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Elisabeth spots me across the ballroom and her face twists into an odd expression that displays a mixture of anger… and joy. Of course she would be joyful seeing me. No matter how deep the roots of her feelings for her Franz Josef run in her heart, she harbors love for me as well. It may only be little bit of love, but all I have to do now is fan the flame and one day her love for me will grow to be the size of that that I have for her.

I hold out my hand, beckoning her to come to me. Cautiously, Sissi steps forward towards me. Then she takes another step, and then another and another.

Under my breath, I find myself murmuring, "That's right… Come to me…" I grasp her little hands in mine and look straight into her eyes. Those beautiful, chocolate eyes are all aglow, just for me. With one smooth, graceful motion, I turn her around and begin leading her off, to be with me in my realm for eternity. Suddenly, she looks over my shoulder and spots him.

"No, no!" Elisabeth cries, running across the room and clings to her new husband as if her life depended on it. In a way, it does. If I had my way, her lips would be pressed against mine right now and her immortal soul would be slowly leaving her body. "Franz Josef," she softly mutters, tears beginning to well up in her beautiful eyes.

And it hits me. Though her eyes shine for me, they shine for some else as well.

"It's an old story, but new for me

two men love the same girl- you.

You've already chosen. I am the loser.

I'm only a guest at your wedding.

You turn away from me, but you only pretend.

You would be loyal to him but you have been wanting me.

He holds you in his arms, but you smile at me

And where that will lead to, you know as well as I do."

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