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3. Too Strong

The trip back to Konoha was pretty much uneventful after Naruto told Sakura and Kakashi to stay quiet. They desperately wanted to talk to him, but the killer intent flaring out of him made them rethink their actions. As they approached the gate they felt Naruto´s killer intent rise to an incredible level, which both scared and saddened them. Even the great Sharingan Kakashi could barely move. It scared them to know Naruto could release so much killer intent, and it saddened them to know he did so when he was in Konoha.

"N-Naruto, I have to go see Sasuke-kun, would you like to come with us for ramen later?" asked Sakura in a hopeful tone. She was certain he would accept, after all, Naruto never missed a chance to eat ramen. Her hopes however, crumbled when the said blonde only snorted and left in a swirl of leaves, not even dignifying the question with an answer. Sakura looked at her feet in defeat; a moment later she felt 2 arms encircle her waist.

"So, how did it go?" asked/whispered Sasuke in her ear. She let out a small shriek, but quieted down and relaxed to the embrace once she recognized Sasuke´s voice. The little relaxation time ended however, she knew she had to tell Sasuke what she had witnessed and deducted, and it wasn't going to be pretty. Sakura knew Sasuke considered Naruto as a brother, even if he didn't show it, and for him to know it was because of them that Naruto had become someone like the old Gaara would definitely be ugly news. A frown found its way to her and her muscles stiffened by the mere memory of what she had seen the night before.

Sasuke immediately noticed the change in his girlfriend's behavior and a single thought found its way to the young Hokage´s mind.

I'm not going to like this´


Naruto was sitting on a tree not too far away, looking at the young couple in disgust. It took a lot of self control not to go there, slash their throats open and be done with it. He could barely be in the village and not have the unquenchable wish to murder. That was why he was always doing missions. Every second he spent in this village meant more anger and hatred inside him, which made the demon fox sealed in him shake in excitement.

"Come on brat, just go there, take a kunai, stab it in their backs like they did with you and take your revenge! Make them suffer, make them wish they were never born! Come on brat! You know you have the power to do it! Skin the damm bastards alive!" shouted the fox inside his head.

All in due time fox, now shut up, this is getting annoying´ replied the blonde

"Don't give me that, you little excuse of a maggot!" roared the demon. "You know you want to, you want to torture them to the point they ask you to please kill them, for the pain is too munch to bear, I can see it your mind kit, you want to make them suffer, you want to hear their pained screams fill the air as you paint the streets of this pathetic village with their blood. I can see your thoughts, you know, so don't try denying it." snapped Kyuubi back.

The blonde Kitsune just shrugged nonchalantly and kept looking as the couple talked. Who ever said anything about denying it, you damm fox, of course I want to kill them. That however, would prove very troublesome right now; let us wait for the right time. I'll pay them back for all they did to me. You just wait .I´ll make Sakura watch as I slowly kill that pathetic Uchiha bastard, ohh her screams will be like music to my ears! Wait, what the hell? Damm, that sadistic blood lusty attitude of yours its really catchy, it can drive a man crazy, you know.´ commented the young jounin sarcastically.

Kyuubi just snorted and hit the bars of his prison with one of his tails. "As if you weren't sadistic and blood lusty yourself to begin with, you ungrateful brat, don't blame it on me!" roared the demon fox in anger.

Naruto simply chuckled and continued with the task in hand. A few months back he had discovered that the more hatred he felt the more dangerous and unpredictable he would be in battle, so he forced himself to watch as the two people he detested the most did the things that made his blood boil in rage. As masochist as it might sound, rage is a powerful fuel when fighting. The angrier you are the wilder you become, and if you know how to control it and canalize it, you become unpredictable.

He still fought for the people he cared about, as impossible as it might sound. That group, however, was limited to very few people these days. He could not care less in any village decided to attack them and massacred everyone; frankly, he was expecting something like that to happen in order to see Sasuke panic and run around in circles like a headless chicken, not knowing what to do when such situation arrived. What an interesting view would that be.

The thought made both Kitsunes laugh.


"And that's pretty munch what happened" finished Sakura looking at the ground. Just remembering the events made her shiver. She took a quick glance at Sasuke and looked at the ground again.

The said Uchiha was at the moment having an inner discussion with himself, analyzing Naruto´s actions and possible reason for them.

"And you say he was enjoying himself?" asked Sasuke in a serious tone. Sakura merely nodded, sighing sadly and looking at his boyfriend.

"It´s our fault, Sasuke-kun. We did that to Naruto, we took all his dreams and hopes and squashed them without even thinking about him." Commented Sakura in sadly.

"What do you mean?" asked Sasuke perplexed. What the hell, hoe the hell did we squashed his dreams? He can't have turned the way he is because I'm Hokage and he isn't. But what if he did? ´ thought the Rokudaime. Sakura was about to answer when someone beat her to it.

"You really are stupid, aren't you, Hokage-sama? You don't even realize things so easy to deduce. Even your girlfriend was able to find out and you could not. Phe, and you expect to lead this village" said a voice behind them. They turned to see the toad Sannin Jiraira looking at them with an amused expression on his face.

"You really should learn to respect the Hokage, Jiraira-sama" snapped Sakura angrily. The perverted man merely smiled cockily at the couple and started laughing, to Sakura´s dismay.

"I didn't respect the last 3 Hokages, what makes you think I'll respect him?" asked the Sannin in a mocking tone.

Sakura fumed at him and would have attempted to hit him, if she hadn't been stopped by Sasuke.

"Oi Naruto, come down from that damn tree and say hi to your… friends´" said the white haired man, looking at the tree where Naruto was hiding. Both Sasuke and Sakura turned their heads as fast as their muscles allowed towards the tree Jiraira was looking at in disbelief. How was it possible that they didn't notice his presence?

"You just have to go and ruin my fun, don't you Ero-sennin?" answered Naruto in a playful tone and jumped down from the tree he was hiding at. He sighed and walked towards his old teacher.

Jiraira sweat dropped and proceeded to smack his student in the back of the head.

"Baka! I've told you a thousand times to call me Jiraira or at least sensei, you ungrateful little runt, after all the time I could have invested in my research and instead invested in you!" screamed the Sannin while glaring daggers at his student. The blonde merely shrugged while rubbing his head.

"What's with the new outfit anyway, got tired of orange?" asked Naruto´s teacher. Sasuke and Sakura blinked and took a good look at Naruto. They had been so worried about his change of attitude they didn't notice his change of appearance. The orange jacket and pants were replaced by a large black coat with orange/red flames at the end of it. On the back was a nine-tailed fox, each tail going in a different direction. He wore black pants with a kunai pooch on each leg and black fighting boots.

Quickly recovering from the shock an idea struck Sasuke. He walked to where Naruto and his teacher were and put a hand on his shoulder.

"How about a little spar, dobe? It's been years sine we last fought." Said the Hokage to his blonde friend hoping some of old Naruto would leak out. Naruto turned around and looked at Sasuke with harbored hatred shining in his eyes for a mere second before his gaze turned to it´s normal cold manner.

"I´d rather not, Hokage-sama, you see, I'm already hated in this village, so what would people think of I fought the Hokage? It would only ruin what little reputation I have, besides, I can find better ways to waste my time than fighting you" answered Naruto flatly.

"I insist" stated, well, more like demanded Sasuke. The blonde shrugged and turned to face him. A crowd was starting to form around the two of them, including many shinobi from the rookie 9. Most of the people wanted to see their beloved Sasuke-sama kick the living crap out of the demon boy, but some other like Shikamaru, Kiba, and Chouji were expecting Naruto to squash the damm Uchicha´s pride and body.

"I'm not paying for the damages made to this area" said Naruto lazily, putting his hands in his pockets and taking a glance at Sasuke.

Sasuke smirked and jumped a few steps back, assuming a battle stance. Naruto didn't move at all, he just kept looking at Sasuke boringly and sighed.

"Kage Boushin no Jutsu"

A large cloud of smoke was created and when it dissipated 200 more Narutos appeared. They all looked as bored as the original. The real Naruto shrugged again and walked back. This made Sasuke´s blood boil in anger.

"Where do you think you're going, dobe?!" screamed Sasuke at the top of his lungs. Naruto didn´t stop walking as he spoke.

"Well, you said you wanted to fight me, so there are 200 mes around here. Knock yourself out, Hokage-sama. If you're able to discard them all without wasting half of your chakra I'll fight you myself. If not, well, we'll fight some other day. Have fun" And with that, Naruto jumped on a tree to watch the battle.

"Don´t you underestimate me, dobe" said Sasuke and jumped. After going through a quick set of hand seals he screamed "Fire Element: Grand fireball!

A huge fireball erupted from Sasuke´s mouth and flew towards the clones, exploding loudly. Sasuke smirked in triumph, thinking he had wiped out at least half of them. His smirk however, changed into a frown as he saw all the clones had evaded his attack with ease.

The clones began attacking him in groups of ten. Each time he managed to hit one and poof it away, another would go and take its place. They attacked him viciously, hitting and kicking him almost every time, it was ten on one, after all. No matter how many fire, lightning and earth jutsus Sasuke used, the clones simply jumped out of the way. Sure, he would poof a couple away, but they were simply too many. The fight went on for about an hour and a half, until the point where only 4 clones remained.

Sasuke was panting heavily. He was definitely not expecting that kind of fight from mere clones. He was sure he would be able to beat them all easily, but it turned out he had already used more than half of his chakra. Not even with his Sharingan activated could he stop the attacks of the clones.

The last 3 clones smirked at once. Suddenly, they all put their hands together around one of them and a swirl began to form. One by one they disappeared until only 2 clones were holding a Rasengan. The last poofed away leaving only one with the Rasengan in hand, who charged at Sasuke. Sasuke tried to evade the attack, but the clone moved too fast for him to react, and the spinning ball of chakra connected to his abdomen.

The crowd gasped as the Rokudaime was sent flying through a tree. How was it possible that the Kyuubi brat could harm the great Sasuke-sama so much without even moving a finger?

Sasuke recovered and got up again. He was lucky that Rasengan was so weak; a stronger one would have twisted his insides. He looked at the real Naruto, who had finally come down form his tree and was approaching him.

"You depend too much on your Sharingan, Hokage-sama, and because of that you have already wasted more than half of your chakra and are almost out of stamina, so I'm afraid our match will be some other day. Ja ne" And with that, he disappeared.

Everyone looked amazed as Naruto jumped from building to building. They could simply not believe their powerful Hokage, the strongest ninja in the village had lost half of his chakra fighting mere clones, but what amazed them the most was that Naruto had been able to create so many clones without breaking into a sweat or even doing hand seals.

Sakura rushed to Sasuke´s side, immediately beginning to heal his wounds. The Uchiha didn´t even noticed, he was to deep in thought. It had to be a lie. How was it possible that he was so strong? Just how munch had he trained in the last few years?

Naruto, you´ve gotten too strong, not even I am a match for you, and I´m the strongest ninja in this village…´


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