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2 Hours Before Dinner

"Chris, Riley!" Piper called into the living room, where the two were talking. They came into the hallway.

"Yeah Piper?" Chris asked.

"My sisters and I are going to the park with Wyatt. Care to come?" She asked, wanting to make Riley feel comfortable here. Chris and Riley shared a look.

"Let's go Chris. I haven't been to a park in forever. Or, outside in a not destroyed city either." Riley said, looking at Chris with begging eyes. He grinned. That look had always worked.

"Ok." Riley clapped her hands and squealed happily. Piper couldn't help but laugh at the girl's excitement.

"I'm going to get Wyatt and then we'll be ready." Piper said turning away from them.

The Park

"It looks just the same as it does when we met Chris." Riley told him. They were walking slightly behind the sisters, taking it all in.

"It does. Over there's the slide, and the sandbox." Chris said loudly, catching the sisters' attention. They turned around and looked everywhere they were pointing.

"There's the swings where…" Riley's voice trailed off. At the swing set was a young couple. The wife was petite, with dark-blondish brown hair. You could see how green her eyes were from were Riley was standing. Next to the woman was a tall-brown-haired man, who she knew had deep brown eyes. They were pushing a young brown haired little boy on the swings. Riley knew from watching the little boy growing up, his eyes were hazel.

"Riley?" Piper saw the emotions flickering across her face. There was sadness, hurt, and surprise. The most evident one was grief. They all looked over and saw the couple. Chris took Riley's hand.

"We better go." Chris said.

"Chris, what's wrong?" Paige asked.

"Those are her parents. And her older brother." Chris replied, leading Riley behind a tree and orbing her to the manor. Once in the attic, Riley sat on the edge of a table, and put her head in her hands. She hadn't seen her brother since that night…

"Is she ok?" Phoebe asked orbing in with the others.

"You guys didn't have to leave the park early." Chris said, looking at Riley sadly.

"We wanted to check on her." Piper said.

"She must miss her brother. I bet he misses her." Phoebe said. Chris looked down.

"He died." Chris told them quietly. Riley looked up with blank eyes, and the room seemed to glow a bit.

"What's going on?" Paige asked as the room got brighter and Chris rushed to Riley. He tried shaking her, to snap her out of it, but it was no use. They were going to see whatever she was seeing.

"She's losing control of her power. Whatever she's remembering, we're going to be there." Chris said as the whole room disappeared into her memory.


It was late night as the two young children walked down the road towards their house. The girl appeared to be around six, her dark blonde hair pulled into pigtails. The other was a boy, around ten years old, walking ahead and looking annoyed with his little sister. His dark hair was cut short, his hands shoved deep into his pockets.

" Parker, please wait up! I'm scared." The little said.

"Quit being such a baby Riley. There's no reason to be scared." He told her roughly. It was her fault they were walking home in the dark. She had begged to stay at the park for just a little while longer, and he agreed. That 'just a little while' had turned into hours. Riley looked around, a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"Please Parker." Tears pricked Riley's eyes, but she didn't know why. She just knew something bad was going to happen.

"Quit being whiney." He snapped. Riley tripped on a crack in the sidewalk and skinned her knee. It stung for a second before it started bleeding, and Riley started crying.

"You are such a baby! And you wonder why mum and dad like me better than you! I don't cry every time I get a scrape! I liked it better before you were born! I hate you!" He yelled at her. Her tears continued to fall as she sat on the ground, looking at her brother.

"Do you really hate me?" She asked him. He nodded.

"Yeah." And he walked away. Riley was about to stand up when she felt something come up behind her. She turned around and saw a creature standing there. She was sure it was a demon, though she had never seen a demon before. He had small horns sticking out of his head, sharp pointed teeth, and claws. He reached out to grab her but she moved quickly. Just as quickly, he grabbed her and tried to make her stop wiggling. The claws dug into her arm, making her cry out in pain.

"Let me go!" She screamed and Parker turned around. He paled when he saw something had his sister. He hadn't meant it when he said he hated her! He ran to get to her, praying he wasn't too late. Riley finally wiggled enough to get out of his grasp. She stood up, and as he was about to grab her again, she was pushed out of the way, hitting her forehead on the sidewalk. She lifted her head and saw her brother fighting the demon.

"NO! Parker!" She screamed as one of the demons claws went straight through his chest, coming out of his back. The demon pulled the claw out as he turned to Riley. She covered her ears and screamed. As she screamed the demon turned to ice and blew up. She had lost control of her powers again. People who had heard her scream were now coming out of homes.

"Parker, please wake up. We have to go home." Riley cried, shaking her brother. But he wouldn't wake up.

"Parker, PLEASE! I need you. You can hate me if you want. You can never take me anywhere again, but please wake up." She sobbed. A hand touched her shoulder. There was Parker, staring weakly at her, having heard her cries.

"I don't hate you Riles." He said, his chest burning.

"Come on, we have to go home." She said, taking his hand and tugging on it gently.

"I don't think I'm making it home this time Riles. Take care of mum and dad. I love you." And his eyes closed.

"Parker!" She screamed. She had lost her brother.


Riley's clothes were stained with her brother's blood, from where she had hugged him. Her mother was hysterical, her dad staring into space.

"Mummy. I didn't mean too…" Riley said softly. Her mother had just spent the last ten minutes since bringing her daughter home from the hospital to get stitches, blaming her daughter for her son's death.

"Shut up. You could have saved him if you had used your powers." Her mother growled.

"But I don't know how." Crack! Her mother lost control and slapped her youngest child.

"You knew enough to blow up that demon! Didn't you?" Her mother screamed. Riley stared at her mother coldly, not caring. She had just lost her mother, and all her mother could think about was her pain.

"He's lucky he died. He doesn't have to put up with you!" Riley said as she took off out the door. Her mother stared after her, not caring. She had just lost her only son, the one that as going to walk in her footsteps as a demon hunter. It was that night that she started hating her daughter, and wishing it was Riley that the demon had killed.


Six-year-old Riley was banging on the door to the Halliwell house. Piper answered the door, shocked at her appearance. Her clothes were bloodstained, her forehead had stitches, and there was a handprint on her face. Piper dropped to her knees and took the little girl in her arms, stroking her hair. She picked Riley up and carried her into the house. She took her to the kitchen, set her on the counter and started cleaning up the blood.

"What happened?" Piper asked her gently.

"Parker…my mum…" But she couldn't finish, and the tears started flowing. Piper hugged the girl tightly.

"You're safe now."

End Flashback

Everyone, except Chris, was shocked and saddened by what they had seen. Riley looked up, regret in her eyes.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to lose control like that, it's just, I never thought I'd see Parker again." She said softly, her voice cracking.

"It's not a problem. Will you tell us what happened after that night, after you got to the Manor?" Piper asked the heart-broken girl. Riley nodded.

"I finally was able to tell Piper what had happened that night. I stayed here at the Manor for a week, until Piper decided to go talk to my mom. I hadn't called herto tell her I was ok, and turns out she hadn't even noticed I was gone. Piper told her I was moving back in, and if mum ever hit me again, she'd have Piper to deal with. Well, mum wasn't about to deal with a Charmed One, so she never hit me again. She also pretty much stopped speaking to me. I never realized that she hated me until she died. I was there with her, yet the last word she spoke was my brother's name." Riley said. The sisters all looked down.

"Maybe you could change that now. Tell your parents about the demon who killed your brother." Riley shook her head.

"When Parker died, I taught myself how to control my power. Except for instances like this." She told them.

"What is your power?" Paige asked curiously.

"Well, as you saw, I have the power to turn things to ice, and once frozen, I can blow it up. I also have the power to see whatever part of a person's past I want. I just don't use it often, because it drains me of energy. And, when I want, I can show other people what I'm seeing. And telekinesis." She said.

"Not bad. Obviously you can take care of yourself." Phoebe said.

"Yeah." Riley said.

"Well, I'm going to start dinner. Will you be ok?" Piper asked. Riley shook her head. So Piper decied to leave Chris and Rley alone, and the sisters followed her out of the attic. Chris took Riley into his arms.

"Are you ok?" He asked her.

"I'll be fine." She said.