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A couple of months later; Christmas (Sorry for the abrupt time change)


"Hey," Phil said, nudging Keely.

"Hey you," Keely replied, smiling.

"Can you believe it's Christmas already?"

"No," Keely replied smiling, "and it's been a couple months since I've seen Joe."

"Yeah…" Phil didn't know why Keely was bringing this up.


"Know what?"

"Every day feels like Christmas when I'm with you Phil. And I'm glad that I had to deal with Joe. It made me get even closer to you."

Phil smiled, "I'm glad that we got closer, but I still never wanted you to go through that. But, every time I'm with you, I feel like I've been reborn."

Keely beamed and threw her arms around Phil. "Aww… Phil!" She gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"What? No proper kiss? I should've received a big kiss for that comment!"

"Phil!" Keely exclaimed, hitting him on the shoulder.


"You should be happy you're getting a kiss at all."

"What? Wait, what are you talking about?"

"Move back about 5 steps."

"Why?" Phil questioned suspiciously.

"Don't question Phillip. Just do it!"

"Fine… fine," Phil replied, and under his breath he murmured, "Women."

"What was that?" Keely asked sharply.

"Nothing," Phil said quickly, stopping after five paces.

"It better have been nothing," Keely scolded, moving toward Phil.

"Uh… Keels? Are you mad at me?" Phil asked. Keely was right in front of him. "Because, uh… I'm sorry for whatever I said that offended you."

"Oh shush up, Phil. I'm not mad at you, but if you don't shut up I can't do this!"

"Do what exactly?"

"Shh…" Keely told him, putting a finger to his lips. "This," and she pulled his face in close, kissing him hard. "Is that a proper kiss for you?"

"Yeah," Phil said dazedly. 'I'll never get tired of those kisses,' Phil thought.

Keely smiled at him, and Phil held both of her hands, swinging them carelessly. "Keels?"

"Uh huh?"

"May I have this dance?"

"There's no music," Keely said pointedly.

"Remember when I said, 'Sometimes you have to make your own time.'"

"Yeah. Why?" Keely cocked her head.

"Now I'm saying, sometimes you have to make your own music."

Keely smiled, "You're such a dork, Phil Diffy." Phil pretended to frown. "But you're my dork," Keely continued. Phil gave a genuine smile.

"And you're my girl. And don't you ever forget it."


"Now about that dance…" Phil took Keely into his arms, and they danced to their own music, lost in their own world. When they finished their dance Phil kissed Keely on the forehead, and let her go, fumbling with his pockets.

"Hey Keels?"


"Merry Christmas," he said, producing a box.

"Oh my God, Phil!" Keely exclaimed, taking the box. She slowly opened it, and saw what was inside. "Phil," Keely gasped, tears coming slowly out of her eyes, "it's beautiful!" She lifted it out of the box and it reflected the light. She clutched it in her hand, and hugged him. "Will you do the honors?" she asked Phil.

"Of course I will," Phil replied smoothly, taking it. He walked behind her and hooked the locket around her neck (A/N: Did you think it was going to be a ring? Maybe later…) "Do you know what it says Keel?" he whispered in her ear.

"No," Keely whispered back, looking at him, "What does it say?"

"It says…" Phil murmured dramatically, "Phil Diffy promises to love, protect, and be with Keely forever."

Keely smiled, her heart beating wildly, "But you didn't include my last name."

"Well, we don't know what that'll be yet. Do we?" Phil replied.

"We don't?" Keely asked.

"Well, it's going to change later, won't it?" Phil asked, his eyes twinkling.

Keely whipped around. "It is?" she asked.

"Yes, it will," Phil said decisively. "What do you think it'll be?"

"Phil Diffy! Are you proposing to me?" Keely couldn't keep up with the suspense anymore.

"In a way…"

"Huh?" Keely looked slightly crestfallen, her chin tilted.

Phil lifted it back up, so she could look in his eyes.

"It's a promise."

"A promise?"

"Yeah. Phil Diffy promises to love, protect, and be with Keely forever. And he promises to marry her someday, when they're older… that is, if Keely wants to."

Keely let out a shriek, and threw herself upon him, kissing him passionately.

When they both broke away, breathless, Phil said, "I'll take that as a yes."

Keely pulled away slightly; Phil was holding her still. "Make that a million and one yes'," Keely told him.

All of a sudden, Yuuri, Sae, Kouta, Yukito, Sen-chan, Hikaru and Eiji were cheering for them as well as clapping for them. Phil noticed them and he said, "You guys were all there all this time?"

Yuuri said, "Indeed, Phil, love moves in mysterious ways. Oh by the way, we're about to give you a present."

Keely said, "Later for that- let's all give presents to each other!"

Then, the gift- giving started, they watched The That's so Suite life of Hannah Montana special, then they all ate, played games, and everything else. They were all happy at that time, and Yuuri said, "Let's give them the gift for the two lovers."

They all went to the hangar and Phil was surprised at the gift that they gave them- a Toyota Corolla Altis. Keely squealed with delight. And Phil said, "Why are you giving to us such a beautiful car to us?"

Eiji said, "That's our present to you, to pay back at your victory to save your beloved."

Kouta said, "We're now friends, and we decided to give it to both of you. You guys deserve it."

Hikaru said, "It's expensive, but we still bought it for you two since it's Christmas."

Yukito said, "It's red color, and that means love that never changes."

Sae said, "Keely, you don't have to sweat it out to buy a car- we're giving it to you two."

Yuuri said, "It's a nice present."

Sen-chan said, "Do you guys like it?"

Keely can't believe it and she said, "Thanks, guys. You guys are real friends to treasure."

Phil said, "I couldn't have done it without all of you."

They all then went back upstairs to party some more, and each one of them are showing a happy face of peace and love- a real picture of true friendship. In the end, Sae brought out her camera and said, "Let's take a picture, all of us!" then, all of them gathered around and the picture was taken, with all of them saying "Victory!" when the flash was activated.

Pickford park, Dec. 26

The time has come, as it does at the end, to say goodbye. The nine stand facing each other. Hikaru and Eiji look admiringly into Phil's eyes and Eiji says warmly, "We'll definitely leave the place peacefully." Looking strangely shy, Phil says quietly, "Yes, leave it to us." Phil looks at Yuuri, then quizzically to his fellow leader. "So, what are you guys going to do now?" Yuuri grins at him and answers, "We'll return to our respective places now." Then, somewhat sadly, she looks around at the others and says more softly, "to being the unknown people, with the unknown missions, and keep fighting for peace to protect everyone." She smiles through a lump in her throat at Phil, who grins back, chuckles and nods a bow.

Keely shyly speaks to her fellow woman about how good it was to have their power there, and Sae replies confidently that she believes that she and Phil will be together forever. Kouta turns his bright gaze to both Phil and Keely. "Be well," he says for lack of better words. Keely smiles and nods, "Yes, so will you guys, too." Yukito and Sen-chan nods his agreement.

All of them gather around, reaching out to him and making Sen-chan smile shyly. They all reach out, now, each with their right hand to form a wheel of alliance. Their changers are a force to be reckoned with (Except for Keely who doesn't have one), used by people of strong, pure heart. And for each one is a quiet calm and warm relief. Confidence.

And now, they say goodbye, pulling their hands away with some reluctance. The 'invisible seven' walk away, then Yuuri leads the impulse to stop and look back. They wave salutes. "Say bye-bye!" they call. They turn away and leap into the air, and they enter the DekaBase Crawler and then, it flies away from them.

Both Phil and Keely dash over and stare after until there is nothing to see. "They're gone," says Keely, happy and sad. Phil, glowing with joy, says to Keely, "The Super sentai won't be defeated." Keely nods and then throws her arms wide and both of them shout to their distant newfound friends, "And we'll keep on going, too!" Then, it's all over. Justice is served right. Love and peace has returned to them, and everything is fine again.

Phil said, "Challenge you to a race?"

Keely said, "Why not? Ta-dow!"

Phil said, "Not if I can get there first!"

Keely said, "You wish!" then, they started to run around Pickford Park, as happy as the two hearts can take it. Indeed life is sweet… is you take it the right way.

(Roll ending credits, same ending clip from Abaranger VS Hurricanger with Phil, Keely and the seven sentai warriors)

(Ending song: WE ARE THE ONE BOKU-RA WA HITOTSU by Akira Kushida from Bakuryuu sentai Abaranger)


Amusingly, it ends with the "This was a work of fiction" disclaimer. Isn't that hilarious?

And what, Tyranno (Hey! Why did he show up just now?) Asks us, ever happened to the two Evil sentai? They stand in the yellow atmosphere outside of the Evorian Fortress, looking quite miserable and at a loss. Hana Red whines, "Of course we were beaten again." Neji Red sighs and folds his arms, nodding sympathetic agreement. "I guess that's just the way it is," she says miserably. "What'll we do now?" There is a shrill sound on the air and the two teams look up in confusion. Suddenly an enormous worm punches its way out of the ground in front of them! It opens its mouth (has lips!) to show a white light deep inside, and bears down to swallow them up! They all scream, but it goes into the ground in front of them instead and they turn, running as fast as their legs will take them. It can't quite catch them, heaving and leaping, smashing through the hard shell of the ground. Neji Pink flies a bit. And then the worm turns, noticing the camera, and comes at us!

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