Title: The Devil's Luck

Author: Therm

Copyright: 2006

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters here, with the exception of Mick Davis, Sandra Hanson, Trevor Briggs and Michael Thomas.

Summary: Face has always had a way with the ladies. But now previous actions will come back to haunt him and he won't be the only one to suffer.

Warnings: Spoiler for the episode 'Beast From The Belly Of A Boeing.' NonCon m/m- not graphic in details. Violence and injuries. Blood and sickness. Swearing.

The Devil's Luck

My Heart

Face was startled by a loud crash from the lounge, before he sighed and left the half made bed momentarily.

"Murdock, what are you doing?" Face asked as he saw the lamp on the floor, which had a crack in it, running from top to bottom.

"Nothing." The pilot replied, sitting back down on the sofa with a thud.

"If you needed something why didn't you call?" Face asked as he looked at his friend.

Murdock's eyes were still swollen shut from the powder burns to his face, making it hard for him to navigate around the place. It seemed to be worse on the left side, part of the damage was above Murdock's left eye on his head and the other was by the side of his eye. Too close to it for Face's own comfort.

Face had brought him back here as soon as they were finished on the job, but it was clear to him that Murdock was having a hard time adjusting to life without sight right now. It hadn't been any easier for Face either. Whenever he did anything he had to keep telling Murdock where he was going and what he was doing so Murdock wouldn't panic if Face didn't answer him or come when he was called. He'd stayed close by at all times, on Hannibal's orders, so that Murdock was never fully alone and so that his voice was always nearby to soothe his friend.

Murdock shrugged his shoulders and turned away from Face. "S'okay, I'll just sit here 'til you're finished."

"I'm almost done making your bed, then you can have my full attention, okay?"

Murdock heard Face retreat into the next room again and then the soft, gentle sound of the sheets and pillows being tucked in and fluffed up.

It wasn't Face attention that he wanted. In fact, it was the opposite. He wanted to have some time alone.

Since the mission, Murdock hadn't had a minute to himself. They didn't want Murdock going back to the VA with powder burns, even if it was just to collect his things, so it had somehow fallen down to Face to take care of Murdock for a few days. Hannibal had a film lined up he wanted to audition for called 'Monster With A Heart', which meant he'd be doing some travelling and he thought it might be best if Murdock stayed in a location where he was at least vaguely familiar with. B.A wanted to get back to the kids centre, but he said Murdock could help out some when he was better, which Murdock presumed meant 'could see'. Now he knew how it felt to be a bad penny, being passed about and unwanted.

He knew the guys were just looking out for him but he felt he didn't need looking after like this, not to the point of never being left alone. Of course he knew that if it had happened to any of the others he'd be acting the same way, so he couldn't blame them.

"Okay, I'm all finished." Face said as he made his way to the couch and sat down next to Murdock, laying a hand on his friends knee briefly. "So what do you want to do?"

"I'm hungry. Watcha got to eat?"

"Er, well, what do you want?"

"I'd really like to sink my teeth into a Double Whammy Bonanza Burger. With fries."

A genuine look of disgust played across Face's features thinking about greasy meal, but if it was what Murdock wanted, then it was what they'd have. At least after a little resistance. "Aww, Murdock, you know that means we have to go out, drive about 10 miles just for a burger."

"It's not just a burger, Face, it's a Double Whammy..."

"Yeah, okay, I get it. Come on then, I'll get your jacket."

"I'm not going."

"What? Why not?"

"You may not have noticed, but I can't see and I have some major facial issues right now. I think I might attract a little attention."

"I thought that was the reason why Hannibal took the corvette, so we could travel around in something more discreet."

"No, he took it so he could drive the vette around all weekend and look like a proper Hollywood player, like you try to." Murdock mocked.

"So what, you're worried people will look, does that matter?

"No, not until they look who I'm with." Murdock put on a voice, not a million miles from Goofy's "'Hey isn't that that wanted criminal?'"

"If Hannibal finds out he'll kill me."

"How's he going to find out? You need to relax, muchacho. Everthing'll be fine. You're just getting a burger"

"I didn't think it was justa burger?" Face retorted.

"All this talk isn't getting me fed, you know? You're a lousy host."

"Alright, I'm going. Don't answer the door or phone, okay?"

"I won't."


"Cross my heart, hope to die."


Face balanced the drinks in one hand, the bag containing the food tucked under his arm as he attempted to lock the car door, not an easy task, especially when there was a hungry man waiting for you inside. The fading light of the approaching dusk didn't help either.

A scuffing on the pavement caught his attention, and he turned to see who was about. Imagining Murdock having left the house and going for a walk, Face was almost relieved when he saw an unfamiliar man standing there, at least until he noticed the gun pointed at him.

"Mr. Peck. You certainly took some tracking down."

"I think there's been some sort of mistake..."

"We don't make mistakes." The man said.


"There's a few of us here and it may not surprise you to find that you're covered pretty well. I wouldn't try anything."

"Who are you?"

"Names Mick Davis. You don't know me, but this name may ring a bell, Sandra Hanson"

"I've never heard of her." Face lied, as the name Sandy wrapped itself around his brain.

"Bull. She told me all about you're little get together, begged me for forgiveness and said that you seduced her. Now, lets get inside where we can sort this out like real men."

Face's mind flashed to Murdock inside. He couldn't let them get in there with him. There was no telling what was going on here but he knew if they tried anything, Murdock would come to his aid and he was in no condition to get in a fight. "Look, why don't we take this some place quieter. I have guests inside."

Davis smiled at him. "We already know about your blind friend in there. There's a gun on him right now, so I don't think we'll have too much of a problem keeping him in line, do you?"

Face cringed inside. Hannibal and the others always warned him he'd get into trouble one day the way he played about. Most of the bimbos he went with claimed they were unattached and maybe he was the dumb one believing them all.

Sandra was no exception. She told him she'd broken it off with her boyfriend and was just looking for some fun.

These results didn't seem very fun to him.

Davis pushed Face forward and told him to unlock the door, taking the bag of food from Face's arms and throwing it on the lawn away from the house, then repeating the process with the drinks. Once the door was unlocked, Davis pushed Face away and signalled to someone to come over.

"Thomas, you and Briggs go move our friend out of the way, while I have a little chat with Mr. Peck." Davis said to the man. He was the usual flunkie, muscular and mean.

Thomas nodded quickly and made his way into the house. Face realised a few seconds later that the other man, Briggs, must have been in there all along, he'd assumed that they just had Murdock covered. He heard one of the men speaking to Murdock and Face imagined his friend trying to figure out what was happening.

"Shall we, Mr. Peck?" Davis said, pointing the way forward with the gun.

Face lead the way into the house and saw the place was wrecked.

The back window was smashed in and several pieces of furniture had been knocked over. Face guessed that once these guys saw Murdock wasn't able to see them, they had a little fun in tearing the place up, disorientating him as much as possible. If that wasn't the case, then Murdock had put up a fight before he'd been over powered. In the end, the result was the same. Murdock was being kept at bay by two thugs while Face was held at gunpoint by a guy whose girlfriend he'd slept with.

He wasn't sure how things could get much worse.


"So Peck, I guess you thought you were real smooth, huh? Moving in on my girl like that."

"Look, if I'd known..."

"Shut it." Davis was a good 5 inches taller than Face and bulky too, someone that if the team were going up against, they'd leave for B.A to fight.

Face could hear the men in the next room talking, things being moved about, wondered if they were roughing up Murdock by now. "Can't we just sort this out like grown men?" Face attempted, keeping his eyes on the man in front of him. He didn't expect the man to talk this through over coffee but it was worth a try and it gave him a little more time to think of a way out of this.

Davis aimed the gun at Face's head. "This ends now."

And then he pulled the trigger.