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Mal dodged the projectile sailing towards him. It flew over his head and shattered against the galley wall. He risked a glance backwards and sighed internally; another plate gone. Gorramit, those ain't cheap! Turning his attention back to the plate-thrower, he attempted what he thought, he hoped, was a half charming, half placating smile.

"Now bao bei," he started, and then broke off suddenly as he dove out of the way of a chair that had inexplicably taken flight.

"Oh, you arrogant, pompous ben tiansheng de yi dui rou!" Inara nearly shrieked as she watched with no little amount of satisfaction as the Captain dove unceremoniously out of the way of the chair she'd sent flying at him.

One of the first things that the crew of Serenity had learned about ex-Companion Inara Serra, when she had returned, was that she could have a vicious temper now that she was not required to control it, and as in the past, her usual target of choice was Serenity's oft-times completely deserving captain.

Inara paused in the middle of her assault to appreciate that last view of her husband, which caused her to think of what had precipitated this latest fight and she realised that she couldn't quite recall what exactly had set her off this time. She knew that the freedom of actually being allowed to visibly and publicly lose her temper, after a lifetime of constant control, was intoxicating and very nearly overwhelming at times, however some sense of decorum should still be maintained. With that in mind, she reluctantly quelled the urge to throw something else at the dark head just now appearing from its hiding spot. She also quelled the sudden giggle that tried to lodge itself in her throat as she really took in the scene.

Her husband, sensing her possibly momentary distraction, crawled out from under the dinner table where he'd taken refuge from the well-aimed chair. He moved towards his beautiful, dangerous wife with all the care of a man approaching a large, rabid wolf, ready to duck and cover again if she picked anything else up. He gradually straightened out of his half-crouch when Inara didn't appear ready to launch something else at his head. Instead she straightened to her full height, crossed her arms over her chest and pinned him with a look that she had perfected as a Companion. Mal damn near groaned at the sight of it; he just knew he was gonna be sleepin' on the bridge tonight. Again…

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Jayne stopped dead in the entryway leading to the mess and sighed in frustration. Mal and Nara were neckin' on top of the dinner table and strangely enough there were broken bits of pottery and what appeared to have once been a chair spread all over the room. Grimacing at the dual realizations that they would all be eating on that table come morning, and that he wouldn't be able to get what he'd come for, Jayne turned back the way he came. Standing at the hatch to his bunk, he glanced up towards the bridge and rolled his eyes. Zoe was sittin' in Wash's lap and it looked as though flying the ship weren't what was on the little man's mind. 'Gorram ship's turnin into a ruttin Love Cruiser', he muttered to himself, since he knew for a fact that the Doc and lil Kaylee were similarly occupied down in the lounge area by the infirmary. He'd seen them when he'd gone rooting through Simon's supplies. Thankfully, the Doc hadn't seen him to ask about the item he now gripped as he kicked open his hatch and climbed, one-handed, down into his bunk. At the bottom, he engaged the lock and turned around, growling at the vision lying naked and smiling on their bed.

"Sorry baby, couldn't get the honey, but I did get the ice," he leered, brandishing his prize. River Cobb just smiled back, her eyes full of lust, promises and the future.

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