The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


Calmly Yuki Nagato turned the page of her book, the almost purple-grey haired young woman's glasses gleaming in the sunlight as she read. "So," she said in her usual calm manner, not looking up from the pages, "why did you tell me that you're a time traveler?"

"I... well..." Mikuru Asahina blushed, the light reddish-brown haired girl sitting at the table nearby in the SOS club headquarters, dressed up in her maid's outfit. Not that she wanted to be a maid, but Haruhi Suzumiya had insisted she should wear it, and what Haruhi wanted she usually got.

Take this classroom for instance. Formerly belonging to the book club Haruhi had taken it over by sheer force of her will, much as she did everything in her life. Her new "SOS" club grew based on her abducting certain classmates, she even got them a computer via force of pure self-confidence. It was all quite impressive to see, if a bit scary.

"Yes?" Yuki asked, her school uniform as neat as always.

"I was hoping we could help each other out," Mikuru shyly confessed.

Yuki actually looked up from her book at her, the young woman sitting in a folding chair beside the window so that the sunlight would illuminate her book. "How so?" she asked Mikuru in a flat tone of voice.

"Because I'm a traveler, I know what you are too..." Mikuru said timidly.

"Yes?" Light glinted off Yuki's glasses as she closed her book, gently setting it on the ledge by the window.

Mikuru gulped nervously as she revealed, "A Data Life form, a human purpose interface sent to observe Suzumiya-san."

"Correct," Yuki nodded, clearly unbothered by the fact that Mikuru knew about her. Her head tilted to the side, "How can you help me, exactly?"

"You... well," Mikuru hesitated.

"Continue," Yuki prompted her.

"You don't really act very human," Mikuru burst out.

"And that's a problem?" Yuki asked her, only looking mildly curious.

"Even Suzumiya-san will notice something is going on," Mikuru said to her urgently, "unless we try to conceal your alien-ness."

Calmly Yuki asked her, "And how often have you nearly blurted out that you're a time traveler?"

"Well," Mikuru blushed.

In fact Mikuru had very nearly blurted out pieces of important information several times, in addition to revealing her secret identity to Kyon. There was something about the dour brown haired boy that inspired trust, and his steady efforts to keep Haruhi from causing too much trouble were appreciated by all. Even worse, Mikuru had starred in a home made film directed by Haruhi, featuring her as a time travelling combat waitress, of all things. It was going to take her YEARS to live that down.

'At least as a time traveler I have time,' Mikuru sighed.

"Perhaps," Yuki said after a moment's consideration of her orders and responsibilities, "we can help each other."

"Eh?" Mikuru asked.

"You obviously need some assistance in keeping it a secret that you are a time traveler," Yuki said to her calmly, "and you are correct that it's possible Haruhi might deduce my alien nature due to my behavior."

"So...?" Mikuru leaned forward.

"I will assist you in return for your help," Yuki agreed.

Mikuru gave a relieved sigh, slumping back in her seat as she said, "I'm so glad!"

"Kyon," Yuki said after a moment.

"We're just friends," the formerly relaxed Mikuru blurted out, sitting up in her seat and blushing brightly.

Yuki actually looked amused at that reaction as she said, "I was wondering if we should get him involved, too."

"Oh," the still fiercely blushing Mikuru said, "no, I don't think so. He's too close to Haruhi, in a way."

"Is this a time traveler's prediction, then?" Yuki asked calmly, giving Mikuru a long, considering look..

"Oh, no, I'm not allowed to," Mikuru shook her head before muttering, "bad enough my future self appeared to give Kyon a hint."

"Hmm?" Yuki looked curious.

"Nothing, nothing," Mikuru said quickly.

"So," Yuki got up from her chair and reached up to adjust her glasses, "appearing human. How will this work?"

Mikuru got up from her own chair as she said, "Well, take lunch for instance. You always eat in here alone?"

"I don't eat lunch," Yuki said flatly in reply, "as a data entity I have no need for physical nourishment."

"But other students do," Mikuru said earnestly, "and having lunch with other students is part of being in school."

"Really?" Yuki looked calmly blank.

"Really," Mikuru sighed, realizing this was going to be tougher than she thought.


Notes: This is a first draft, more or less, and will have more added to once I figure out which way to go with it. lol The series "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" is very cool, but the characters are giving me fits trying to write. So I'm posting this, then will go back to it later with more material.