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I sit on the porch, staring out at the endless landscape. There's nothing better to do, since Anthony took away all the books, all the cars, and all the machines. He wished them all away into the cornfield because he didn't like them. Anthony. I growl at the thought. I don't know who ever gave that little wretch his powers, but he has certainly abused them. Now Anthony is no more than a menace. Since I was very young, my mother always told that I could not ever say anything bad about Anthony or anything that he said or did for fear that he would wish me, too, away to the cornfield. Pleasing Anthony is our only goal here. Whenever he does something, we tell him that it's very good. What fools he's playing us for! We scurry around, doing everything to satisfy even the most ridiculous whim, all the while harboring a secret hate for him deep down in our hearts. It's a surprise that he hasn't already caught on to this charade.

Speaking of Satan, here he comes through the front gate. I gaze upon that grimacing, unwanted face. Today I don't want to smile at him.

"Hello, Katie," he says. I grunt. A hint of anger lacing his voice, he walks up to the porch and says, "Katie, it's Anthony." This time I merely ignore him. He marches up beside me and screams in my ear, his voice filled with pure anger, "Katie! Answer me!" I turn my head to him slowly, with an evil smile on my face.

Wryly, I reply, "No, you monster." Anthony stumbles back as if he's been hit.

"What did you call me?"

My boldness might just bring on my demise, but I don't hesitate. "Why should I answer to you?"

Anthony turns on me with a vicious glint in his eye. Pointing down at me, he says, with an eerie calmness, "You're a bad woman. You don't like me."

I stand up, for someone has got to be strong and stand up to Anthony. Someone like me. Walking right up to his accusing finger, I declare, "Not only do I not like you, I hate you!"

"One more word and I'll wish you away into the cornfield!"

"I'd like to see you try."

"All right then." By now all this commotion has brought my mother out of the kitchen. Her scream was all I hear before everything around me melts away into nothingness.


All of a sudden, my eyes flutter open. Miles and miles of corn surround me, but it does not appear to be healthy corn. No, it is an ugly brownish color. I look up and the sky is dark and gloomy, with a little greenish tint to it. Cautiously, I take a step forward, and my foot collides with something. I look down at scream. Lying at my feet is a corpse. The bones haven't really yellowed yet, but most of the skin has been pecked away. As much as I hated too, I knelt down and examined the remaining features, and recognized the Parker boy. He and his sister had gone and played with Anthony one day not so long ago, and he got bored of them. So he wished them away to the cornfield. I look around me, and I see more corpses not only of the poor people but also of little dogs and the hideous creatures that Anthony created for his own amusement. Also I can see the cars and the machines, barely recognizable. Salty tears begin to flood my eyes.

Then comes a buzzing. It's a very annoying buzzing, but anyone who's grown up in a rural setting, knows the distinct buzzing of locusts. I am a little worried, but I think that perhaps the locusts will destroy the cornstalks and I might be able to find some way out of this place. I can see them over my head now. Wait, what are they doing? My skin. Why are they pecking at my skin?


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