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Hermione watched the back of the door for some time almost as if willing it to give her the answer for what she should do next.

"You going to let me in? or do i have to apperate in there?" asked Ron eventualy.

Hermione felt her fingers working on the door handle unvolenteraly, it was a reflex, he asked and she did, it had always been that way why would that ever change. He was stood in the hallway , looking through the tiny gap for a peep hole that had never really worked in the first place. His hair was hidden under a dark blue baseball hat and he wore a dark gray hoodie, he looked like the drink had effected him last night aswel although she knew for a fact that he must still look better than she did.

"I thought that i had better come make sure you hadn't drunk yourself to death." he said letting himself in.

"Thanks, I think?" she said closing her door behind him as he crossed in to her kitchen area.


"You'll be lucky, I don't even have any shopping in yet..."

Ron gazed at her from under his peak, his eye brows raised.

"I normaly just eat out..."

"Oh yes the french do that don't they... never understood it myself, just as well I'm a wizard then isn't it and I don't need shoping...go get yourself dressed it'll be ready by the time you get back." he orded.

Hermione stood watching him for a moment or two before doing as she was told. What was he up to? Did he really think he could just sudenly make things alright by stupid little gestures? The smell of bacon filled the flat making her stomach grumble, it felt like forever since she had last eatten, it seamed like an age since last night and she was having isues with the fact that she had such large blank spaces in her mind.

There was so much that she could remember, but the things that she couldn't seamed to grow with each passing day.

She rummaged through the suitcase that she still hadn't unpacked till she found her favourte jeans and shirt before heading to the bathroom, she tried her best not to look over at him as she passed out in to the living area and back in to the small tiled room.

She could hear him singing along to the radio, he must have found it in one of the crates, she sighed as she turned on the water testing it with her hand, it seamed to be ages ago since she had last listened to him do something so normal...so Ron.

She steped in to the shower and let the hot water run over her, it washed away the troubles of the night before.

When she emerged from the bathroom it was to find most of her things unpacked and he books moving themselvs towards the bookshelf.

"I was going to do it." she muttered.

"Well it's done now." Ron said ordering her to the makeshift table in the middle of the room. "Eat, it'll make you fell better at least." she did as she was told as he carried the two plates of bacon sausage and egg to the table.

"Where have you been?" asked Mrs Weasley rushing around her hair hid under a cloth to keep her rolers in place. She looked more stressed than Hermione had ever seen her, she didn't envy her one bit.

"Getting the last of the things, you know what you asked us to do?" said Fred rolling his eyes. " we would have been faster but Ron did a disapearing act on us."

"I was five seconds if that." said Ron heading for the house. Hermione smerked and followed him.

" You only incorage them." she said catching up to him as he put the last of the packages down on the table, she watched him pocket the smallest package and put it in the pocket of his jeans.

"What's that?" she felt herself asking as she tried to edge her way around to the side with the consealment.

"Nothing for you to worry about just now..." he said smiling at her and moving out of the way of her advances.

Hermione felt her face contourt, Ron just smiled at her tapping her on the end of the nose like you would a small puppy. "You're starting to turn in to me,You never used to be so impaceant."

"well I personaly think that I've done more than enougt waiting to last me a life time don't you."

Ron just shook his head and checking that no one was watching kissed her gently on the end of the nose.

"You can wait till after, it's nothing... honest." he said turning his attention to the last of the list that his mother had left them to handle. She watched him move around the large arger in the corner , pulling things from the shelfs and placing them on the table, he didn't seam to mind that she wasn't helping if anything he looked quite at home in his family kitchen. It was something that she had never really noticed before they were together, the way that he moved when he was relaxed. But then again had he ever really been all that relaxed before they had gotten together.

She sat that way, passing away the day watching him busy himself until Ginny had collected her, ushering her away to the stairs and the preening that had to be done so that they would still shine under Flure's brightly burning lights.

"Personaly I think you should put it somewhere safe." he said his mouth full of sausage, evedently time had not changed the fact that he was a pig.

"Why though?"

"Beacause if Mum come's here she wont stop till she's looked all the way through it, and can you imagin the field day that Rita Sketter would have if she could get her hand on pictures of us back at school..." he shook his head, " It's not worth thinking about..."

"Plus you have your fans to worry about." said Hermione trying hard not to laugth at his face.

"Oh yeah, them." he paused. " What the heck is that suposed to meen?" he said pausing sausage half way to his mouth.

"I'm just saying, they could get traumatised seeing school photos of you. I meen I found you atractive but the whole gangly ginger geek dosn't do it for everyone."

Ron preteneded to look hurt but it didn't last long before he started laugthing. "You're one to talk Little miss bucktoothed and draged through a hedge backwards, That's an atractive look if ever there was one."

"You seameed to like it!"

"Ah yes but I was a gangly ginger geek so I was desparate." he said finaly swallowing his bit of sausage.

"I blame it on Harry." Hermione said when they both stopped laugthing.

"Yeah. I blame it on Harry too."

"Blame what on Harry?" Hermione asked.

"If he hadn't been in such a rush to make me find you in that bloody bathroom when Quirrel let in that bloody troll." Ron shook his head and looked at her, she could see the traces of what he used to be under the sham that he showed off to other people. "That bloody troll turned you in to the monster you are today."

"I'm not a monster." said Hermione scraping her hair back in to a ponytail and securing it with the hair elastic around her wrist.

"No but you do seam to have developed a blatant disregard for the rules." Ron said picking up the plates and taking them back to the sink. "Personaly I miss the goody too shoes."

Hermione knew that if she had the energy she would have picked up her wand and cursed him, nothing nasty just enougth to give him a short sharp shock.

"I saw Lavender on the way home."

Ron dropped the plate in the sink, Hermione was almost sure she had heard it crack, but Ron had more than mastered non verbal spells in the last war and she knew she would never be able to see the join.

"Oh how is she?" Hermione saw that the tops of his ears were starting to go red.

"I'm not sure, she saw me grunted something considerably Lavender ish about tealeaves and disapeared off in to the back office.

"Oh well."

"All in all I think she handles herself well." said Hermione walking over and taking the plate off him."Better than some people that I know." Ron looked at his hands as Hermione stacked the plates neatley near the sink. He was watching her carefuly.

"Last time we stood about at a sink like this you were covered in the stuff out of them stinking pods."

Hermione nodded he was right it was the last time they had done something as compleatly normal as wash pots, although that day had been anything but normal, the pods in question had been ingredents in a highly affective love potion, a potion that had eneded up all over the two of them in one of there trade mark arguments, Hermione remebered it as if it was only yesterday. The slow realisation that the effects of the almost undiluted love potion had no affect on either of them, the shock discovery that thoughs already in love were the only ones imune. She could still remember the shocked look upon Ron's face as he read and re-read the information and digested it, the feeling of suddenly knowing the truth in cold hard facts. The day she had fond out that Ron Weasley was as hoplesley mad about her as she was about him. She couldn't help it she smiled at him.

"You're right it was."

The air in the room seamed to change, as if suddenly talking about a shared memory of something so bitter sweet had brought in to sharp contrast the reality of there current situation.

"I never ment to hurt you you know." He said quietly.

Hermione put her hand in to the water and took hold of his.

"But you did." She said looking up at him.

"I'm so sorry, You know how.." he trailed off.

"Yeah I know." she said giving his hand a tiny squeze before taking it out of the water. She dried her hands on the teatowel on the bench and turned to him leaning on her hands that suported her on the bench. "Well Ronald what's the plan for today?"

"I have no idea, it's such a nice day outside that it seames a shame to stay inside all day."

"Well as long as we're back by four I told Harry I would babysit, let him and Ginny have a night out...and no bloody Quidditch."

Ron looked hurt, but he smiled through it. "So no Quidditch...at all?"

Hermione pointed at the door, "You play Quidditch every day for Merlins sake, one day will not kill you."

"But we could go see the Cannons..."

"Thin Ice Ronald, very thin..."

Orange socks, orange socks with blue dress robes, she shook her head as she watched him,Good god she couldn't take him anywhere, she thought momenetraly of going over and stoping him totaly humiliating himself in front of Flures friends but where would the fun in that be?

She was quite shocked when he bade them goodbye and beconed her towards him.

"I thought you liked the french?" she said sarcasticly.

"Only from behind." he said rolling his eyes, " Come on I got something to show you."

"Why am I suddenly scared for my life?" Hermione said following him around the side of the Burrow.

"Because you live life on the edge..." if he had been in arms reach she would have hit him, hard and probably around the back of the head. She would have kissed it better but she still would have hit him.

When she had followd him to the end off the yard and past the pond Hermione gasped. The small seating area was laid out with blanket and lanterns stolen from the main wedding reception. The cut off tree trunk that was used by them as a table had a single bottle of the wine, stolen from the high table and two small goblets.

"What's this all for?"

"I figured that they would all be so ocupied with Bill and Flure that they wouldn't miss us much."

Hermione walked over to the blanket and took a seat letting her robes sprawl out on the floor around her, she was lost for words, she honestly didn't have a single sylable to put together to let Ron know how she felt. She had never imagened he had one romantic bone in his body.

He sat himself down on the blanket next to her, his blue dress robes looking slightly more crumpled that they had first thing this afternoon. He routed through his pocket untill he pulled out a small parcle wraped in silver paper. He handed her it.

"What's this for?" she managed quietly.

"Just because I can."

She carfuly unwraped the silver paper he had obviously taken him so long to wrap, when one side was unfolded the small jewlery box that they had seen that morning came in to view.

"Ron, you can't afford to buy me things like this!"

"I wanted too and who else am I going to spend the money on?" he smiled at her. " Open it."

She did as she was told.

Inside lay two silver bands.

"I wasn't sure if it would fit I had to guess your size." he said apologeticly. Hermione took the smaller of the two rings and put it on her finger. Ron took the other and slid it on his own.

"It's not a jewlery box, it's a promise box, the wizard in the shop told me, it's where I got the idea for these from." he indidcated the ring on his finger.

"It's my promise to you. I pomise that whatever happens in the next few days, weeks ,months or years I will always be by your side." he said.

Hermione looked from Ron to the silver band on her finger, she was choking up, she felt a overwhelming urge to hold him close and never let him go.

"Hermione say something will you?" He said a look of worry crossing his face.

She slung her arms around him and pulled him close wraping the soft material of hs robes through her fingers as she did so.

"And I'll always be by yours, after all you are my best freind." she said quietly as she felt his hands agaisnt the bare skin on her back. He traced his fingers around on her skin making her shuder under his touch. Ron must have felt it to he buried his head in to the side of her neck, Hermione could feel the heat of his breath against her skin. He gently kissed her neck, knowing fine well that it made her shudder even more.

"You smell like my Hermione today." he said in a soft whisper, Hermione knew exactly what he ment, she knew the smell of Ron .

"And you smell like home."