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It was warmer in California than New York. I had been away for so long, I had almost forgotten. But I didn't forget about how bright the sun was. Luckily, I kept my sunglasses in my carry on bag rather than with the rest of my luggage. My cell phone beeped as I turned it back on and I read a message from Carter that said he'd meet us outside the terminal. I was so hyped. I clutched Adam's hand in excitement. I think my nails dug in a bit because at one point I sort of heard him wince, which made me let go only to find myself tightly holding it again a minute later.

I talked to Adam about Carter and Rhonda and my family at the Diner. He nodded only to laugh which made me laugh because he had no idea what I was on about. That's what's so great about him. He understands when he doesn't understand, if you get what I mean. He listens and he is interested in what I have to say but he just doesn't know what I rave on about. Like about me having to practically feed my step-mother and step-sisters when I was in high school, or the fact that I lived in an attic most of my life.

We usually just laughed afterward because my past is an unknown world to everyone but me and my family and of course Austin. I have to be honest, I haven't told Adam about Austin. I mean, it's kinda my story and it was a really strange time of my life. I don't think I should share it with anyone…except Carter and Rhonda. But, like I said, they're like my family.

I walked through the exit doors, Adam by my side, and saw my best friend. This huge grin spread over my face and nearly split my cheeks, I was that excited. I ran up and literally tackled him, making him stumble a bit. I'm not gonna lie, I ain't the lightest of girls.

"Hi Sam, nice to see you too." He returned the gesture.

"I've missed you heaps." I pulled away and kissed him on the cheek. "How have you been?" I asked, not hiding my joy.

"Well, I should ask you the same." I smiled and saw his family behind him as he saw Adam beside me. He introduced me to his wife Rachael and his three year old daughter, April. I greeted them politely and introduced them to Adam.

"Nice to meet you" we said to each other.

"Well, now that that's done, it's probably time to grab our bags before someone else does." We then piled into Carter's SUV, while Adam and Carter tried to stuff our (ok, mainly my) bags in. Hey, I was seeing my ex again for the first time in like seven years. I know I'm dating someone else, but I wanna look good. I mean, I've been living in New York for like 5 years and the whole fashion thing kinda rubbed off on me. I mean, I was all casual and just wore normal stuff at first, but all the people just looked so good. That made me decide to save for my very first pair of Jimmy Choos. And may I say, they look good. Hey, I've grown up and I have the money now. I can buy designer shoes if I want. So I basically packed a quarter…ok, I admit, half of my wardrobe. Finally it was securely in and we headed to Hal's. The ring of the bell went as a familiar face looked over to see me walk through the door…well, ok, several familiar faces. But I walked in like an ordinary customer and ordered a coffee. Not the best coffee, I must admit, but it was an old high school thing.

"Hey, stranger" said Rhonda as I approached the bench and sat down with Adam. Carter had dropped us off and taken our luggage to his place because April was due for her nap. I didn't mind. It gave me sometime to hang out and catch up with old friends. "Hi, Rhonda. Long time no see" I smiled again. Man, this smiling thing was just sticking and I could not brush it off. "Long time? It's been 5 years. I'd say that's long enough." She smiled and came around my side and hugged me. "Oh, Sam. Look at you. You're beautiful. And who might your friend be?"

"Oh, right. Rhonda, this is Adam. Adam, Rhonda." They shook hands politely.

"I have to ask if you'll take care of her. She's a special girl."

"That I have to agree with. And don't worry. Sam's safe with me. By the way, can I get some eggs on toast?" He asked.

"You may" And then, to my astonishment, they started talking about all the things on the menu which then somehow went on to a conversation about water and whether tap, bottled or filtered tasted better. Insane in the membrane. Adam then got up to go to the bathroom. "Sam, where did you meet this guy?"

"Through a chat room" I joked. She smiled. "No, he's my room mate's cousin. Isn't he great?" I sighed.

"Though, I have to say, I still…" She stopped mid sentence. I looked up from stirring my coffee. "It's ok Rhonda, you can say it."


"Look, I know how great Austin and I were but I had to move on. It was a high school love. Normally they don't last forever…"


"What!" Rhonda pointed behind me. I turned my head slightly, but I didn't need to look the whole way. I could find that face in a sea of people. Out of instinct I hid behind a menu. Please, God. Don't see me. Please, Please, Please, Please, Please… "Sam?" Damn! I removed my face from the menu, pretending I liked the look of the pancakes and looked at him. "Austin? Is that you? Hi." I smiled. In a fake way, but kinda not, as well.

"It's been ages."

"Yeah. I think, like, five years or something, right?" I replied.

"Yeah. How are things with you? How's New York?" He asked, actually sounding interested in my life. "Well, I haven't managed to land a job yet, unless you count the cinema. I mean, I guess I'm earning something. New York's really good. I'm in Brooklyn in a flat with a friend and it's been great. What about you? How's life, how's love?" As soon as the word love came out of my mouth, I wished I could eat them up. His cool blue eyes started burning into my own. I had to look away. Where was Adam?

"Well, life's good. I'm writing and sending, just waiting for someone to publish. I'm still working at Dad's garage, but he doesn't expect as much as he used to from me." There was a pause. "But as for, love…I still don't know what happened between us-"

"Sam?" Finally.

"Oh, hey. Adam, I think you should meet my friend Austin." They shook hands and said hello. "Friend?" Austin raised an eyebrow as he asked this. But I shook my head at him as if to say "don't say anything." He shrugged his shoulders and sighed as if to say "fine, but we still need to talk."

"Adam here is my flat mate's cousin and my current boyfriend" I smiled at him. Austin looked a bit hurt. He just nodded and replied with "I'll catch you later."

"Wow. He was weird." Adam said, oblivious to the fact that we used to date, let alone, love each other. "Oh, he's fine. It's just been a while since we've spoken." I smiled at him weakly. All of a sudden, this great wave of tiredness washed over me. Adam noticed and offered for us to go home. He really is a great guy. I nodded and said goodbye to Rhonda and the gang.

I was so tired that as soon as I lay down, I was gone into the land of sleep.