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-Prologue/Chapter 1: The Sealed One-

It's raining, Why was it raining? Why did events like this always seem to occur when it rains?

These and many other thoughts crowded though the Head of Kazama Arishi. Unfortunately He had only a few moments left with which to consider them. Sighing he patted the pocket his letter was in. THE Letter if he wanted to be melodramatic. The letter that explained it all. What he was thinking, what his final wishes were. All of it. Through the wind and the rain he could see his foe. The mighty Bijju Kyuubi who was, for the first time in his life, shocked. Looking down Arashi smiled slightly at the blackened arm that seemed to be protruding from his chest.

Watch over me Sensei. Watch over my people.

With a final act of supreme will the fourth hokage, completed the final set of seals indicating his bargain to the death god. Though he couldn't see it Arashi could feel the subtle amusement of the embodiment of death washing though him. He could feel the dark being laughing cruelly. It had waited years for a moment like this, and now the Kyuubi-no- kitsune was finally in it's grasp, and what the little mortal had asked for was only too deliciously ironic. Kyuubi it's self was twitching now, struggling desperately to break the death-gods hold. It was of no use of course. With a wail of absolute loss that pierced even the most valiant of hearts Kyuubi was sealed. Sealed inside the one creature it despised above all other beings. For a moment their was silence as the powers that had ravaged the city of Konoha for the last week finally ceased, and then the silence was broken, Broken by the sound of a child crying…


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