. Don't worry Elphie, it's just a storm. It'll be over soon. Don't worry, I'll keep you safe."

Getting into the bed she continued to dab the cool beads of sweat that continued to travel down her roommates emerald forhead.

"Shhh. Just try to sleep. The storm will be over soon, no need to be afraid."

Not fully awake Elphaba murmured some sort of agreement. She may be sarcastic and anomaly. Unable to love and keep happy, but pregnant she was not. No. She would not believe it.

Okay so this little idea came to me last week but I wasn't exactly sure how to word it... Until now:D.

There's been a few fic's out there that has Galinda/Glinda pregnant when she's still at school. What would happen if that happend to Elphaba? How would the events of Wicked/Wizard of Oz be effected? I'm really bad at summaries so you'll just have to keep reviewing to find out more because there's alot of tricks I have up my sleeve. Please let me know about this style of writing, I think it needs improving. If you have anyother idea's please let me know now before I continue. P.s PLEASE review I'll continue even if there are just two reivews. I really want to know if I'm off my rocker with this one.

I know alot of you are like "but Elphaba would NEVER do that!" Believe me, I have my reasons and motives. P.S the ending will not be what you expect...

The story is a mix of both Musical/Book. Please read&review I'm really desperate for feedback but I really want to write this fic so I'll continue with even the least bit of reviews...

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Bomba. P.S the song is not mine. Niether is WICKED. Big suprise there.