Harvest Moon: Naruto Edition

By Awesomoisawesome

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Chapter 2: Beginnings

The Sun was shining brightly for the two renegades as they left their old home. It had been several weeks since they started and already the journey across the world had been long and difficult, with few rest stops. Naruto was getting antsy and had no idea were they were going. But anywhere would be better than his old life, he figured.

"Ero-sennin, where are we going anyways?" asked Naruto as they crossed a bridge that lead out of the land of wind, into the unknown for Naruto. Directions were never his strong suit, but he figured that they had traveled farther than ninjas normally go. Wasn't Suna at the edge of the world and they pass that place weeks ago.

"Oh... We're leaving the shinobi world and starting a new life." that was what he would always say when Naruto asked where they were going. It didn't make much sense to Naruto since he figure the whole world had shinobis. He was getting tired of the half ass answer and wanted to know what was going on.

"I know that! But were are we going to start this new life?" Jiraiya looked uneasy, he didn't know if Naruto would like to be a farmer. It was an extreme change in lifestyles, but he might as well get over it. They would be there in a few days.

"Fine Naruto... We're going to a little town called Flower Bud Village." Naruto was confused at first. Why wouldn't he just say that in the first place, it didn't sound so bad, maybe a little girly, but who cared.

"So we're going to the Hidden Flower Bud Village, why didn't you just say so?" Naruto started to walk away, whistling a tune he made up. Jiraiya just shook his head, 'It's going to be a long lifetime...'

"Naruto, we're not going to a hidden village. The Flower Bud Village is just a small farming town. I'm betting they haven't even heard of Ninjas, let alone seen any." Truthfully, the Flower Bud Village was in fact a safe haven for missing-nin to go and get some rest. Jiraiya had a feeling that was the case but didn't worry about that too much. The town was small and uneventful, too peaceful to do any harm.

"WHAT! But what am I going to do there?" Naruto had figure he would still be a ninja, except he would only do small D ranked missions to survive. He had no idea how to be a farmer, he only knew how to kill things, not grow them. Well he was interested in gardening a little but this was in a whole other league on it's own.

"Don't worry Stupid, I'm giving you my farm so you can live off that for awhile. And being a farmer couldn't be easier, just plant, water, love, and pick it's just that easy. I've got a friend who will buy everything you grow." Honestly Jiraiya had never planted a thing, he had let the farm go to waste, but luckily for him, he wasn't the one who has to fix it up. Poor Naruto...

"I'm not sure, I mean I've been a ninja for so long. How can I change so quickly?" Maybe if he was fast enough, he could make it back to Suna in a week. Garaa owed him a favor or two.

"Like I said, Don't worry Naruto. I think your really going to like this town." He was sure Naruto would fall in love with the Flower Bud Village, just like he did the first time he went there. There wasn't a more beautiful or nicer place in the world, the townsfolk seemed happier than any others he had ever met.

"I still don't know..." He was nervous and feeling a little shy about meeting a bunch of new people who would end up probably hating him.

"If you don't like it... well I guess we could always find something else." This was Jiraiya last resort though, he really didn't have a plan B. But Naruto would love it there, he was sure of it.

"Well I'm still not too sure but... I can give it a try and besides if I don't like it we'll won't give up!" Naruto felt bad about this, but if he couldn't find his happiness there he could always find it somewhere else, there is a big world out there.

"Good, now relax, we'll be there in a few days and you don't want to start off all nervous and jittery do you." He thought he had handled the problem pretty well. What was the worst that could happen there.

It took about two more weeks to make it to the Flower Bud Village, after this Naruto didn't plan on traveling for quite some time. However as they got to the top of Moon mountain, he had his first chance to look at the town and what he saw took his breath away. He had never seen such a beautiful village in all his life.

The walk down the mountain wasn't as bad as the climb up, but it still was trouble. Naruto couldn't stop thinking that his new home was going to be beautiful, maybe more beautiful than the village. However once they reach his farm, Naruto was heavily disappointed.

His farm didn't look nearly as nice as the village. All it had was a small shack, a torn down barn, and a field of rocks and weeds. But the place really had a homey warmth to it, he could easy get use to it.

"It's not that bad. And hey it could be worst." smiled Jiraiya happily, the farm would take time to make it livable. Of course Naruto had his Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clone) technique, that would help cut down the need for farm hands.

"Thanks, Jiraiya for everything." For the first time in a long while Jiraiya saw something that he thought didn't exist, a real smile on Naruto Uzumaki's face. Just seeing that smile on his face made things a whole lot better. Life was looking good for Naruto.

"Your welcome, I'm glad to see you like the place."At the time it was hard to see why, but Naruto was the kind of guy who could make anything happier just by being around it.

"It won't take me too long, and with your help we'll have this place growing things like crazy." Things wouldn't be that hard to do or at least Naruto thought that. He was also looking forward to spending so quality time with Jiraiya that didn't involve traveling.

"Sorry brat, but I'm leaving. Can't stay in any one place too long, understand?" Jiraiya had to get moving. If he was quick he could lead Akatsuki and Orochimaru away, plus he didn't want to stay at some hick ass farm in the middle of no where.

"What but I thought you would... Ha Ha Ha like I would need a stupid pervert like you!" Naruto reverted back to his fake smile, the one that showed how much pain he was in. Jiraiya felt like a bastard for doing this to the boy, but he wasn't going to let Akatsuki screw this up for Naruto or at least that's what he kept telling himself.

"Don't worry brat, I'll be back to visit you and stuff. Don't think your alone because I'm not here. Okay." After saying that, Naruto's face lit up slightly. Jiraiya was glad he could at least start Naruto off with a real smile, even if it wasn't that bright.

They stood there for a moment just breathing in the fresh country air, enjoying the beautiful sounds and sights, when they heard a small crash from the back of the house. At first Naruto thought it was a burglar, but that would be stupid since there wasn't anything good in there in the first place. Jiraiya thought it was a Konoha ninja that had tracked them down and decided to kill them, but a real shinobi wouldn't of made a sound.

Naruto decided that Jiraiya should go and investigate the cause of the sound. However Jiraiya thought it would be good training as a farmer if Naruto checked it out. In the end, it was Naruto who tipped toed to the back of the house to see what was there.

It turned out to be just a bunch of old trash cans, a few were knocked over but that was all. Naruto took a deep breath to calm his nerves, 'It was just the wind.' He started to laugh, a shinobi frighten by the wind, just thinking about it made Naruto's sides shake. Suddenly a little brown blur tackled him from no where. All he could do was let out a giant cry for help.

Jiraiya felt bad for sending Naruto to investigate while he wrote some important notes for his next book. This sequel would change the world, or at least he thought so. As he started to write some extremely breathtaking work, he heard a blood chilling scream. His first thought was Naruto as he jumped over the house and landed into the pile of trash cans that were sacked next to the house. It took him a few moments to get out of the situation he had stumbled upon. When he looked at Naruto and saw why he had let out that scream, he bursted into laughter.

Naruto had his eyes closed as he was being attacked by the mysterious intruder, when he heard a strange sound. He had heard that sound before and wondered what it was. It sounded like an old man laughing, but who would laugh at someone who was being maul to death by some weird creature. After a few seconds, he realized that the creature was licking him, not ripping him to death.

"What the hell are you doing Ero-sennin! Get this thing off of me!" cried Naruto as he tried to wrestle the strange creature away.

"That... that thing almost killed me!" screamed Naruto as Jiraiya started to pat it on it's head. If there was one thing that Jiraiya liked almost half as much as women was dogs. His lifestyle made it difficult to take care of pets.

"Stop being a baby, it's just a puppy." smiled Jiraiya. It seemed fate had sent them a little present and now Naruto wouldn't be as lonely as Jiraiya worried he would be.

The said puppy was a brown and white fur mutt, it looked like a basset hound in a way. After relaxing a bit, Naruto thought the dog was sort of cute and wouldn't mind having it around. It looked around for a bit until it caught a glimpse of Naruto, with some sort of amazing acrobatics, it jump from Jiraiya's arms into Naruto's.

Naruto just smiled at the puppy and scratch it's ear. Jiraiya smiled too and said, " It looks like you've made a new friend, plan on keeping it." Naruto just nodded and the puppy yarned, "What are you going to name it?" Naruto looked down at the puppy and thought, what would be a good name.

"Sasuke, yes Sasuke will work just fine." Naruto said tenderly, he still had warm memories about his old friends and what better way to keep them around than naming animals after them.

"Are you sure, I mean I thought you were going to start a completely new life." Jiraiya was worried that having a reminder of his past would keep reminding him of his sadness. That was one thing that Jiraiya hoped that Naruto would never feel again.

"Yes I'm sure, besides I had some good times with them..." Naruto smiled a little and let out a small chuckle. He was sure times would be good and if they weren't then he would change them.

"I don't know..." "Hello is anybody there?" Jiraiya was interrupted by a short fat man in a ringleader uniform.

"It's just the landowner and his son." said Jiraiya as they walked towards the old man in the red uniform. Naruto was shocked Jiraiya would call him his son, it warmed up his heart greatly. Jiraiya had always thought of Naruto as the son he never had, and it would be easier to explain their situation this way.

"Oh, well I never knew you had a son, Jiraiya." The mayor and Jiraiya had been good friends years ago, before he started to move around the world. "You know I have a daughter... wait I'm getting off subject, I heard someone messing around at the old farm and decided to check it out. I'm glad to see you again Jiraiya how have you been?"

"Great, I've published my newest novel just a few weeks ago in fact. You might of heard of it, Icha Icha paradise." If there was one thing Naruto didn't like, it was perverts, especially old, very old, man who shouldn't be looking at some poor teenage girl like that.

"No I haven't, I don't like to read pornography, You know that!" Naruto sighed in relief, he was happy that this man wasn't a pervert. Maybe the rest of the town was like that. Jiraiya smiled sheepishly, he had hoped that things would of change but this might be for the better.

"I'm sorry but who are you?" asked Naruto, he didn't want to be rude but it felt pretty awkward to talk to a stranger. The old man just chuckled and smiled, "I'm the mayor of Flower Bud Village. I'm also a old friend of your father's. What's your name?" Naruto knew he could like this guy, he seemed like the grandfather that Naruto always wanted. "Naruto."

"Naruto... that's a nice name. So what brings you two here, planning on moving back?" The village had seemed a little boring without the toad sennin around.

"Nope, just my boy here. He needs a new life and I thought this would be the perfect place."

"Sounds good, I'm sure he will love it here. Plenty of new faces and new adventures for him to have. Are you planning on starting up the farm?" The mayor smiled warmly, it would be nice to have a new member for the community.

"Yes, I think.. I've never farmed before but I'm going to give it my all!" Naruto wasn't hundred percent sure but he would try anyways.

"That's good, come with me I'll give you a tour of the town. Would you like to come too Jiraiya?" It would be good if he would catch up with everybody, many people missed him dearly.

"No, I need to be on my way. Naruto, I'll be back in a few months to check up on you okay." Naruto looked sad for a brief moment before he put back on a fake smile. Jiraiya saw through it and grab Naruto gently by the shoulder. He whispered in his ear, "Naruto, don't wear that smile. It's not bad to be sad remember that. Don't worry too, I'm sure you will love it here and I will be back soon, I promise."

Naruto just nodded and smiled a real one for Jiraiya. It wouldn't be that bad, life as a farmer would hopefully be good. Jiraiya smiled back and started to walk off towards Moon Mountain, he felt that Naruto was in good hands now.

Naruto started to wave as Jiraiya disappeared from sight. The mayor was sorry about Jiraiya leaving, he wished that he would of stayed for a little while at least. Tears started to run down Naruto's face and land on poor Sasuke's head, waking up the dog from it's nap.

"Naruto, are your ready to meet everyone?" the mayor smiled as he grabbed Naruto by the shoulder and lead him towards town, after Naruto put down Sasuke. Sasuke just walked over to the shack and laid down from a nap.

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