At the Beginning with You

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"Bits and pieces of life are better shared with someone you truly care about..."

"Natsume-kun…" Murmured Mikan in her sleep.

Mikan Sakura. 16 years of age, auburn hair, chocolate eyes. Her skin has a fair complexion and with her curves and beautiful body, many boys at her school want ask her out. But she just ignores them, because her heart belongs to someone. She's the usual kind and cheery girl everyone knows. Always smiling, laughing with her friends. She's really smart but she's just too dense and naïve. But people don't know she carries something painful deep inside her heart. A memory not yet forgotten…

She instantly got up when she heard her alarm clock.

"Stupid alarm clock. Always disturbing my sleep." She yells as she got the alarm clock and threw it in the nearest bean bag. "Oops, my bad" she managed to say as she heard the hard plastic of her alarm clock crack.

"Natsume-kun…" these words escaped her lips. As she realized what she said, she got up and tried to cheer up herself.

"I should not be thinking of him! He's just a stupid jerk who broke a promise!" she said triumphantly. 'But, I guess, I do miss him... Baka! You haven't seen him for years now!' she mentally scolded herself. (You'll find out more on Natsume later on)

"Madame, breakfast is ready." Says her personal maid, Nancy.

"I'll be right there." She said as she proceeded in her shower room, her mind preoccupied with thoughts of her beloved ex-best friend, according to her, who is Natsume.

Mikan took her shower and got out her uniform. She then changed and she went out to eat her breakfast.

"Morning mom, dad." She said as she approached the table. She went to her usual seat on the table which was right across her mom's.

"Good morning mom, dad. And to you too, sis" said Tsubasa, her older brother as he ruffled her hair, sitting right beside her.

"Hey, what was that for?!" she yelled as she glared at her brother. Tsubasa just chuckled at her little sister's expression. Even though she is now sixteen years of age, she still acted like a child, as her brother says.

Tsubasa. 18 years of age, a 2nd year college student in Alice Academy. (Remember, they don't have alices)

When they finished eating their breakfast, they both got up and waved good bye to their parents.

Mikan is now in 4th year high school, but she still acted as a kid and her brother is very overprotective of her. Whenever he heard a rumor of someone who wants to court his sister, he'll threaten the poor guy. Guys are afraid to ask Mikan out because of Tsubasa. He would drive them both to school and they would go home from school together. He would fetch Mikan from her last class. He even memorized Mikan's class schedule. What a brother he truly is, huh?

They both got inside his car and they were both silent during the 15-minute ride. She got out and waved at her brother while Tsubasa just gave a smile at Mikan. On her way to class, Mikan went to the Elementary Division where a Sakura Tree was located. She went over to the Sakura tree and sat underneath it, enjoying the breeze of the wind and the sound of the birds chirping. She was too early to go to class. It was 6:30 in the morning. 30 minutes before classes start. She just sat there as old memories of her and Natsume flooded her mind.

'Oh, Natsume, why did you have to leave? And you are breaking your promise.' She thought, tears forming in the brim of her eyes.

'Baka! You should not be thinking of your ex-best friend. He promised he would come back but he didn't. You should not cry over him.' She mentally slapped herself.

She got up, while wiping her tears with her handkerchief. She then proceeded to the high school division, with the memories of Natsume still lingering in her mind…

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