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Chapter 3: Ascend Higher

The guests looked at the other side of the river in astonishment. Surely, there was already a word used to call unusually short members of the human race; the word midget. But the creature, or rather creatures, as more entered out into the open from a door in a part of the cave, were so short and unusual looking that they wondered whether if the short individuals were even a species of the human race at all.

"Oompa Loompa, Oompa Loompa, my little friends, the Oompa Loompas," Wonka said in a slight whistle. "They're my factory workers all over this factory. As you can see, my factory is pretty large so my number of employees is pretty large too."

"Those aren't real people, are they?" Violet asked.

"Haha, of course they are," said Willy. The guests stared at the four Oompa Loompas on the other piece of land for a longer time, in precautious awe as if one of them would turn suddenly turn around in the humid air and look at them with a set of ravaging teeth.

"I see others over there," Mr. Salt spotted, as more Oompa Loompas started to appear from behind one of the spiraling hills in the distance. They seemed to be hopping up and down in a continuous motion, all for no reason.

"How did you get so many of them?" Mrs. Gloop asked.

"Well," started Wonka. As he told his story, the shadowing look on his face only showed a look of hidden worry, and horrible thoughts, as he began to recall his time years ago, in the land of Sad Idleness. The land that existed only to those who believed in what the inhabitants believed in. What the Oompa Loompas believed in.

"There I was. Searching for what I needed for my factory, my home, my safe, which was at least thousands of miles from where I currently was, alone in the humid forests of the strange land. I felt forgotten, like a lost member of a scavenger hunt, or a student lost during a field trip. But I wasn't a student anymore. I was an adult, boosting my collapsing career in the chocolate business. While avoiding strange and bizarre creatures and insects of the wild land of Sad Idleness, I stumbled through a flurry of thorn bushes and landed on another side of the hidden path. Then I came across a hut. Then another hut, followed by another. At then I realized that I was in the land of a set of inhabitants, in a town. I then saw the first Oompa-Loompa I had ever seen. What did I think of his creature? I did not think it strange, nor did I think it as a deformed individual. I looked at it as if it were another being of the human race."

"Another being of the human race?" Mike asked. "That's messed up."

"Hey little boy," Willy said in an irritated voice. "There's a word called perspective, which gives us all different viewpoints of different things. You may think video games are the most excellent, I despise them. You might think that being fried up is not such a pleasant thing, while someone might enjoy it and compare it to getting a mild sunburn. You might Oompa Loompas look mutated and weird, but believe they looked like creatures none other than us."

"Do go on, Mr. Wonka," said Mr. Teevee, as his son gave him an annoyed look of boredom. "As a Geography teacher, I'm interested in this land that I've never heard about before."

"I'll just cut to the chase," Willy said. "In that way, everything would be right on schedule."

"As I accustomed with their awkward habits, which I won't hide the fact were utterly disturbing in most ways, and after I had lived with them for two full mornings, I wanted them to be my loyal workers. Boost my career. And that's when they agreed. I brought them back here, where they built, and built, and built, and made this wondrous dream of mine turn into a reality. They built almost every room to the addition of my previous, torn down factory that had existed just the day before they began to build. They added every touch to the factory, the floors, even every speck of paint added to the wallpaper throughout this factory. They made the churning waterfall, and everything. But, I still owed them something."

"And…what would that be?" Grandpa Joe asked.

"Hum deed um," said Wonka in a gleeful voice. "This is the point of our tour. You must figure out-"

"Excuse me," came the worried voice of one of the guests, and they looked to see Mrs. Gloop coming from behind the others, who were standing and listening to Wonka's tale. She pushed and stepped her way through until she was nearly face to face with the chocolatier, who simply stood and looked at her with an uninterested face.

"I cannot," she said, panting slightly to catch her breath, "I cannot see my son anywhere. Do you know where he has gone?" Wonka just stood there, as if earphones were built into his body that prevented him from hearing anything. Mrs. Gloop frowned.

"Do you not here me?" she questioned. "My son! I looked almost in all places in this room, and cannot find him!"

"Oh," said Willy, as if he had just noticed she was there. "What was his name again, and his characteristics too?"

Mrs. Gloop frowned again, for a reason nobody could tell for. "Augustus Gloop, a German, plump boy. I know that you know who he is."

"Try looking for him, but he'll be safe," Wonka reassured, the look of uninterest still displayed on his face. Charlie knew that Willy was completely uncaring on the missing condition of one of the guests, and it sent another perspective of unsureness to him. What was wrong with Wonka? Was he just focusing his mind on something else, or was he just this less caring about a missing visitor? The other guests, not sure what to do at all, simply did the moral thing and looked around themselves, not going farther then ten feet from where Mr. Wonka was.

Augustus had indeed wandered away from the rest to the nougat-covered stick coming out of the ground. As he stuffed himself until he could stuff no more, he saw something under the sticky, white Confectionery that was stuck in various places. Walnuts were pasted all over the candy cane. It wasn't a large candy cane, he discovered, it's texture under the nougat resembled wood.

In a quick flash that was too fast for his stubby legs or eyes, the stick flung forwards, like a railroad lever in the grassy ground, and right in front of its way was Augustus. Augustus' head was hit in a heavy manner as he recoiled back, his feet wobbling from the heavy hit as he went to feel his head in pain. He was unaware at how close he was to the edge of the chocolate river, and in a backwards tumble, his body fell into the brown liquid with a large, quick splash.

The thick splash was caught in the corner of Willy's eye, as he turned to look at where the child had fallen in. Suddenly, his reaction went from uncaring and calm to over-frightened and curious, as he called out Mrs. Gloop's name.

"Oh Mrs. Gloop, I see something!" he said, in a tone of voice as if he had found a caterpillar outside in the forest. She didn't hesitate to look directly where Willy was pointing at, and flowing down the river was something that resembled a large, jutting rock sticking out from below, covered in liquid chocolate. It was Augustus, weakly grasping for air as the chocolate was engulfing his body an extra inch down each second.

"Oh my! My son!" she cried, stepping as close to the edge of the river as she could. The others did the same too, stricken with panic as the poor overlarged boy tried to stay above the surface of the sugary stream. Augustus' head was dizzy and aching as his attempts to stay above the melted chocolate started to grow weaker and weaker.

"Why is he flowing down the river?" Mrs. Gloop asked in great concern. "Why don't you help him?"

"We are," said Wonka, his voice calm and still, "We're going to make things easier for him. And the river isn't flowing. He's being sucked in." As Augustus was pulled farther away from them, the group of ten started to maneuver their way across one of the bridges that led them to the other road of the river. Mrs. Gloop let out a gasp as the others and her stood by the edge of the chocolate stream in fear.

The chocolate collecting machine that they had seen earlier hovering in the sky was now placed in the melted chocolate, the tip of the end of the pipe positioned under the layer of brown liquid. It was sucking in with so much energy that a swirling rotation of liquid seemed to form, resembling a roaring vortex that swallowed gallons after gallons of liquid chocolate by the second, and Augustus was being pulled closer. As his mother looked in panic, Willy made his way to the edge of the river to meet the others.

"My son! He is being pulled into the whirlpool!" she cried out in terror. "Save him, save him!"

"Woman, for the third time the pipe will handle everything," he said reassuringly. The pipe was sucking tremendously with full force, as Augustus was spinning in circles around the suction, in sped, rapid rotations. Faster and faster the fat boy went around the glass pipe, until he was suddenly pulled under without any sign or warning. Gasps were emitted from the mouths of the guests, and from Mrs. Gloop, a cry of worry.

Suddenly, Augustus appeared, half of his body visible as he stuck up from the pipe. He took a breath, a deep, suffocated breath of relief and horror. He was stunned, dizzy, and unwell, as he looked at where he was. Below him, he saw a valve close. Around him, the chocolate river that could not reach him anymore. Above him, a long, narrow chute led up to something dark at the top, a hole into another container. He saw that he was in some sort of pipe, and that above him, the glass pipe got gradually thinner. But most of all, he was unwell.

"Mama! Mama!" he yelled, but within the enclosed glass pipe, no sound could be heard. But his mother saw that he was yelling within the tube with all his might.

"Oh my gosh," she sighed out loud in relief. "He's okay, I see him." The others seemed to relax as well, seeing that Augustus was blinking and conscious, but seemed to be stuck in a tight situation.

"Below him, the pipe is now blocked with a valve to prevent any chocolate to be sucked in along with Mr. Fat Boy, " Wonka told all of them, as they all gathered around him. "We'll suck him in."

"But look at that pipe," Mrs. Beauregarde said in wonder. "It gets smaller as it goes up. How can he make it up?" Indeed, they saw that the pipe gradually got thinner on its way up, up to the rectangular storing container above it. It was like a stretched and long upside-down funnel.

"My son is not able to make it up!" Mrs. Gloop pointed out in confusion. "How will he make it!"

"He will ascend higher, and higher, and before you know it he'll make it."

Just then, Augustus began to rise at full speed, his body seemed to levitate in air as he began to shoot up rapidly. He couldn't prevent anything as he went higher and higher, and as the guests watched anxiously from below, they saw Augustus hit into only three-fourths of the way up, into a part of the pipe, where it got too skinny for him. The crowd of guests gasped as Augustus was literally smacked into the narrow section of the pipe, where the air was still pulling in air at top force. Augustus shoulder's were bruised, as he winced in pain at the sudden collision. Then, the pulling of air stopped, and Augustus fell all the way down with the force of gravity. The guests gasped again as he fell all the way back to where he had started, a distance of twenty feet.

"Augustus!" cried Mrs. Gloop in horror, "Augustus! Oh, my poor child!"

"Don't worry," Mr. Wonka reassured again."The vault that sealed the pipe and that Augustus had fallen to from around ten feet in the air is made out of a very soft rubber, bouncy, like a trampoline."

"The boy isn't moving," said Grandpa Joe in shock, and they could still see half of his body, half of it below the surface of chocolate in the pipe. He wasn't moving, but his eyes fluttered open as if he had just awaken. Augustus had taken the fall pretty badly, and his legs had two big cuts on each of them, spreading blood along the bouncy floor of the pipe which only had a three foot diameter. His shoulders were throbbing with pain, and then he coughed. Was there any air coming into the pipe?

"We're going to try again," Mr. Wonka said, and it did. The pipe started to suck in at full force once for the second time, and Augustus was caught in a sudden movement as he was lifted into the air, yelling in fear as he closed his eyes. His shoulders smashed once again into the section of the pipe which was too skinny for him, and the air kept sucking in. The crowd was stunned, too shocked to say anything as the suction died out again and Augustus fell back to the bottom of the glass pipe at full speed. This time, he was able to land in his posterior, however, his hand was slid against the edge of the glass against his body on the way down. He screamed with terror. He had lost a fingernail.

"Stop it!" cried Mrs. Gloop in panic. "Stop it!"

"But it's just started," said Mr. Wonka, and everyone saw the smile that crept up to his mouth. Suddenly, footsteps were heard. Not just one set, but over ten of them. Within seconds, the footsteps was so loud that it thundered the ground and seemed to minimize the existence of the nervous visitors, as from all around them the Oompa Loompas started to appear from almost every area of the Chocolate Room. They were making their appearance fast, as if they had a schedule to meet, but they danced in a strange matter as they ran. The entire room was full of the strange creatures, all in designated places that covered nearly everything.

"There are...over a hundred of them, "Charlie said in awe.

"Well, the land of Sad Idleness was a great reproducing spot," Wonka said to him. "All of them willing to join my factory." The guests watched the Oompa Loompas, who started to hum greatly, then more greatly, then even more, until they stopped. Then, as they sang, they danced a strange, unusual dance:

Augustus Gloop, Augustus Gloop, the great big gluttonous nincompoop!

Oh Augustus Gloop, so fat and rude, he stuffs himself with so much food.

He's not skinny or thin, or as we say, when we suck him in he will be that way!

Just how long till he's through that pipe?

It'll squeeze him and absorb his life! It'll squeeze him and absorb his life!

They started to dance even more, spreading their arms around and spinning in circles, followed by a rhythmic dance step that went from behind to front. The guests stared in awe, not just at their dance, but the words they had just sung as a chorus about the boy in the pipe.

"Wait, how do they know my son!" Mrs. Gloop said in panic. "And get my son out!"

We hope he won't get too mushed up, and we must admit there's not much air

Inside that pipe all space is gone, and suffocation's much aware.

"Oh my!" cried the poor woman, even more frantically. "Suffocation! They said there's no air in the pipe! What is happening to my son?!"

"Woman, just wait," said Wonka.

Augustus tried to stop the bleeding from his hand as he coughed again. Nearly all the air was sucked out from the previous two suctions, leaving the enclosed pipe nearly airless. Then within seconds, he started to cough even more, then he choked for a quick second. He felt air starting to rise from above him, a strong, whirring suction from above, as he ducked his head in terror.

It's what we need, a big fat hog

The Oompa Loompas all simultaneously did a handstand, then a backwards roll.

The first we get, the Nutty Log

And though he plays a minor role

We got it here, our first, first...


Then, Augustus was lifted once again, as he expected the worst. The crowd was watched for the third time, as Augustus was lifted up and up with such immense suction. The Oompa Loompas danced even more, as Augustus' shoulder's were slammed into the skinny section of the pipe once again. He let out a final scream as his clavicle, being pulled in with so much pressure that continued for over five seconds, was fractured, then let out a sickening snap. As the suction stopped, Augustus fell down, his blood smearing against the sides of the glass tube. Horrified gasps escaped from the guests, more horrified then before. The Oompa Loompas seemed to vanish, as they ran away as quickly as possible. Mrs. Gloop screamed.

"I've been reached by one of my Oompa Loompas," Mr. Wonka announced with no concern. "Augustus had just received a mild bloody nose, and had dirtied the inside of the chocolate pipe."

"Wonka, I demand you to let him out, now!" Mrs. Gloop cried frantically.

"I would hate to see him drown in the chocolate if I were to release the vault," Mr. Wonka said. He was just met with a stare of uncertainty and terror from the mother, but for the others, a wave of safety swipe over them, after they had discovered that Augustus was just slightly hurt, but rather fine. However, what they thought had happened to him was far off from the truth, the horrible truth that I would only include in an M-Rated, seperate chapter. Suddenly, Willy's eyes got wide as if he had forgotten something important.

"The boat!" he cried. "Oh my gosh, the boat!" Right behind them, a strange, magenta structure that represented a boat and a seahorse at the same time was floating down, with nearly fifty Oompa Loompa on board, rowing at a slow rate.

"We have to go! Now!" he exclaimed in panic. "Now, now everyone!" His words and burst of panic was enough to make the guests step towards the moving boat, cautious, as none of them stepped in. Willy Wonka was the first one.

"Come on, come on, we need to reach the most important room of the factory!" he said in a hurry. "Come on!"

"Daddy, I want to ride that boat, so let's go now!" Veruca told her father. Mr. Salt held her hand as the stepped onto the moving boat. Charlie and his grandfather stepped aboard also, as his grandfather tripped and fell backwards on one of the seats.

"Grandpa!" said Charlie in shock. "Are you okay?"

"I'm all right," he said, then looked up ahead of the boat. They were entering into a cave, a dark and gloomy cave that seemed to have an ominous shade around it.

"It'll lead us around the factory," Mr. Wonka explained, looking at the curiosity of Grandpa Joe's face.

Violet and her mother ran to catch up to the boat, which had since increased its speed. "Watch your step...ooaah!" Mrs. Beauregarde stepped back in caution. "Mr. Wonka, can't you make these Oompa Loompa stop rowing for just a second? I might not make it! They've drifted the boat away from the edge of the land, look"

"They have to follow orders, and that is to never stop rowing," he explained.

"I won a long jump contest in my school once," Violet said, bragging to her mother. "Let's both take a jump."

"You go, girl," her mother replied, and they both made a semi-jump onto the moving boat. Mike ran from behind and jumped onto the boat as well, as his father tried to step his way onto the awkward vehicle.

"Dad, don't be a chicken," Mike sighed. "Just hurry up before you get left behind."

"Wait!" cried Mrs. Gloop. "Mr. Wonka! Mr. Wonka! I cannot leave! I am outraged! My son-"

"The Oompa Loompas will assist you," he reassured for the fifth time. "They know English. I'm sorry Mrs. Gloop, but your tour ends here."

"No!" she shouted. "You must wait!" As Mr. Teevee stepped onto the boat, Wonka looked back no more. Mrs. Gloop was frantic; the rest of the group leaving her including the owner of the factory, even though she never wanted to see Mr. Wonka's face ever again, and with her son stuck and injured in a pipe beyond what she believed had happened, she didn't know what to do. She approached an Oompa Loompa in uncertainty.

The boat was approaching the cave, faster and faster, and it could be assured that by the end of the frightening boat voyage, two people would be dead.

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