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2. Now you realize

Sakura and Kakashi had been following Naruto for a day now. They were amazed, to say the least. He never stopped for food or sleep, he just drank a sip of water every couple of hours and kept going. At this rate not even Kakashi would be able to keep up with him for long. Luckily for them Naruto´s destination was only a day away. Upon arriving at the mansion they noticed it was heavily guarded by at least 50 ninjas. The feudal lord had probably heard he was going to be murdered and hired as munch ninjas as he could.

They were hiding in the bushes nearby, expecting Naruto to make his move.

"These are too many ninjas, Kakashi-sensei, you think Naruto can handle them on his own?" asked Sakura in a worried tone.

"Something tells me we won't need to help him Sakura, remember he is probably the strongest ninja aside from Sasuke, and from what I've heard he's had to deal with way worse situations than this one" answered Kakashi.

"Just what kind of missions has he been doing this past 3 months?" muttered Sakura

Kakashi looked down for a moment, his visible eye filled with sadness. "Assassination, Sakura. According to the elders, he has killed at least 150 people in the past 3 months, that of course not including all the guards, other ninjas and missing Nins he's killed on his missions". He paused for a second looking at the ground in guilt.

"He turned himself into a coldhearted killer, and I couldn't do anything to stop it" whispered Kakashi to himself.

Sakura looked worriedly at his old teacher. She was starting to get really worried about the whole situation. Had Naruto really become a coldhearted person? That was impossible! He was probably the happiest person alive, always grinning and saying he would be the best Hokage…Wait, that was it! Realization hit Sakura like a hundred bricks. Naruto´s goal had always been to become Hokage, and because of the pressure the elders had put on Tsunade, she had been forced to give the title of Hokage to Sasuke, destroying Naruto´s dream completely. If that was the reason the how come-

"So nice of you to drop by" said a cold voice behind them, interrupting Sakura´s train of thought. They both turned around and were petrified to look that Naruto was behind them, eyeing them coldly. How was it possible that neither of them noticed him coming?

"Looks like that fucking bastard thinks I won't do my job right, so he sent you two to help me, right?" he said, his voice filled with hatred and anger. "Well, newsflash, I don't need any help, and if either of you get in my way, I'll kill you too" With that last statement, he jumped right in front of the ninjas, and thus the battle began.

It wasn't much of a battle; it was more like a massacre. Body parts flying around, blood painting the ground red and screams filling the night.

Sakura and Kakashi watched in horror as Naruto murdered each and every one of the ninjas hired to protect the feudal lord with ease, sometimes using weapons, sometimes using jutsus, and sometimes simply snapping their necks or hitting them. In a matter of minutes he had killed all of them. The mere sight of the battlefield was disturbing, but what was even more disturbing was the small smile Naruto had. He had been enjoying himself killing all that people.

He jumped to the highest room in the mansion, shortly followed by Sakura and Kakashi. In the largest room, this apparently was the library, sat the feudal lord in a big, leather made chair, quietly drinking a glass of scotch.

"You are the one to end my life, correct?" asked the man in a quiet, relaxed tone.

"Ukamashi Katamo, feudal lord and ruler of a small village in the grass country, I hereby stand to end your life. I find you guilty of robbing and exploiting your people for the mere purpose of giving your children, who are by the way all spoiled little brats, the best life possible, and although I respect the fact that you are trying to give your children a good life, that gives you no right to exploit the people at your service. Your sentence, death" said Naruto in a cold tone, with no hint of anger, sympathy or any emotion whatsoever in his voice.

Katamo chuckled quietly, got up and looked at Naruto. He had a small, sad smile on his face. "So you are judge, jury and executioner, Mr.…?

"Uzumaki Naruto" answered the blonde jounin.

"Yes, Uzumaki-san, you are right, although other villages believe me to be a good, caring man, the truth is that my sins cannot be repaired, sigh, well I´m glad you are the one to end my life, Uzumaki-san. Your eyes are cold, but deep inside, behind that coldness and hatred, I see kindness and a good heart. I cannot imagine what happened to you that made you like you are now, but I hope you find happiness" said the man warmly.

Naruto did something he hadn't done in a long time, he smiled. Although it wasn't the big, foxy grin that had characterized him in the past, it was a small, sincere smile.

The man looked at Naruto fondly and sighed heavily. "I wish to pay for my sins in the afterlife, I have already arranged who will be my successor, and I'm sure he will reestablish this village and its people."

The young Kitsune eyed the man, his cold eyes regaining some of the sparkle they had before, Naruto took a couple of steps towards Katamo, grabbing a kunai from his holster.

"The kunai will go right through the back of your neck, cutting your cervical vertebras and thus you're your spinal column, killing you instantly, it will like cutting your head, but with way less bloodshed, and a small wound instead of a severed head. It will be painless" explained Naruto, a small hint of sadness in his voice.

"Thank you, Uzumaki-san, I do hope you find happiness" said Katamo as he closed his eyes.

In a split second Naruto was behind the man, kunai in hand. "May you find redemption in the afterlife". And with that, in a swift move, the kunai penetrated and exited the back of the man's neck.

Katamo fell backwards, but was caught by Naruto, who put him in his chair slowly, cleaning the trace of blood that came from the man's small wound.

"Rest in peace, Ukamashi Katamo" muttered Naruto quietly. With that, he jumped trough the window, in direction of Konoha.

Kakashi and Sakura had watched the whole ordeal in utter awe. They didn´t know what was more surprising, the fact that Naruto had actually smiled, or the fact that the man had thanked Naruto for killing him, it was very confusing. Seconds later they noticed Naruto gone and followed him close behind. And then they were taken back again. Naruto was quietly, apparently enjoying the night. They decided to walk alongside him.

Every once in a while either of them tried to start a conversation, but the blonde either ignored them or answered the questions with an uninterested Hn and kept walking calmly.

"Naruto, can you please talk to me?" asked the distressed kunoichi. It seemed that no matter what she said, he didn´t care enough to even look at her. Old Naruto would have thrilled to talk to me, he doesn´t even call me Sakura-chan anymore´, thought Sakura sadly.

For the first time since they left the mansion, Naruto turned and looked at her, his eyes filled with hatred and anger.

"We have nothing to talk to talk about, Sakura-san, If you want to talk, then I'm sure that fucking bastard boyfriend of yours would love to hear what you have to say, as for me, I don't give a damm. Now shut up, both of you, I'm trying to enjoy the night." snapped the Kitsune in his now familiar cold, hateful tone.

Sakura felt as if she had been slapped. Naruto had never talked to her like that. Never had he been like this with her. He was always nice to her, always tried to make her smile. That Naruto was gone though, she, Sasuke, and the whole village had shattered his heart over and over again, to the point where he no longer cared about anyone. She couldn't blame him, however. No, this was their fault.

As they walked towards the village, a single thought went through the pink haired girl´s mind.

Now you realize…´


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