I don't own any Harry Potter characters

I don't own any Harry Potter characters!


It's been a month since that day has happened when Blaise had made that promise to pay Derrick back. In the last month has been the planning stage. Derrick had put all of the pictures up but it really didn't have that much of an impact on anybody. Since then Derrick really hasn't tried to do anything. Which was good for you because… You were just waiting to do something to him. You didn't want anything to happen when it is not suppose to happen. Fred, George and you has been making the ever so perfect plans and has been testing it out on Fliches cat or Flich himself. It was all quiet fun Victor has been coming and going for training because his big game was coming up versus England. You of course were gone during the weekends just to watch them train. You missed the guys all too much. You have gotten closer to Draco and Daphne. You and Blaise were back like the time during the summer. But you still felt the same about him since you and Draco had talked that one night. While Blaise and Daphne has been getting long. You were passing Potions even though it is your favorite class but that is when Draco's lessons has been great and him actually telling you that it is almost like making one of the pranks. Hermoine and yourself has been having private talks about your mission and well just girlie chat in which she never had because her sticking around with Harry and Ron. Harry still does not trust you and Ron is warming up to the fact that you are in Slytherin and have the Slytherin blood inside. He had said in the last month that you were born to be in Slytherin but stay on his side. Ginny the younger sister was doing everything to get Harry's attention, which made you laugh because Harry is, doesn't pay that much attention.

It was a peaceful Friday morning when you woke up and you can hear the birds were singing and it was truly was fall because in the forbidden forest the leaves started to fall. It was just perfect. You got up and have a shower it felt good having the hot water touching your skin and steam was filling up the bathroom it felt nice. You got out of the bathroom and dry yourself off brush your teeth and put your hair up. You exit the bathroom with your towel around your body so you started to get changed into a red tank top, black jeans, and you have died your hair a reddish colour. You were all set. An owl flew into your window.

Dear Mrs. Krum,

I am please to send you this letter allowing you not to wear your traditional house colours. Under special occasions like the one today!

I am also please to inform you that you will be leaving the school right after your last class so make sure that you have everything you need.

Have fun

Albus Dumbledor


Professor Snape

Head of House

You started to jump up and down. You were allowed to wear your clothes. Today is an exciting day; your brother was playing his game against England and of course you are wearing your home colours red and black.

You made it down the stairs to see Blaise, Draco and Daphne all sitting by the fire.

"Jeeze thanks for waking me up!?" You smirked. They turned around excepting to see you in your school robes.

"Woah somebody doesn't like school rules" Daphne said with a chuckled "But looking good I must say! Do you always look this good?" You did a little turn to show off.

"So why are you dressed like that?" Draco asked and you just smiled.

"Itz Friday!" You yelled and they all looked at you weirdly. "Dudes my brother playz England today. I am going right after clazzez." They all looked at you like you were crazy.

"What the hell your allowed but all of us are not?" Daphne said very jealous

"Its my brother…. Any wayz letz go and get some food we can talk during our clazzez or at leazt over food" They all nodded and you all headed to the Great Hall.

"Your brother isn't even here"

"I know he iz practicing with the gang" They just laughed you looked around and noticing that the Slytherins were glaring at you and everybody else was staring at you. Then the yelling started.

"Hey if you like the Gryffindor so much why don't you sit over with them"

"We don't want some stupid Slytherins to sit with us."

And being yourself you had to yell at everybody; because people are just plan stupid.

"Omg my brother is playing today Bulgaria vs. England. What other colourz do you expect me to wear your colourz. NO I am wearing the Bulgarians colourz"

You yelled but it seems like it only created more yelling about how you betray England and how you betray the Slytherins it was a wonderful breakfast conversations. Seems like the only teacher who thought it was amuzing.. Stupid Snape You thought but you laugh because it's Snape.

"Silence" Was heard all over the Great Hall when Dumbledor has order it. "Professor Snape and I both agreed to allowed Mrs. Krum to wear this because she will be leaving automatically after all classes are over. Now can we get back to our breakfast and I do not want to hear any more of this or you will get a detention." Everybody got back to his or her breakfast with no more mentioning of you and your colour. You sat there and looked at Blaise, Draco and Daphne.

"Why didn't you guyz help me?" You asked them in wonder but they all stared at you. You sat there for a moment but no answer came. Draco was looking down at his food, probably him and Blaise had to keep their bad ass self to be accepted from the other Slytherins, but Daphne the one person that had said that she would stick by you in any means possible just sat there and started to eat her food. Where you somebody that will save other lives but others can't save you. You got fed up so you grabbed your food and walked up to the head table and sat in your brother's seat at the head table mumbling in Bulgarian. When you sat down you sat beside George and he just put an arm around you and pushed you closer to him and whisper.

"Don't worry little one. They are just jelous" You just simply smirked at George but started to eat your food still looking up now and again giving everybody glares and still cursing in Bulgarian. A message was sent down along the line of teachers and it was only that I must see Professor Snape as soon as possible. You got up and walked over to him.

"Good morning Profezzor Znape. Thank you for allowing me to wear theze colourz." You looked down and give a sweetest smile that you can give.

"The Headmaster and myself were talking and you are going to leave to join your brother as soon as you are done with your breakfast. Now you can go. Carriages will be waiting" He waved his hand. You stood there not believing what he had just motion you to do. So you were so thankful to the Japanese. You bow down and said

"Thank you" while you were bowing you were putting a new line of prank that the twins and your self just made into Snape's goblet and if he didn't drink anything it was over all of his food so he will for sure be prank. You straightened up and started to walk out of the Great Hall and out of the castle as quickly as possible with out it being noticed.

"Krum" 2 voices were heard behind you. You stopped at the carriage door and waited for the voices to come closer.

"You are my hero, my sweet" You just smirked at the 2 red heads standing in front of you.

"I should be! Now, I muzt go before znape turns red and if you 2 get blamed for it. I am zorry and I will make it up to you when I come back. Now be ready for uz to come back anytime. I want you guyz to meet a couple of people" You climbed into the carriage and waved goodbye to Fred and George. You truly do hope that they don't get into trouble.

A couple of hours later you finally made it to the field where everything is going to happen. The quidditch pitch is already up and some of the players already started to practice, and they were tents galore. You were walking around just because they weren't expecting you, and well you wanted to see if there were any familiar faces and there were tons. Time went quickly and you couldn't stand it any more you have to see everybody. You made it to the campsite where all of the Bulgarian quidditch team was camping them and their families. There was this one tent the outside was all red with a huge golden Tigers head on one side and a huge silver Wolf on the other side. You went up and started to knock on the outside door.

"Yes, Who is it" A woman inside was speaking Bulgarian. ( Autors Note: I am going to have a lot of Bulgarian speech in this so it will all be bolded so you guys don't get confused. Therefore the s's doesn't have to be z because they are talking in their oringal tongue) The woman answered the door she was medium height with dark hair that was cut at the proper length and bright blue eyes you can tell that she was in her 40's but she still look so beautiful.

"Mom" You said and she grabbed you into a tight embrace.

"Oh honey. How much I miss you! Have you been behaving?" You just simply smirk and kept on hugging her.

"Where is father?" Just then you can hear a voice behind your mother.

"Is that my little angel?" You went out of the embrace with your mother and you just went and jumped on your father.

"Daddy" Your father was tall man with a curved nose also has dark hair but his was more of an dark brown that can go blonde when he is out in the sun to long. His eyes was the thing that you loved about him, like your eyes they were dark you can stare into them and just wonder of what lays underneath them. You have a feeling this is the reason why you are so attractive with guys that has the prettiest of eyes.

"Now has my little girl been behaving?" You kind of just smirked again and you heard your mother behind you.

"She wont even tells me. She is probably doing the same old things. Aren't you?" Both of your parents look at you with smiles on their faces.

"But I am not the only ones"

"Yes we heard you have met up with the Weasley twins. We know who they are. I am glad that you are making friends Maria" Your mother said and came over to hug you and your father looked you up and down.

"These clothes will not do. You must change" The one thing you wanted to hear. Your mother pointed to the bathroom and you ran to it. Part of your traditional clothes was there but they were the clothes that you put underneath your more traditional clothes. "That's better now go and get ready I do believe that the boys will be excited to see you" You kiss them both on their cheeks and ran to the change rooms. While you were walking you bumped into someone.

"Sorry" You muttered and you looked up to notice this guy that is only 4 years older then what you are. He looked at you weirdly.

"No, I am sorry. I am Oliver Wood" He presents his hand out in front of him. You have heard of his name before but you don't know where.

"Maria Krum" You smirked. " Zo you're the new keeper for the Englizh team" He looked at you and chuckled

"And you're the one that I should be afraid of the most" You gave Oliver a wink then kept on walking towards your locker room. You open the door to see your team all dress in their uniforms.

"HELLO" You yelled and everybody looked back and there you were standing right in front of the door just smiling. "I MISS YOU" You ran and just jump on the person that was wearing the jersey with the name Levski on it.

"I have missed you the most out of the Krums" He gave you a huge hug. Levski and Victor has been the best of friends and he was only about a year older then Kurm. He was one of the Chasers. Then everybody started to come over one by one greeting your self. "You better get change before we go" Levski pointed to the locker. You ran over and put your uniform on. Ever since Victor has been on the team they have made you part of the team so you have your own jersey and everything. You grabbed your face paint and made Levski put it on you. An owl came trough the window address to you.

Dear Mrs. Maria Krum

I do hope that you have had a great trip to the quidditch game. After you left Professor Snape looked a lot brighter and I do believe he is giving the Weasley's much trouble for it. When you have seen your brothers team please can you welcome them back to Hogwarts so maybe if you guys are up to it having a friendly match either between the best out of team Hogwarts or if England's team Puddlemore United.

Please send reply with the same owl.


Albus Dumbledor


After you read the note you asked your team almost everybody had said yes except for Vulchanov and Volkov Bulgaria's 2 beaters.

"That's ok I got the 2 best beaters I know to take your places. I do have to ask if I can take over one of the Chasers role?" You asked sweetly and you flickered your eyelashes and they just laugh at you. You pulled out a piece of parchment and wrote down

We will be there. Tell Fred and George that they are with us!

"We will see" Dimitrov said with a smirk. You gave the letter to the owl and it flew off. "But I do believe that we do need our good luck charm" You laughed and gave him a kiss on the cheek and went around to everybody giving them kisses on the cheeks. Until you hit Levski he pulled you in and kissed you on the lips. It was normal for Levski to do this and well he is a good kisser so you don't mind one bit.

"Did anybody told you that you're my favorite?" You ask with a smirk and he just gave you a peck once again. The door to the locker room opened and you all stopped to see who was coming in. This old man who looked like he was around his mid 40's walked in with a huge smile on his face.

"Maria" He came and gave you a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Well it seems like you don't really need any coaching now do you? Now that Maria is here, that should make you guys want to win on your own" The team just yelled at that. "Well like always I will take my leave and let Victor have his way with you guys. Now Maria would you so likely to join me on the way up to our seats" You nodded at him. While you guys were leaving you have everybody a hug knowing that they will win no matter what with or with out you being here.

"Coach would you like to join us. When they are done here we are going to go up to Hogwarts and have a little bit of o fun" He looked at you surprised you guess it was their first time being at Hogwarts. He looked at you and nodded.

"It'll be fun. I'll join!" After that the two of you were just talking about school and about everything else.

When you guys hit where your seats were you could tell by looking all over the field where all of the Bulgarians sat because all you would see was red and black. You took your seat beside your mother holding her hand. Your mother loved the comfort what ever it may be; she hated the fact that she has seen her only boy being in the sick room far too much. She hated the fact that she would have to sit here and watch her boy and at anytime he can be knocked out. You were thankful that you were at Hogwarts so she wouldn't know what type of trouble you can get, because you don't need your mother worrying about you too.

The Bulgarian team would come out first so the veela's would come out and do their thing then you can see your brother flying in with the rest of his team mates behind him. There was a wave of cheering from all over the stadium from Bulgarians and English alike. It cause Victor came out. That is why the English cheer he is loved all over. You sat there thinking. They all introduce everybody then went on with. Now it was the England's team Puddlemore United they had their special thing then the team came out. Their leader was leading them out like how Victor had done it, and then at the back of the pack was Oliver Wood. He decided to fly over to you.

"So Maria, what if after this you come and see some real action?" He asked sounding so cocky and arrogant but what else did you expect from other quidditch players.

"How about after thiz we have zome real fun at Hogwartz. Your team veruz me team. Letz zee who would really win with no rulez?" You smirked because you knew that is what he was meaning but you decided to put it out.

"Your on Krum! If my team wins you will give me a kiss in front of everybody. If you win I'll do what ever you want." You held out your hand and he took it.

"Deal Wood. Now just be prepared to lose." He had left with an even bigger cocky attitude. While he left your mom kept nudging you. You looked up at your team and mouth beat their ass and they all started to smirk. Wood would never know what would hit him.

The game was intense England's team was better then the last time but thankfully your team was still better. Levski and Dimitrov made awesome shots on Wood. Unfortunately shots on the 3 hoops doesn't mean a thing if Victor cannot catch the golden snitch. Victor was good he was like a tiger hunting for its dinner. Crawling along, making sure not to make sudden moves cause it will cost you your meal but act at the most important time. Victor saw something moving from below to fast to be anything else but the snitch so he dashes with an arm reached out the other seeker saw it to. It was a race that can cost you your life neck at well knee Victor was in the lead he if doesn't get there soon the snitch will leave. Your mom squeezes your hand in hoping that Victor will catch it. A couple more seconds, you were holding your breath I think everybody else was to right before there was any sign of Victor catching the snitch Levski scores another point. Right after Victor had finally catches the golden snitch. The game was done 350-120 Bulgaria. Everybody in your section jumped up and cheered it was such an awesome night.

You guys waited around so the all of the traffic so you sat there talking to your parents telling them about Hogwarts and the game that will be held there. Until you felt a tap on your shoulders you turned around and notice it was Naomi.

"AHH Naomi" You yelled and hugged her. Naomi is your brother's soon to be wife. It feels like you have known her forever but you just have so much in common with her. While walking down to the tents you got to catch up with her. Naomi works at the wizard bank in Bulgaria and sometimes she would have to work with Bill Weasley. When you walk into your campsite the team was already there and they were clapping.

"AHH Maria we wouldn't have done it with out you!" Levski picked you up and hugged you. "But I do have a question what was that guy doing talking to you?" You laughed

"You know we were challenging each other for Hogwarts. So I am for sure gonna play" Dimitrov chuckled

"I guess you haven't heard about Ivanova he got injured at that last little minute so you have to take his spot" You were happy but sadden about this news. You ran over to where Ivanova was laying.

"You ok?" He nodded "Will you be able to still come to Hogwarts with us?" he still nodded his head you just went up to him and hugged him "I am sorry but I am very happy but sad. Happy that I'll be able to play but… I am so sorry about your arm." He chuckled.

"Oh Maria don't worry I'll be there to watch, but you better kick some ass" You just simply smirked then the celebrations started.

"You didn't think that was the plan in the first place?" Ivanova just laughed.

All night long you and your family because that is what they were. They were your family. You all just party like you wouldn't believe it. Oliver tried to visit but unfortunately Lavski and your brother scared him off. In tradition Naomi and your brother had to kiss, and you all just got drunk and didn't fall asleep till 2am. The portkey and the carriages would leave about 5am so 3 hours of sleep was pretty good. It felt nice being back with family no speaking English no nothing. Tomorrow you will show your school what they have messed around with. You will show them your skill. Everybody you love is going to be there. Your parents with their tent, the coach, Naomi, Ivanova everybody well except for the beaters which sucks…

When 5am hit everybody woke up. You guys didn't change from last night's clothes so you kept them on. You just wash your face and reapply all new paints. It looked like everybody was going out for war. Well you were but still. It was the funniest trip to Hogwarts you have ever experience. You and Naomi were making fun of the guys that was in the other carriages. In the carriages were you Naomi Victor and Lavski. In the other carriage carried all of the other guys and in the last carriage held your parents the coach and the injured Ivanova. You guys ended up making fun of Oliver Wood. You made it to the front gates of Hogwarts around 8am.

"Ello" was called from out of your carriage. Your carriage was the 1st to arrive.

"Hey Hagrid" You poked your head from the carriage and smiled. Hagrid smiled and open the gates.

"I'll be watching ya's. So don't let me ol down." Your carriage started to move.

"Don't worry Hagrid we will kick their azzez." You can hear a booming laugh coming from behind you when you passed Hagrid.

All of the carriages came to a stop just outside of the quidditch pitch. You all helped setting up the tents and went to find your locker room. And everybody else went to find his or her seats. While you were walking to the locker room the England team just shown up. You glared at them then they disappeared when you closed the locker room door.

"They are so going down today" You smirked.

"HELL YEAH" everybody else yelled.

You waited to give them the speech until Fred and George show up. It took them about 25 mins to show up. But when they did show up they brought elf elves with them with food. So we all started to chow down.

"You guys look tired" George pointed out. You glared at him and hugged Fred.

"We won zo we celebrated" Fred just started to laugh. "Before I tell the rulez. Here" You held out 2 earpieces and a veil. "This iz zo you can underztand uz, and the potion will allow you to talk to uz" They both put the earpiece in their ear and drank the potion. "Ok good" Then you started to coach them

"Ok well this game is just for fun. So you guys know what this means… A game with out rules a game where we can really show what we are made out of. Now we are working with 2 that are not our normal beaters but they can kick some ass. Victor and I will be doing like when ever we practice each other. This is gonna be a fun game lets kick woods ass so he couldn't believe he made this bet." The guys cheered and an owl flew in.

Dear Maria and the team

I just want to let notified you that instead of having your locker pep talk you all will be doing it outside.

See you when you get out here

Albus Dumbledor

You sigh then let the team know. We rush outside and you continued introducing Fred and George to the team. You looked up to notice Ivanova sitting where the announcer was sitting.

"I'll be right back to continue my speech" You jumped onto your broom and flew up to see Ivanova "You know the plan?"

"Hell yeah" Ivanova said with a smirk and you smiled back at him and kiss him on the cheek then flew back down to the team. But what you didn't realized was that Dean who was from Gryfindor was the other announcer and he started to wooting and howling into the mic.

"We cant play until we get our good luck charm" Lavski yelled over to you and you smirked.

"I'll give Fred and Georges first because they got to change. You really look horrible not suitable for this team." Your smirked to them and kiss both of then on the cheek then you shoved new uniforms into their arms. "You gotta change here sorry boys." Then you walked to your other chaser and kiss him on the cheek then you kissed your keeper on the cheek then skipped Lavski and went to Victor and kiss him on the cheek. You walked off to the middle of the field.

"Oh Hell no your not going to do this to me" Lavski followed you and wrapped his arms around you to make you turn around. You looked up to him and smiled. "Oh so you planned this didn't you?" you smirked.

"Gotta show Wood a thing or two!" Lavski laugh and kiss you on the lips once again.

"Don't ever do that ever again" he said in your ear and you lost your smile.

"You know there will be people that will be deeply jealous of you right now" He smirked and kissed you again. You looked back at your team. "Good everybody is ready." You looked over to Wood. "You guys ready?" Wood walked up to you and smiled.

"Don't worry we wont beat you to badly. I want that kiss after all so we will be fighting." You could hear a lot of growling coming from your team even over the mic.

"To bad you will only dream of it" Wood just glared at you. Madam Hooch came up and looked at both of you.

"The rules?" She asked.

"There are no rulez only 1. The rule iz az followz only people that can play iz only from your team. If they are not from your team you are allowed to have a zubz but Abluz haz to know before the game but other then that itz free." Madam Hooch nodded "Now Wood iz there any playerz that you have added to your team?" You asked.

"No" You smirked once again.

"Zo that meanz no zurprizez from your team?"


"If there iz you loze" He stood there for a moment.

"What about you?" You smiled

"Their iz Fred George and myzelf" He looked at you oddly but nodded. You both look at Madam Hooch.

"Ok. Well good luck to both of you" She releases the golden snitch and both teams sped up to play.

Chasers versus chasers that is what it was. Then you notice something. Something was just to perfect coming from the Englanders like they were playing the same way as last night.

"They never played with out rules before. They are playing by the rules not against it. Its gonna be an easy to win" You yelled out to your team. Lavski just scored.

The game was normal for the most of the starting your team scored Woods team score. Wood really wasn't a bad keeper. It was just that he wasn't expecting anything. You would've thought a game with no rules that it was gonna be exciting. The keeper had to expect something. Your keeper was expecting something. For a part of the game you just sat there looking. Fred and George kept all of the bulgers (sp?) away from you. You knew they were gonna be good. Then something you were expecting. A new wave of emotion enters the game Ivanova was flying towards you.

"Took you long enough" You yelled at him. He just shrugged. "Ok well gotta go help Victor and well you chasers also." You winked to him and catch the quaffle (sp?) and passed it to him and fly up to visit Victor. "Yo!" When Victor came into view he smirked.

"Take the England goal posts there you can distract Wood, Help the chasers and look for the snitch." You nodded and flew off towards the goal posts looking for the golden snitch. When the England's beaters saw you, you were there target and you couldn't get away from them.

"Damn it. Stupid gr" That plan will not work out so you flew around the 3 seekers all saw a golden glint and it was a race to get it. Victor, and yourself were equally away from the snitch. Everybody went quiet and it was quiet in the stadium. Your seekers took the chance to score. They were use to it and they didn't have to worry. The snitch came closer and closer you reach your hand out for it hoping for it to come into your grasp. England's seeker was still pretty far away. You close your hand around the snitch and the game was done. Fini. Everybody touched down onto the playing field. Oliver came straight to you.

"Where is my kiss?" He asked and you looked at him like he was stupid.

"What are you talking about? I won" He sat there and glare.

"What about your 1 rule being that nobody but people on your team are the only ones allowed playing?" He questioned you.

"Who izn't on my team?" You asked

"Ivanova" You smirked

"He is part of the team." He still glared at you. "I told you the only people that weren't on the team waz Fred George and I but Ivanova played you lazt night therefore he iz every part of the team then I am." You stuck out your tongue at him and he looked sour.

"Fine you win! What do you want me to do?" He asked and you smiled.

"I don't know but I'll tell ya when I know." He looked happy at that but also worried. You can ask for anything you want anytime. Which scares him. So he started to walk away slowly. "You were a good zport." You walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek and he then he blushes. You walked over to your team and they all hugged you. Lavski and Victor glared at Ivanova.

"I thought you had a broken arm." Lavski yelled at him, which made you laugh. You knew Lavski hated being lied to.

"We couldn't have you getting to cocky now can we?" Ivanova asked and Lavski just glared.

"So what do you think?" You asked Fred and George

"When ever you play again I am in" Fred smirked

"Yeah cause now we know how you play we would like to add a little flare to it" You started to laugh oh what you and Fred and George can do.

"Well we should start planning now. Well after the hall-o-ween dance of course!" They started to laugh. You guys decided on your plan of action to Derrick will happen on the eve of the dance. After the game everybody in the stands are allowed down on the fields to meet the players and ect. Your mom was the first one to reach you.

"Oh honey I was so scared but somehow you never get hurt unlike your brother" You started to laugh along with Fred and George your mom look at them weird.

"Mom meet Fred and George they are like me." You gave your mother an innocent smile and she just glared at you.

"She hasn't corrupted you two has she?" Your mom asked Fred and George they were going to be rude but they saw your face glaring at them.

"No miss. She has been" Fred stopped not knowing what to say

"Perfect. Nothing to worry about when we are looking out for her." George finished your mom looked at you and then kissed you.

"You're my little angel" Then rushed off to Victor.

"Nice save there. I was wondering what you had up your sleeve" You looked over at your dad and smiled. You went up to him and hugged him. "You know I'll miss you when we leave." You smiled

"That's why we have mail and Christmas. Always Christmas!" He kissed you on the top of your head.

"Yes always Christmas" He sigh and looked at you for a minute.

"You're my little trouble maker that's for sure" He then walked off to where your mom was. You turned around and saw a huge pile of girls around Victor. Then you looked for Naomi where there was a lot of boys was surrounded her.

"Get away from her" You yelled in English they all looked at you and you were glaring so they backed off. "Hello my zoon to be zizter-in-law" You said so sweetly but glared at all of the boys surrounded her. "Lets go. I'll grab Victor" You pulledher arm towards the pile of girls. "Victor" You yelled and ran over to him while still dragging Naomi around. When you pushed all of the girls out of your way you hugged your brother. "We won!" You were all to excited. Victor hugged you back then looked at Naomi. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. They both left you so Victor can talk to their coach.

"Well aren't you just so nice" One of the twins voice came behind you..

"What are you talking about I am always nice" You smirked. Something that you didn't really want to handle right now was walking up the pitch towards you.

"Be nice Maria."

"We'll be close"

"We will see you at dinner" Then the twins walked away. You stood there alone for a couple of minutes while your "friends" were walking up the field towards you.

"That was an awesome game Maria" Daphne was the first to met up with you. You gave her a low smile.


"Yeah you know at brea-" Daphne abruptly stopped talking when Draco and Blaise shown up..

"Hey" Blaise and Draco said with a smile and you just nodded. You see you are nice, but it might take you some time to get there.

"So. We have been thinking and." Blaise started off but was pushed aside by Lavski.

"Hey Coach wants a picture and your parents want to know if you will be having dinner with them or with your school?" You thought about it for a minute then smiled.

"I'll have dinner with them. Its gonna be a while till I see them again." You frowned at the thought. All of your other time will be watching over the Slytherins or watching over Harry Potter to be his personal bodyguard. Sounds fun… "I got to go for a photo. I wont be at dinner I will be having dinner with my parentz. Zo I'll zee you guyz later?" They looked at you and nodded and you walked away with Lavski arm around your shoulders and you just smiled at him.

"So what's up with them?" Lavski eyeing you and you just glared back at him.

"They know I am still pissed at them." He looked at you oddly "They didn't stand up for me when everybody else in the school was yelling at me because I was wearing red and black… the colours of the Gyffindors and not the Slytherins. They just sat back eating, then they wouldn't look at me." He looked at you then looked back at the three that we just left and glared. He moved his arm from your shoulders to your waist.

"Don't worry nobody will hurt you"

Ok well that's where I am gonna leave it. I hope you enjoy it. Comments would be great. I hope to have the next one out soon. Thanks.