Unknown's Thoughts

He ran and ran and ran some more,

Through the gates and through the door,

Further away the closer he came,

His captor not allowing,

An end to his game,

Through the forest,

But not with ease,

Passing past braches,

Shadowed by trees,

Escaping his grasp,

As if facing his past,

Running away,

Not a simple task,

Places to go,

But no where to run,

Predictable as the setting sun,

For devil lives in burdened guilt,

Hope fades away and begins to wilt,

Training set forth at the front of his mind

He must escape and let them find,

That he always was there and forever would be,

Allowing others his chance to be free,

He would continue fighting his fight

Never forgotten by his crusade in the night.

Um well then… This was beyond random! I was writing an essay about nuclear power when this popped into my head. Talk about spontaneous! Hope it keeps you entertained until my next update of Cuts and Bruises cause I know I haven't updated in a long while. It was for good reasons though so don't hate me PLEASE! Reviews offer moral support and a quick fix to my problems so please do review!

-Creative Spark HAPPINESS!