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You always seem to lose your touch
I think you think you think too much
There's only so much you can take
Before the pieces start to break
You said your colors always red
I see your eyes already dead

Boundaries. Forbidden territory. Body heat. Warmth. So much warmth. A murmur, a hissing intake of breath, a tentative movement, souls becoming one. Hands entwining. Unable to tell where one stopped and the other began. Completeness. Passion. Lust. Fear. Silence. Numbness.


"Earth to Winkie! Come in Winkie," Clearly, Prince Fiyero of the Arjiki's was in deep thought, and nothing, it seemed, would shake him out of it. Boq raised his eyebrows, since when did Oz's most Swankified Winkie Hunk, get lost in some sort of contemplation staring at the ceiling? "Fiyero, seriously your scaring me. What's the matter?"

Lion cub. Ozdust Ballroom. Philosophy club. Alcohol. Smiles. Passion. So much passion. Shades of green. Feel of silk. Emerald silk. Sense of belonging. Passion. Desire.

"Fiyero, come on seriously, this isn't funny. Are you feeling okay?" The munchkinlander asked approaching his roomies bed. "Fiyero? Snap out of it! That's it, this isn't funny anymore."

Suaveness. Satin sheets. Pleasure. Whispers.

Yero my hero…



"That's it I'm getting help," Hurrying to the door Boq reached for the handle just as a panic stricken voice shrieked his name. "Galinda? What in Oz's name are you doing here?"

Snapped out of his trance, Fiyero rushed to the door as it swung open to reveal his highly distraught looking girlfriend.

"Galinda- this really isn't a good-"

"It's Elphaba. She needs help. Now."

The first thing she heard upon waking up were voices. So many voices. Then came the pain. Burning, itching, tearing pain . Emotional scars raked her mind, physical scars marred her face. Smouldering, consuming scars that would never heal.

"Look! She's waking up!"

"We see that Boq."

"Elphie! Oh holy Lurline, I was so worried!" Elphaba, struggling to open her eyes, met the gaze of three sceptical people. Suddenly the urge to vomit overtook her, and she bolted to the bathroom on shaking legs.

"Someone go get a nurse! Now!" Galinda shouted as she helped her fevered friend back to her bed.

"No, Galinda, really I'm fine. I'll be fine," She looked away slowly as Fiyero and Boq glared at her disbelievingly. "I said I'm fine! Now I suggest you leave, for there was no need for you to come here in the first place."

"What? Elphaba, look at yourself! Just take one look, then tell me that your fine," Boq said through gritted teeth. Galinda reluctantly handed her a mirror. Red oozing scars were left in the place where tears and sweat had once been. She was paler then usual, her bloodshot eyes scanned four excruciating blister's on the side of her head; still she refused to budge.

"When I said I was fine. I meant it. Now if you'd be so kind; leave. I have to get ready."

"Elphie- Elphaba, your in no condition whatsoever-"

"I SAID I'M FINE! Now please Galinda, let me get ready."

Taken back, Galinda stiffly turned toward the door, and somewhere in the midst of all the screaming, worries and doubts, tears of hurt welled in the corners of her eyes.

"See you in class Elphie."

School had never been the same since the departure and sudden death of Doctor Dillamond. The lecture's were longer, less important and sometimes down right stupid and cruel, which for Elphaba had been the worst experience of her life. Cages. The very idea of them made her sick. But the thing that hurt her the most about the loss of Doctor Dillamond, was not that she had lost the only Animal and cause caring teacher on campus, but that she had lost a friend. He had been the only person in her life to show her that much hospitality upon the first day of meeting her, and he was about the must trustworthy person she had ever met. And now he lay dead in a grave; the Unnamed God only knows who had done it to him. She would of told him of her current situation, now she was left on her own. Abandon and forced with antenatal abnormalities. She would have told him. Only him. No one else could no.

"Miss Alphaba, since you seem so content to stare into space, why don't you inform us all on the Wizards democratic governmental system?" Professor Nikidik's face was now only inches away from hers.

Galinda winched in sympathy for her friend. For she too, understood the humility of being called by the wrong name.

Standing up to walk to the front of the class Elphaba noticed how dreadfully blurry everything was becoming. Griping onto the sides of Boq's desk that was placed in front of hers, she steadied herself.

"My name sir, is Elpha-ph-pha…" Everything was so hazy and the classroom was starting to spin. A grin spread across her face as her speech became more slurred. "Elpa- Elpha-"

"Elphaba watch out!" Was the last thing she heard before Fiyero was leaping up out of his seat and everything went black.

They sat there in the cafeteria, the six of them; Galinda, Boq, Nessarose, Crope, Tibbett and Fiyero, waiting silently for any form of news.

"I knew, I just knew, I should of made her stay in bed. I knew she was sick, too sick to go out!" Galinda snivelled laying her head in her hands. What had she done?

"Galinda shh, it's not your fault, you know that. What exactly happened last night? Was she like this then too?" Fiyero asked bending down so he was now eye level with the blonde.

"I-I don't know, she didn't seem it! I woke up in the middle of the night to her sobbing! Elphie doesn't sob Fiyero! I've never seen her cry in my life, and I've known her for three years! I don't understand…"

Nessarose glanced around worriedly. "It couldn't have been a storm that frightened her then. Storms don't frighten her. She may be harmed by them but she's never said that anything has frightened her. Ever."

"Nessa, I know that Elphie is allergic somehow to water, would that by any chance cause her to, well, weep? I've seen her get splashed with it before, but nothing this, extreme has everhappened. There has to be something more to it then meets the eye."

"Boq, Elphaba is a complicated person- I don't know, I just-" Cutting the wheelchair bound girl off, Galinda shot up out of her seat.

"Doctor Dillamonds murder!"

"What?" They replied at the same time.

"Ever since the day we found out Doctor Dillamond was murdered, and that Lion cub scene took place, Elphie's changed! She's been more aloof and defensive!"

"You know what? That actually makes the slightest bit of sense," Boq said taking a sip from his drink. "But why would Elphaba get sick over that?"

Everyone went silent.

"Oh come on guys! You know how close she was to that old Goat! No one can keep their emotions bottled up inside of them that long! Not even Elphie! So last night something must of reminded her of him forcing her to break down! Even if she is Elphaba, she still sheds tears for the ones she loves. So since water burns her skin, and she cried so much last night, they must of gotten infected and forced her to become ill."

"Wow. Galinda, you put a lot of thought into that one, didn't you?" Crope said smiling devilishly in her direction.

Sticking her nose in the air, she stood up straight and continued to speak.

"In honour of our dear departed Doctor Dillamond and in honour of our dear Elphie's struggle, I Galinda Upland shall no longer be known as Galinda, but as just, Glinda."

"That's a wonderful statement Glinda, but your efforts are sadly in vain," Avaric said approaching with one arm looped around a giggling Shen Shen and the other around and all to pleased Pfanee. "Looks like are dear Miss Elphie has had one two many visits to the Philosophy club."

"Oh do explain Avaric," Galinda said glaring impatiently at him. "I'm sure since you are such a good friend of hers that you'll be able to point out her problems better then me."

His grin widened.

"As you wish Miss Glinda. It is now known that the Jolly Green Giant is now, officially knocked up."

An hour later as everyone scattered the grounds in search of the green skinned girl, Fiyero sat disbelievingly in his dorm room. And somewhere in the deepest corners of his mind two little voices resounded in his head, as images of blue diamonds dancing on a green field enticed his memory.

Yero my Hero…


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