A Girl's Guide To Living and Dying by .

Disclaimer: I am not making money off of writing this. Trust me.

Plot: Hermione Granger has been cursed by Voldemort and she will die unless a certain Potions professor is found and recruited to her cause. But what happens when you're caught in a love triangle with only a little time to live?

Pairings: HG/SS, HG/DM, unrequited/twisted LM/HG

Chapter 1: Don't Ruin the Scenery

She could scarcely breathe.

Turning back wasn't an option; she had to find him. It had been a month. Tonight was the night.

It'd been hell searching for him for as of late, Severus Snape wasn't an easy man to find.

Violently, she doubled over; air emptying her body. She choked trying desperately to draw in another breath.

But she'd had to find him, because if she didn't, she would die.

She'd arrived.

Hermione knocked on the door of the seemingly abandoned house. As it opened, another stab and lightheadedness seized her.

"Hello Professor," she said, crumpling to the ground.