The Real Thing

Chapter 1: The meeting

These characters are all from the book Harry Potter the author J.K Rowling. Only Maria is my own.

Harry POV

After a long night when everybody else was asleep Harry was still awake. He knew that there was something up with Ablus Dumbledor but couldn't put a finger to it. Harry was standing outside of the Kitchen doors.. Harry was listing to Ablus Dumbledor and Severus Snape's converstation..

"But Albus you do know who we are talking about?" Snape asks very quickly.

"Yes Severus and I trust her with me life"Dumbledor said claimly.. The person who they are talking about most be someone new..

"But Albus You do know who her brother is?" Severus asks worried.

"Yes and he is a fine man.."Ablus said while standing up from his chair.

"But Albus she lives with the dark arts.. She can be a danger." Severus didn't like the fact that this girl could be able to acceptrd from Albus and was trying to convince Albus that this girl is a danger to all of them... Harry wanted to leave because he knew that if Snape caught him.. It would be his last day living.. But something in Harry knew that he cant leave with out knowing who this person is.

"Severus.. She will be here and she will be attending Hogwarts, and you have a prob-"Just then someone tapped Harry on the shoulder.. Harry looked back to see a girl that is his age, She has long dark hair, she was about 5'5(Harry is about 5'10)She was a very attractive girl.. She motion him to be quiet and to move out of the way.. Harry nodded..

"But she is a-" Severus interuped..

center Your POV p

You tapped a boy on teh shoulder and motion him to stay quiet and to move out of the way.. You heard a man talking to Albus.. "But she is a-" You open the

"ALBUS" You said while walking over to Albus Dumbledor, and kiss him on the cheek to show respect

"Maria" He and You both shook hands.. "Maria this is a Professor at Hogwarts Professor Severus Snape" You politly nodded to him..

"Nice to meet you" He just glared at you..

"Oh no the pleasure is all mine" He grab your hand and kiss it.. He was just putting on a show for Albus.

"Maria you sure that Your parents dont mind you living here" You smiled at Albus remark and that he was worried about your parents..

"Dont worry.. They are out this week doing something for my brother" You said while walking over to the pot of coffee that was already made and have a cup of it. You took a sip of it and you made a funny look..

"Are you ok Maria?" You giggled.. "Sorry I am so use to Bulgarian coffee.." You do have an accent of Bulgarian in your voice so whenever you talk. br "Long trip?"Someone said from behind you.. You looked around to see who it was..

"Sirius Black?" You questioned. He simply nodded.. You let out a scream and went and hug him.

"Um you guys know each other?" The two of you nodded..

"Long story Albus" Sirius told him.

"OK well tomorrow you have to meet everybody you should go to bed.. Sirius do you want to show her where the girls are starying?" Albus asks Sirius.. You just giggled..

"Um Dont worry about it.. The boy outside will show me where to go." They all look at you like you were crazy so you went and shook Snape's and Albus's hands and went and hug Sirius, and walked out of the kitchen and you met up with the boy..

"Hi, I am Harry Potter" You smilied and nodded..

"Maria" He led you to a room where 2 other girls were sleeping.. "Hermione Granger, and Ginny Weasley" Harry told you.. Your eyes went wide..

"You mean the Hermione who is friends with Victor Krum?" Harry nodded.. "And The Ginny Weasley who her brothers are the all time trickters Fred and George Weasley?" Harry looked kindof Scared..

"Yep.. Well ill see you tomorrow morning!" You nodded and close the door behind Harry and head for your bed

The next moring arise and you were awoken by an extremy loud noise. You mourned. Your eyes slowly open to see that there was no one in your room..

"time to wake up i susposse." You got up and get change you walked out of the door to see too red hair boys flying past you.. You took a breath and started your way down stairs to the kitchen again.. The place where you knew where it is.. You made your lazy way down the stairs and into the kitchen to find that it was full of alot of people. You just stayed at the open door not knowing what to do..

"Maria" Some one yelled your name.. You looked around to see who said that.. "Maria!" You looked beside you to see Harry.

"Hi Harry" You looked and sounded very uncomfortable..

"This is Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger" You smiled and nodded your head..

"Hi Im Maria" Hermione looked at you weirdly and you looked weirded out. You didn't want Hermione to know just yet..

"Where are you from?" You smiled in joy. Hermione didn't say anything about Victor.. "Bulgaria" She laughed ad you gave her a what-are-you-laughing-about look..

"I thought so." You laughed.. "Well you should.. Talking to Victor you gotta be use to our lanugage" Rons smile went down but Hermione smiled..

"Yeah.. But we are only friends" You laughed.. You knew that they were just only friends, but the look on Rons face can make anybody laugh.

"Well thats good to hear.. I dont think his girlfriend would be so happy to hear that he was cheating on her" You and Hermoine just laughed.. Knowing that it was a joke..

"How do you know Victor?"Hermione asks.. You smiled but also didn't know what to say so you thought that you lied.. "Well he is the best Seeker Bulgaria has ever seen.." Hermione smiled and agreed. You were thankful that is all that she did.

"Maria there you are now come in here please" You nodded at Albus's request.. "Now Maria this is the Order of the Phonix" You rolled your eyes.. Because that gave you lots of information..

"Now let me introduce you to the family that has joined.." You can automatically knew who they were.. "Now the parents Authur and Molly Weasley.. Their oldest Bill Weasley, 2nd oldest Charlie Weasley, Their twins Fred and George Weasley, and the 2 youngest arnt old enough yet.." You went over the names and you thought that their was someone missing.. "Now the others.. Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Sturgis Podmore, Alastor Moody, Nymphadora Tonks" (I know there is alot more members but these are going to be the most popular ones) You all nodded at them..

"Oh yeah Hermione I have a question for you?" Sirius yelled from across the room..

"What is it?" She yelled back because there was no way for her to get to him..

"How are you and Victor Krum" Sirius yelled once again..

"We are just friends thats it.." She yelled once again..

"So You and him are good.. Right... You guys dont hate each other to death?" Sirius asks..

"NO we are just friends." Hermione was getting annoyed by this part and wanted Sirius to prove his point...

"Good" You started to giggle at what Sirius was doing..

"What you mean by that" Hermioned yelled over..

"Oh youll see" Sirius started to laugh afterwards..

"Are you done yet Sirius?" Albus asked and laughed at Sirius but getting a little annoyed because he wanted to introduce you and Sirius nodded his head..

"Good... Now may I introduce Maria Krum Bulgaria's own Victor Krums Little Sister." You stood there smiling because you and your brother do have some likeness to each other but your a girl and he's a boy that is the difference and your nose isnt like your fathers...

Everybody looked at you weirdly.. "I told you Albus" You heard Severus tell whisper to Albus.. "She will do fine" Albus whisper back and you just glared at Severus.. While you, Fred, and George was looking at you weirdly..

"You!" You all said while you were pointing at Fred and George and Fred and George was pointing at you..

"Why didnt you tell us that you were coming to England" Fred asks with anger in his voice..

"Why did you stop writing?" You ask with more of a disappointment in your voice..

"I use to wait and wait for your guys notes but never got them.. I had to be home schooled with no fun" You said more to your self while remembering your homeschool days.. But then you got back into reality and you glared at them.. "Dont you even dare yell at me because I didnt tell you that I was coming to England.. Its not my fault." You yelled at them and stormed out of the room