Harvest Moon: Naruto Edition

By Awesomoisawesome

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Summary: Naruto's generation learns about the Kyuubi and they shun him. Tried of his lonely life Naruto asked Jiraiya for help and Jiraiya gives Naruto his farm in Flower Bud Village. Will he be able to enjoy a farmer's life or will something go terribly wrong... Naru/Hina/Marie there might be future pairing.

Warning: If you haven't played Harvest Moon 64, please try and find a copy. If you can't then it will be okay, it's still going to be a great story. This story starts when everyone is sixteen except team Gai who are seventeen. Sasuke has already come back too and Sakura didn't know his secret. Sorry about the sadness in chapter 1.

Chapter 1: Unbearable

Life for Naruto Uzumaki was unbearable. Yes unbearable was the only word to explain the unspeakable lonely feelings he had now. He had been a sucker, he believed in the impossible. For this he now has no one except a few precious people left. Sure it's not bad to trust people but he truly thought they would look pass his dark secret and love him no matter what, it hurt knowing that this wasn't true.

The Konoha 12 were in Naruto's apartment, he had asked them to meet him there because he had something to tell them. Tsunade had been pressuring him to tell them his secret because she thought they would accept him and he could truly be happy. He was nervous about it but Tsunade had finally gave up and made it a mission for him. While he waited for them, he gave himself a peep talk. Telling himself that it will be okay and course they would accept him was the only thing that made him feel better.

"What are we doing here Naruto?" asked Sakura who was getting pissed, she had things to do and didn't want to spend the whole day with him. Most of the other people felt the same way. There was only one person to be truly happy to be there and it was Hinata.

It was like a dream come true, her Naruto-kun had invited her to his apartment. It wasn't perfectly romantic with everyone there but it was a start. She had been waiting so long to be with Naruto and she had a good feeling about this.

"I...I...I have something to tell you guys..." Even though Naruto believed that they would accept him, it still was hard to tell them your biggest and darkest secret that you have been keeping from them all your life.

"Come on dumbass what is it? We don't want to be waiting all day." cried Kiba, he had plans to get Hinata on a date for the day and thought she would say yes.

"Yes, Naruto what youthful thing do you have to tell us, My friend." said Lee as he slunk an arm around Naruto's shoulder. Normally this would annoy any person but this simple act of friendship was all Naruto needed to find the courage he had.

"I have a secret I have been hiding all my life and I think it's time to tell you." Naruto had been thinking of the best way to start off this conversion for the pass six weeks, ever since Tsunade gave him the mission.

"We already know you like ramen, Dobe." said Sasuke. With that everyone in the room burst into laughter. It hurt to feel like you couldn't be serious with your friends or at least that was what it felt like to Naruto as he looked down sadly for a brief moment. No he wouldn't show them his true sadness, he promised he would never show anyone that.

Hinata didn't laugh, she was the only one. She saw Naruto's face in that brief moment of sadness, right before he pulled on his mask of happiness. It pained her to see this, it pained her to see her Naruto suffering just because these bastards wouldn't be concerned about his feelings

"Shut up everybody, he has something to tell us!" screamed Hinata, everyone looked at her because they all knew Hinata never ever raised her voice let alone say shut up. To say the least it got everyone to be quiet.

Naruto was stunned, he never knew Hinata could be so loud. "Like I was saying...do you guys remember what happen sixteen years ago?" he was getting nervous now.

Everyone started to pay attention now, they had no idea what Naruto was going to say. At first more than half of them expected Naruto to tell them he was really a girl, but now this was out the window.

"What do you mean...just the Kyuubi incident is the only thing I can think of." said Shikamaru. For a genius he had an idea where this was going but he prayed to god that it wasn't true.

"The Fourth...he couldn't kill the Kyuubi...so..." Naruto couldn't get any farther without hearing a 'what' and a 'no' and a 'yeah right what's this guy smoking'. They had all been told that the Fourth killed the Kyuubi with a forbidden technique so it was obvious to them that Naruto was lying just to get attention.

"Everyone, Naruto is trying to tell us something. Let's listen please." said Choji. He hated how everyone just accused Naruto for lying. He was there friend no matter what and Choji believed he deserved more respect.

"Yosh! Guys this isn't youthful, we must give Naruto support because telling us this isn't easy." said Lee. They decided to be quiet and listen because the quicker Naruto got done the more time they had for themselfs. Most of them seemed so selfish it was a wonder they came at all

"Thanks guys," Naruto looked at Lee, Choji, and Hinata. They seemed to care a lot more than the others, "He didn't have much of a choice so he sealed it in a new born child..." This was hard and the looks they were giving him were so close to cold that he didn't what to finish.

Naruto lifted up his shirt, and started to mold chakra. All he heard was gasped, it hurt to see the looks of fear on their faces. "He sealed it within me..." Naruto finished, as the last word was said his carefully placed mask of happiness slipped revealing his sadness.

The reactions were different, Hinata, Lee, Sasuke, Choji, and Shikamaru looked away from Naruto and had a looks of sadness and regret on their faces. Sakura and Ino cringed back in fear and hate, with the same eyes as the villagers had. Kiba started to growl and Akamaru joined him. Shino, and Neji looked slightly angry but it was hard to tell. Tenten looked at him with disgust and anger. Everyone of their families had lost someone because of the Kyuubi, it hurt to see a reminder of it.

"Get-t-t away from us you monster!" screamed Sakura. She had no idea how bad that felt to Naruto as he visibly cringed. He thought she would of accepted him, he thought someone would look at him with the same eyes as before. Could he really have been that gullible?

"Stay away from us you demon!" screamed Kiba and Ino. With that everyone left in a hurry. Naruto curled up into a ball and started to cry on the floor. The pain it was unimaginable, he could hardly bare it. He fell asleep when he ran out of tears, and laid there for the rest of the week.

The month passed by slowly for Naruto. Sakura and Ino had told every single person in their generation by the end of the day he had told them. Now he got the cold stares from everyone. After the first few days, Naruto gave up going outside and just sat in his apartment alone. He spent most of his time trying to kill himself but the dumb fox healed him too quickly. Soon he stopped trying and just laid in bed for days on end. All his senseis tried to talk to him and cheer him up, but it didn't work. Soon they gave up too and stopped coming around. Jiraiya was the only one who wouldn't leave Naruto and he visited everyday.

One day, Jiraiya stopped by with some ramen. It was the day he caught Naruto cutting his wrist. Jiraiya grabbed Naruto and gave Naruto the one thing he needed. A hug, it was a father and son type of hug but it let Naruto cry on Jiraiya's shoulder. Naruto cried and screamed, "Why, just let me die! Please have mercy on me."

After a few moments Naruto calmed down and he looked Jiraiya in the eye. "I can't stand it anymore, Jiraiya...I just can't deal with the loneliness..." Naruto looked so sad it broke Jiraiya's heart. Jiraiya had always seen Naruto as the son he never had. He had to do something about this, he couldn't just let Naruto suffer anymore.

He reached into his pack, to get a kunai. Jiraiya planned to let Naruto rest finally. However when he felt around he found a strange piece of paper he had on him. It was a deed to a farm, he used to go there when he traveled the world. It healed his homesick heart and it was without a doubt one of the friendliest villages he had ever seen. He had forgotten about it all this time, just maybe this was what Naruto needed to be happy.

"Hey Naruto...I've got an idea. Pack up your stuff and meet me at Tsunade's office." said Jiraiya as he walked out the door. Naruto was surprised but figure it was worth a try at least. 'Better than trying to kill myself all day' thought Naruto as he walked into his bedroom.

Tsunade was up to her neck in paperwork, it had been a busy week for the village of Konoha. There were thousands of needless forms to be filled out that day and it wasn't her cup of tea to do it. It was the one of the down sides about being the most powerful person in the village. She really needed sake or a nap, it didn't matter which one came first.

She was half way done with most of her daily work when Jiraiya rushed in. He looked like he had an idea, a very deranged idea. "What do you want...Jiraiya?" asked Tsunade as she stared at him. From the tone in her voice, he knew she didn't feel like being messed with today.

"I'm taking Naruto far away from this horrible village," he said in a somberly tone. She was shocked to say the least, but she understood. Ever since she found Naruto crying in his house she knew this day would come. Over the weeks, the guilt had been eating her alive. No matter what people called him, she would always and forever call him her family.

"I see...where are you taking him?" Tsunade was hoping he would tell her so she could at least visit him, but she knew that would be dangerous. The council were already planning to execute Naruto the first chance they got. They would demand that she told them where he was.

"You know I won't tell you, but he will be safe and I think he might be happy..." Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Naruto walked in his usually manner, and that was what drove Tsunade into tears. She loved the boy and hated to see him at so artificial, almost as if he were the greatest actor in the world. Every time she saw him like this, it made her wonder if she ever really knew the real Naruto.

"Why are you crying Baa-chan?" asked Naruto as he walked over to her and held her. He hated when people cried, especially when it is one of his precious people.

"I'm sorry Naruto...I haven't been there for you...I'm just so sorry," she let everything she had been holding in for the past month spill out. It hurt her greatly to see Naruto without any true happiness in his eyes. She desperately wanted to take back that mission and forget it ever happen.

Almost as if he could read her mind, he looked at her with the saddest smile she had ever seen and said, "It's better this way...they would of never accepted me." Jiraiya could feel the tears in his eyes as he heard those words. He knew he had to take Naruto away from this place that day, Jiraiya prayed to God that he wasn't too late to save Naruto's soul.

After awhile, Jiraiya and Naruto left the office to go to the gates. Tsunade told them she could give him a few days before anyone came after him. Naruto knew that he would become a missing-nin, but he didn't care. A life of hiding was greater than the measly existence he had now.

As they walked towards the gates, it started to rain. It was a slight drizzle but it created a mood of pure sorrow and misery. Naruto started to think about all he was leaving, it wasn't much but there were some good things in this hateful village. Eating ramen with Iruka at Ichiraku, watching the sunset on the Hokage monument, and bothering Tsunade were just a few things he would miss. Maybe this would be a new start and have a better ending than his last life.

Naruto and Jiraiya looked back only once as they walked out for the last time. Jiraiya had decided to leave and not come back. He was getting old and he wanted to travel the world more. That wouldn't be possible if he stayed there and let himself rot. Only one thought went through Naruto's head as he saw Konoha for the last time, it was about damn time.

Sorry about this story starting so sad. I am trying to flex my writing muscle and try to get as sad as possible to properly set it as a very sad dramatic story with hints of happiness and a good ending. Plus I was in a mood to play Harvest Moon. This story will have quite a few happy moments and even sadder ones later on. If you don't like it and you want something longer, with a bit more story with it. Try Hinata's New Life or if you need comedy try Kinky Jack Spicer's Crazy Ninja Plan. Very good stories or at least in my opinion they are very good. Check my profile to get to them and leave reviews please. The more reviews I get the faster and better done my work gets. This Story and Kinky Jack hopefully make up for my long absent. Always check my profile for daily updates and info on future chapters.

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Expect Hanabi's New Dilemma to come out soon, as soon as Hinata's New Life is done. It will go like this Hinata's New Life, Hanabi's New Dilemma, Sasuke's New Ways, Sakura's New Desire, and Naruto's New Dream. I plan to call it the New Chronicles and it will be at least 300,000 words. I have come up with a plot for each one and just like Hinata's, the story doesn't always revolve around the character it's named after, it just means what the story is mostly about. Hanabi's New Dilemma will revolve around Naruto's new obsession with her and the mystery about her teammates' death by Itachi's hands. Please don't complain about the morality of these stories as they are just stories and have no influence from my opinions or my life style except for the fact that I love the Naruto and Hinata coupling and HATE Sakura with a passion. In fact I am a modest baptist teenage boy with strong beliefs of what is right in the world. I just believe that people need to remember that these are just stories and it is disturbing to learn that some people can't tell the difference between the written stories we Fanfic writers create and the real world. After each story, there will be a special rewritten version and hopeful I will have corrected all the mistakes that were in each chapter. Plus the writing will clearer and hopefully nicer.