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My sister, My sister…
I hate my sister, she's such a witch.
She acts as if she doesn't even know that I exist.
But I would do anything to let her know I care.
But I am only talking to myself cause she isn't there.
She's got a wall around her nobody can climb.
She lets her ladder down for those who really shine.
I tried to scale it, but to me she's blind.
My sister, My sister, she's such a witch,
Of all of the things, I think she's a bitch.
I miss my sister, why did she go?
The one who had taken me all the places I wanted to go
It was the violent pain and the flames below,
That forced her out, that made her go.
My sister, My sister.
That hurricane twister.
Of all the feelings, I think I really miss her.

It was then, during the early hours of the morning that she found herself most at peace; when the wild shades of oranges and reds filled the sky, that she found herself able to at last be free and untamed. When the chains that bound her would be broken, and she was free to soar like an eagle.

It was now, when she was free to let her imagination run wild, that she would raise her arms in the air in complete surrender; able to live for herself and not care about the harsh actuality of the world surrounding her. She was finally allowed to escape the bitter reality of her life and revive in her world of fantasy and fiction. A world where she was free to run and skip like every other person, a world where she was able to block out the evil taunts and glares of the people always invading her life; the people who no matter what, were always there.

It was here, on the cliff, facing the dawn that she could finally be at peace. And here she would be able to pray without restriction or judgment. She would pray for the situations surrounding her; that they wouldn't get out of hand, pray for the safety of her people and strength to lead them, even if they called her a witch behind her back. She would ask for forgiveness for the sins that she had committed against the world, the sins that had turned her life into a living hell.

But must of all, she would pray and ask why she hadn't been good enough. She would cry and beg, and plead to the Unnamed God why in Oz she had never been good enough. Why she was born the way she was, why he had undoubtedly placed a curse upon her life. Why she had always been the tragically beautiful daughter who got whatever her heart desired, except the thing she had wanted the most; love, commitment, someone who would always be there for her. Why every time her father gave her gifts of jewels and precious fabrics, she had never felt complete. Why she was never good enough to keep someone in her life around her long enough to actually get to know her. Why she had no friends.

It was here among the rosebushes and lilies that she would cry; weep for her losses and gains. She would sob for never being the girl that people would stay around for; instead only ever being the girl who would always be left behind. She was the one everyone loved to hate; and everyone who loved to hate her, all, eventually, went away; leaving her to grieve on her own. And because of this, she was sure, no matter what her looks were on the outside, no matter how brilliantly radiant her pale skin and chestnut hair was, she was ugly, a hideous calamity of scorn and worthlessness. Someone who never, even to herself, would be good enough to stick around for.

When she sat alone on this hilltop, memories would return to her, and she would just sit and try to reflect on the things she had done wrong. Why her mother died after giving birth to her, why her sister abandon her, why the boy she loved, would never love her. Everything would come down in a smothering reality, crushing her bones with the emptiness that she knew would never get filled.

And here, she would wonder, if every leader was like this. Was the Wizard like this? Did he secretly fear his relationships and feel lonely too? Was Lurline or the Unnamed God ever hurt like she was, because of neglect from their followers? Was she completely crazy, like they said she was? She had only ever wanted to do her best. To live up to her sisters expectations; because deep down, no matter how much scorn and resent her green sister got, she would always be jealous of her. Because once again, she just wasn't good enough. She wasn't as smart, or passionate, or loved, as her older sister. She was, after all, only the underdog, the one everyone pitied. The one who tried to do her best, but only ever ended up being second best. Maybe that's why she loved Boq so much, because he, like her, was an underdog. They were to peas in a pod, both needing someone to care for, someone to care for them, to prove, just like everyone, they had feelings too. But then again, even to Boq, Nessarose would only ever be second best.

"Madame!" A voice soon rushed the Eminence out of her thoughts. "Madame, there you are, you had us worried, you know you shouldn't run off without anyone knowing."

Nessarose's red lips pouted as she peered up at the Munchkin.

"Boq, we've been over this, I've asked you to call me Nessarose," she said, heart sinking as the realization that she really would, only ever be second best to him. "Remember?"

He only bowed and began to wheel her chair back to the mansion. The formalities were beginning to really bother her, he had, after all, been her boyfriend. What had changed? Such formal greetings weren't necessary as far as she was concerned, but to him, he couldn't find it within himself to call her by her name anymore. He was broken, yes, but he wasn't shattered.

An hour later, as she sat in the main room, head bowed in a silent prayer, Boq decided to go for a walk around the gardens. Twenty minutes later, he returned face red, breathing rapid; panic quickly overtaking him.

"Boq! Boq," Nessarose said wheeling herself over to him franticly, fear etching itself onto her face. "Boq what is it, what's wrong?"

Face paling he looked up at her, trying to remain calm.

"Y-your sister, s-she's here."

"Well, it seems, once a babbling idiot, always a babbling idiot."

At the sound of the sarcastic tone, and malice laced voice, Nessarose's head snapped around to the door that led into the library. Her heart seemed to stop as an all too familiar green face peered back at her. And as her sister's arrival registered in her brain, she promptly fainted.

Three hours later, when she had fully recovered from shock, Nessarose acted less surprised to see Elphaba then Elphaba or Boq, imagined. Perhaps, Boq and Elphaba considered, it was because Nessarose had become used to being the center of attention and having unarranged visitors.

"Well, my Fabala, my darling sister," Nessarose said wheeling herself over to the cloaked woman, "What in Oz made you come back?"

"Well, you know, there is no place like home." Forcing a pained smile, the fair skinned woman ushered a maid to get some lukewarm tea for them to drink, trying her best to ignore the pang of hurt in her heart as she was forced to endure the reality of seeing her sister again.

"How are you Nessie? You look fine," Elphaba said, eyeing the jeweled shoe's that were placed on her sisters feet. "I've missed you.

Sitting up straighter in her chair, Nessarose frowned. "Well, the grace of the Unnamed God gives me strength." Rolling her chair further away from her green sister, she bit back a sarcastic remark. "So, my dear sister, where have you been all this time?" Noting the bundle at the older woman's side, she quirked an eyebrow. "You and your little one."

Curiosity getting the better of her, she wheeled herself closer again. "I think after all this time away, it would be only fair, if you would grant me at least a glance at my nephew, or niece."

Elphaba visible tensed. It had been a month since she had had her son, and a few days since she had been granted permission to leave the convent. She had been lucky, there had been no guards, no allies with the Wizard, so she had done the only thing she thought possible; she had come home.

Walking over to her sister, she unwrapped the blankest from the squirming infant, reviling a small baby boy, with raven black hair, bright blue eyes and pale skin. Nessarose visibly softened.

"M-may I?" Eyes large and round, the crippled girl held out her hands; grinning like a fool when Elphaba placed bent down to place the small bundle in her arms. She reached down and gathered the baby, cuddling him to her chest. He emitted one cry, then snuggled against her, his fist clutching her long hair, almost as if he belonged there. Nessarose cradled his head in her palm and nuzzled his face. So soft, so helpless. So needy. The ever-present ache in her heart eased as she held the baby. A longing she didn't completely understand filled her. As tears threatened to well in her eyes, she quickly held the baby out for Elphaba to take again.

Sniffing back the tears, fighting with all her might not to cry, she took a deep breath in.

"What's his name?"

Noticing her sister's discomfort, Elphaba felt a pang of guilt run through her; Nessarose had never deserved to be abandon like this. "Liir. The maunts named him."

Nessarose's jaw dropped in shock. "Maunts?!"

Elphaba smiled a toothy grin. "My dear Nessa, don't you know? I have been living in a convent for the last two months."

The two found themselves in the middle of the gardens and Clowen Grounds hours later, just before sunset, reviling old memories and attempting to heal old wounds. Which was proving painful for both of them.

"So, all those years in solitude, and political turmoil brings you out at last. I've missed you something terrible," Nessarose said as they settled beneath a large Quaxwood tree. "I mean, that awful, godforsaken time when you left me alone in Shiz. I am still furious with you about it."

"Nessie- You know, I mean- I had no other choice!"

"No other choice? So instead of sticking around and fixing the damage you had done, you decide to abandon everyone and leave! Becoming a witch and enemy!"

"Nessa, listen to me, the Wizard, he- He-"

"Elphaba, I don't want to hear it! All I know is you left when I needed you the most! How do you think it was finding out your sister committed adultery and-"

"Adultery? Nessa would you just listen to yourself! I never meant for it to happen!"

"Well I really don't care, you still left! And it still happened! And you still left me! Can you even imagine the shame you caused me? The shame you caused father!" Elphaba's face hardened as she abruptly rose from her seat on the bench, clutching her son to her chest.

"Father? He has nothing to do with this! How dare you even bring him up, the old bastard hates me!"

"That's a wicked thing to say!"

"Well I am called the Wicked Witch of the West for a reason! And like it or not, you are called the Wicked witch of the East. So don't go acting all high and-"

"Shut up!" Elphaba stopped, noticing her sister had tears in her eyes now. Something was wrong, something was terrible wrong, she had sensed it when she had first arrived but now seeing her sister, it unnerved her.

"Nessa, what happened?" The wheelchair bound girl looked up into the brown eyes of her sister with such hatred it caused Elphaba to back away.

"Fathers dead," Nessarose laughed bitterly as her sisters eyes widened in shock. " Well what did you expect? After he learned what you had done, how you committed fornication, and ended up pregnant- then becoming a terrorist!" Face turning red she wheeled her chair faster toward her sister. "And all this time, all this sorcery talk; you enchanting broomsticks and whatnot, never once have you actually thought of others! You would never have thought to use your powers to help me, your only sister! I'm stuck in a chair, forced to wheel myself around day and night, until my arms feel like they're going to fall off, and you fly around Oz rescuing Animals you've never even met! And not once, not once, has it ever registered in your brain to use your powers to rescue me!"

"Nessa, there isn't a spell for everything! I can't just randomly go around enchanting people's limbs! It's not easy, especially when I've had other things to take care of! It's- it's not like cobbling up a pair of-of-" Eyes widening in realization, Elphaba whipped out the Grimmerie and started searching for a spell.

Nessarose's eyes widened in horror as her feet began to burn and she realized her sister was casting a spell.

"Elphaba! Stop! What does that mean- what are you doing? My feet! Swweet Oz- Elphaba!"

The scorching feeling stopped immediately as a gravitational pull made Nessarose's left foot move from it's place on the chair onto the ground, then her right one, forcing her to stand up.

"Nessa! Oh at last!" Elphaba's eyes filled with tears but she quickly blinked them away as she tried to hold her sister up on one arm, and balance her son on the other.

Trembling, Nessarose held both arms out at her side, trying to regain her balance. She could stand. She could actually stand! A happiness so overwhelming flooded her senses, as tears of joy began to flow mercifully down her face. She could stand! She could actually, for the first time, be normal. So many times she had wondered what it would be like to be able to walk around and feel the earth beneath her feet, feel your body holding you up. And now, finally, she could.

"Oh Elphaba!" Nessarose lunged at her sister, throwing her arms around her. "Thank you! Thank you. Oh Fabala, come, come, I shall have the maid prepare us a meal, and we must catch up. Come along, I need all the support I can manage," hobbling back to her wheel chair, she picked up a small bell that, Elphaba noticed, she seemed to carry everywhere. "Boq! Boq! Come quickly! Come look and see what Elphie has done! Boq hurry! Tell the maids and servants to prepare a celebrative meal! Hurry!"

After insisting Nessa get back in her chair because it would be quite a struggle to make it back to the mansion with someone who was just learning how to walk, Elphaba found herself in a lavender gown, hair neatly combed sitting across from her sister at a large Banquet table in the main hall.

"Will there be anything else Madame?"

"I've asked you to call me Nessarose, remember?" Elphaba saw her sister visibly twitch as Boq placed a large place of soup in front of them. She had saw the Munchkins joy when he had found out Nessarose could walk, but could still feel the bitterness that he held for her sister, and she couldn't exactly blame him for it.

"Yes, of course, Madame."

Nessarose buried her head in her hands as the Munchkin walked away, sighing loudly. Of course, even with working legs she wouldn't be good enough.

"Nessa?" Her sister's voice cut through her thoughts like a knife, forcing her attention. "Nessa, he'll come around, I know Boq."

"Oh no you don't, don't go making excuses for me Elphaba. I've treated him something awful these last few months. But I intend to make it up to him. I- I'll prove myself to him, even if I die trying."