This is my first attempt at a fiction. Of Course, Ed, Edd n' Eddy, and everything "Spirited Away does not belong to me. The idea may not even be original. Anyway, enjoy.

SpiritED Away

Chapter 1: Other side of the ED

"I'll miss you Chihiro, you best friend, Lily" said 10 year old Chihiro Ogino. She was an averages sized girl, wearing a white shirt with a large green stripe across the shirt, with pink shorts, and yellow shoes. She was lying in the back seat of an old, blue Honda along with three boys, one a tall, monobrowed, no-chinned boy wearing a green jacket, striped shirt, along with blue jeans and black shoes. He had a blank look in his eyes, helped by the fact he was staring at a spot on the sunroof, drooling out of the side of his mouth. His name was, Ed. Next to him, was Edd, wearing a red t-shirt, blue pants, and black shoes, and was also wearing what looked like an oversized sock on his head. And crammed into the corner was Eddy, the shortest of the three boys wearing a yellow shirt with a red stripe going down his right side, with blue jeans, and red shoes. His most notable feature was that he only had three hairs. Anyway, the three boys were there only since Edd had relatives in Japan, his uncle being Chihiro's father, Akio. Akio had run into some hard times, and he and the rest of the family had to move to the more rural parts of Japan to make ends meet. Edd's parents had come to financially support Akio and his wife Yuuko until they could get back on their feet. When hearing that Edd was leaving for Japan, Eddy and Ed stubbornly refused to let him go unless they came with him. For Eddy, it was because he knew his scams would never fly without Double D's technical know how, and Ed because he wanted to meet Godzilla. Anyway, there they were, Chihiro slumped in her seat being a complete sad-sack.

"Chin up Chihiro, everything will be all right." quipped Double-D

"Yeah honey; look over there, it's your new school" said Akio

"And it's going to stink." Chihiro said under her breath.

The car stopped on a dirt path next to a collection of little stone houses.

"Oh darn, I must have missed the turn-off" groaned Akio

"Uh, Mr. Ogino isn't that your new house over there?" asked Eddy, crammed to one side.

"Oh yes honey look, the blue one at the end." Said Yuuko, pointing up a hill.

"Huh, oh you're right, hang on; I'm taking a short cut."

"Hold on now, every time you do that, you get us lost."


"What are those little houses for anyway." asked Chihiro

"Why Chihiro, those would be the homes for the spirits, or at least, according to Shinto religion, in which the little e spirits use them as homes and…" Double D said and began to drone on.

"You had to get him started" groaned Eddy, cramped as ever. Then, Ed seemed to snap back into reality, at the mention of spirits.

"Ooooh, Double D you mean like the ghosts from 'Vengeance of the Dead' issue #7 limited edition where the ghosts would hide in the birdhouses and wait for their victims to come by so they could-"


The car suddenly began to shudder as it trudged down the not so well worn path.

Eventually it came to a statue that stood directly in the middle, and then Akio stomped on the brakes, stopping the car directly in front of the statue and sending the three Eds crashing into the seats. Behind the little guardian statue, was what looked like an old gatehouse. As if fixated by some unseen spell, everyone stripped out of the car, and walked to the tunnel.

"It feels like the wind is pulling us in." Said Chihiro to no one.

"Well come on, I wanna see what's on the other side." Said Akio

"I must say this does look like quite an archeological treasure trove", mused Edd

"It's so spooky, and windy and cool!" said Ed, barely containing his excitement

"What about the movers honey?" asked Yuuko, not too enthusiastic about exploring.

"Edd's parents should already be there, and they have keys too." Replied Akio, already entering the tunnel.

"Hey, wait for me!" whined Chihiro.

The group went through, and they found massive grassland on the other side with what looked like an abandoned amusement park only walking distance away. Akio stopped suddenly, and began sniffing the air. "What smells good?"

"Food, out here in the middle of an abandoned town?" pondered Double D.

But it was unheard as Chihiro and the other boys were trying to catch up to the surprisingly Chihiro's surprisingly fast parents. The strong winds that suddenly blew seemed to really help. Once the reached the park they noticed that it was nothing but restaurants. The kids finally found Chihiro's parents by one of the stalls that had a long buffet line of exotic moods. The first thing they noticed was that even with all the food out, there wasn't a soul running the stall or any of the others. "This gives me the creeps." Said Eddy, "it's like a ghost town out here"

Chihiro's parents didn't seem to mind. They were piling food on plates and scarfing it all down like pigs. The kids warned them that it wasn't right, but Akio simply said that he had credit cards and money so there was nothing to worry about. Since there was no stopping them the boys wandered off to the bridge. "Hey Chihi-whatever your name is", yelled Ed, "what is this thingie?" He was pointing to the large tower-like structure at the end of the bridge.

"It's Chihiro, and that's a bathhouse… and it has smoke coming from it. That's strange, if there's no one here, then who's keeping the fires going?"

Edd tried to think of a reason when a train suddenly raced underneath towards the bathhouse. "I didn't know there were any lines out here." Said Edd.

"You shouldn't be here." Said a voice suddenly

The group turned to see a boy not much older than Chihiro, wearing a traditional bathhouse outfit.

"Who's the kid in the pajamas?" asked Eddy

"Ah, a local," began Edd, "could you be so kind as to-

"Leave. NOW! Before it gets dark!" The boy was running to them now, pushing them off the bridge. As he spoke, the sun began to set and the lamps around the bathhouse suddenly lit by themselves.

"Just go, I'll try to distract them" said the oddly dressed boy, and the kids received the message, except Ed, who was to busy picking his nose with his tongue. But when he saw the other three run, he followed closely.

"What was up with that guy?" asked Eddy, quite frustrated. The group had slowed to a walk, not noticing all the other lamps lighting around them. Suddenly, shadows began to appear ion the ground, and rose up, taking form, developing to glowing lights which might have been eyes. Ed watched in amazement while the others were frightened out of their wits. Chihiro was the first to break out of it and run, followed after by Edd, and then Eddy dragging Ed behind him. Chihiro ran to her parents "Come on we have to go!" she yelled, but they didn't seem to listen. They still had their faces plunged into the enormous bowls of food.

"Please, at least show some control Mr. and Mrs. Ogino." Yelled Edd.

"Yeah, if you bothered to get your faces out of the-whoa…" Eddy was shocked by what he saw next.

There were pigs wearing the Oginos' clothes! Ed gasped "Oh no! Pigs have eaten Chihi-whatever her name is' parents!"

"That or they turned into pigs, both are very improbable!" exclaimed Double-D

"We can think about that later sock head, just RUN!" screamed Eddy, and the group ran out to the valley, only there wasn't a valley anymore, just a huge river and what looked like a city far-off.

"It's not too bad, we'll just swim across."

"Uh, Eddy, That may not be such a good idea. I think I saw something big in that water."


"I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming! Come on wake up! Wake Up! It's just a dream!" yelled Chihiro, assuming fetal position, waiting to wake up.

"I don't think so kid. And stop hitting your head. Do you want to be stupid like lumpy over here?" asked Eddy, pointing to Ed.

"Hey, Eddy, I can see through you. Hey cool I can touch through me too." Said Ed stupidly, as he started poking his hand through his transparent body. Then everyone realized that they were disappearing. Except for Ed, who was having to much fun, thinking he was Ghost Boy. At that same time a ferry boat pulled ashore next to them, unloading it's passengers, who looked a lot like the Shinto spirits Edd was babbling about in the car only a few hours ago. Not sure how the ghosts would react to them, the kids ran. They didn't care where, just not here.

That's Chapter 1. A bit longer than I thought it would turn out. Anyways, enjoy, and please no flames. I don't like those.