The Return

It was a stormy night in San Francisco. Prue, Piper, and Paige Halliwell were sitting in the kitchen talking over cups of hot chocolate.

"So anyone heard from Phoebe lately?" asked Piper casually.

"I got an e-mail about a week ago," replied Paige. Prue just stayed quiet.

"Well, she's coming home. She lost her job, she got evicted, and only has about two hundred dollars left," Piper quickly added seeing Prue's glare.

"And this is news?" she asked sarcastically.

"When does she arrive?" asked Paige excitedly. Just then, the doorbell rang. Piper and Paige got up to answer the door. Phoebe stood there dripping wet holding some bags.

"Hi guys," she said quietly. Phoebe set the bags down by the door, and walked back outside. She walked back in a moment later with a baby carrier. She handed it to Paige, and then walked out again. She came back with two more, and handed one to Piper. Her sisters looked shocked. Prue's look turned from shock to sympathy to anger.

"Who the hell are they?" Prue yelled loudly. Three sets of blue eyes opened, and the triplets started to wail. Phoebe glared at Prue, and then grabbed the other two carriers. She sat them down and began rocking them gently. She sang a lullaby, and they soon fell back asleep.

"Why did you do that?" she whispered harshly to her oldest sister. When Prue didn't say anything, she turned to Paige.

"Can you orb us upstairs? I need to bathe and change them," she asked her only younger sister. Paige nodded and picked up a carrier and two bag. Phoebe picked up the two other carriers and the other three bags, as Paige touched her shoulder. They orbed upstairs to Phoebe's old bedroom. When Phoebe and Paige put the carriers on the floor Phoebe turned to Paige again.

"Can you take me back to my old apartment. I need to get the cribs, highchairs, bouncers, swingers, playpens, bathers, and the other baby stuff," Paige nodded again and orbed herself and Phoebe to her old New York apartment. It took a few trips to get everything to the manor. The first trip was boxes with bottles, formula, bibs, clothes, and bathing stuff. The nest was highchairs, swingers, bouncers, and the rest of Phoebe's stuff. The last two trips were cribs, playpens, changing tables, and other oddities around the house. After giving her thanks, Phoebe went downstairs and placed bottles and formula in the kitchen. She set up the changing table, playpens, and cribs in her room. She put the highchairs in the closet. She grabbed some clothes for herself and her children, and went to take a shower.

After taking a quick shower and changing into a tank top and flannel pants, she gently bathed her children. She put them in pajamas, fed them, and then placed them in their cribs. After grabbing the baby monitor, she walked downstairs to the living room where her sisters sat.

"So… who are they?" asked Prue in a slightly cold tone.

"Those are my babies," replied Phoebe in a proud tone.

"Whose the father?" asked Piper.

"I don't know," came the quiet reply a moment later. Prue's eyes were fiery with rage.

"You whore! I can't believe you would do something so stupid! You sl-," Phoebe cut her off.

"I was raped ok! By a whitelighter that was mental. I went to New York because I was raped and I was pregnant!" she yelled loudly. Prue looked regretful. Before she could say anything, a loud cry rang through the room. Phoebe's eyes widened, and she ran up the steps taking them two at a time. She threw open the door to see a demon over each of her babies children. There was a sky blue force field around each crib.

"Hey, ugly guys!" Phoebe called. The demons turned around. Phoebe threw lightening bolts at the demons. They screamed, and then exploded. Phoebe ran over to each crib and calmed the babies down. Phoebe murmured a spell and the three bouncers disappeared to downstairs. Phoebe picked up one child and handed the baby to Piper. She picked up another child and hesitantly handed the baby to Prue. Phoebe picked up the last one and handed it to Paige. She grabbed three bottles, and turned to her sisters.

"Let's go downstairs, and while I feed them, I'll introduce you," she said, looking at Prue. They walked to the kitchen, were Phoebe prepared the bottles. She fed and changed each child.

About half an hour later, Phoebe started. The babies were awake.

"I had triplets two weeks ago. I had a girl, then a boy, then a girl," she started. The girls looked down at the babies trying to figure out who was the boy.

"I named the first girl Pamela Cassandra Halliwell. The boy I named Peter Christian Halliwell. The last girl I named Persephone Melinda Halliwell. Paige has Pamela, Piper has Peter, and Prue has Persephone. The girls are identical, and Peter looks so much like them that if he was a girl, he would be their identical triplet," Phoebe explained. Prue looked at the young child in her arms. Persephone blinked her big blue eyes. They were lighter than Prue's eyes. She had Phoebe's dark brown hair. Prue looked over at Phoebe. Her sister was looking at her children the way only a mother could. Prue placed Persephone in the pink bouncy at her feet, and walked over to her younger sister. She hugged her and told her it would be all right. Phoebe nodded and hugged her back. Paige and Piper shared a secret smile. About half an hour later, the babies began to yawn. Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige walked upstairs to put the babies to bed. Then, they retired to bed themselves. Every two hours, Phoebe fed and changed the children.

The next day, Phoebe was setting up things downstairs for the children. She had set up a playpen and three bouncers downstairs. In the attic, she placed Moses baskets to lay the babies in when she was looking at the Book of Shadows. She cleaned and foxed up some bottles, and laying out diapers and wipes. After that, she fed and changed the babies, and dressed them. She dressed Pamela in pink stretchy pants and a white shirt. Peter was dressed in blue stretchy pants and a white shirt. She dressed Persephone in purple stretchy pants and a white shirt. Each had on onesies underneath their clothes, baby socks and shoes, and a jacket that matched their pants. It was cold and raining outside, so Phoebe packed bottles, blankets, bibs, and extra diapers and clothes. One at a time, Phoebe loaded them into the mini-van she had bought with the thousand dollars she had saved up. Then, she drove to P4 to meet Piper for lunch.

About fifteen minutes later, Phoebe pulled up to the club. She honked her horn, and about three minutes later, Piper came out. She grabbed Pamela and Persephone. Phoebe graded Peter and the diaper bags, and they ran into the club. Piper and Phoebe sat the babies down on the counter, and Piper made them some food. Phoebe and Piper fed and changed the children, then sat down to eat some soup and sandwiches. After that, they played with the babies for a while. They jingled keys and told them stories about when they were younger. Finally, the children fell asleep. But, not before Piper and Phoebe changed and fed them again. After that, the two sisters sat down to talk.

"So, did you make any friends in New York?" asked Piper. Phoebe nodded.

"Yeah, a few cops, two ADAs, and some people at my job," Phoebe said.

"Two ADAs! some cops! How are you friends with them?" asked Piper.

"I met them at the hospital were the children were born. They were finishing up a case, and the ADAs, Alex Cabot and Casey Novak, were there with three male detectives and a female one. I later found out that the detectives, Olivia Benson, Elliot Stabler, Odafin Tutuola, and John Munch, were solving a rape case that had been going on for a week. About an hour later, I was leaving my appointment, and I saw the blonde ADA from the hospital sitting on a bench crying. I went over and asked her what was wrong. She said her boyfriend dumped her, and she was pregnant. The jackass even wanted to have abort the pregnancy. I comforted her, and after that, we all became fast friends," Phoebe explained.

"When was this?" Piper asked.

"About 8 months ago. She's due any day now," Phoebe said.

About half an hour later, Phoebe's cell phone rang. (Phoebe, Person on the other end).

"Hello, Phoebe Halliwell speaking."

"Pheebs, its Liv. Alex is in labor. You can use your children's 'special way' to get here. Were at the house."

" We'll be right there. Can my sisters come?"



"Bye." Olivia and Phoebe hung up. Phoebe relayed the news to Piper, and they called Leo, Piper's boyfriend. He orbed all of them to Alex Cabot's house, and they got to work…

About an hour later, Alexandra Cabot had three healthy babies: all little girls. Everyone gathered around her. She had yet to announce their names.

"Ok, everyone gather 'round! It's time to announce the girls names!" Alex shouted. An excited murmur went through the crowd. The crowd consisted of Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Peter, Pamela, Persephone, Leo, Olivia, Elliot, Fin, Cragen, Munch, Alex's mother Zoey Cabot, her older sister Nicole Cabot, her older brother Michael Cabot, and her younger sister Lauren Cabot.

"The first baby, the one in pink, I will name Cassandra 'Cassie' Alecia Cabot. The second baby, the one in white, will be called Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Brianna Cabot. The last baby, the one in purple, will be named Gabriella 'Gabby' Hope Cabot!" Alex announced. Clapping sounded in the large house. When Peter, Pamela, and Persephone were brought over to meet the Cabot girl's, a bright blue light shined over the six tiny infants…

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