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Set after 'The End 1, 2 & 3 and spellbound'

Who Am I Now?

Chapter 1: Return of the Hawk

It was a normal day in Titans Tower no one would have expected that everything was about to change. The usual argument of whether to have tofu or meat for breakfast was going on in the kitchen and was no were near a resolution, Robin conversed at the table with Starfire, but Raven the darkest of the titans was on the roof meditating using her usual mantra 'Azerath Metrion Zinthos' .Raven didn't notice the other presence that had watched her on the roof for over a hour until it made itself known.

"Well Hello there little bird long time no see how longs it been a month a year or maybe even longer who knows I know I haven't kept count how about you" Raven nearly dropped out of the air when she recognized the voice but she regained her composure quickly.

"How long have you been there for?" She asked in a civilized manner

"Only about a hour I was actually waiting to see if the amazing Raven could see right through my spell but it seems you that you needed to stay in Azerath with me and progress you powers like I did you have become too adjusted to earth and really need to get re-adjusted to the greater threats like we used to face when young and to think you were the child prodigy I must have you back to your old ways before the wedding you do know daddy will be there but..." he was interrupted by Raven.

"And what makes you think I'll be coming with you?" She mused finally raising out of her meditative position and turned to face him. He still donned red long hair and those yellow cat like eye's that pierced her amethyst one she wore black pair of pants with a tight black t-shirt that had the scathe symbol on the front he wore black boots and to complete his attire he wore a red cloak similar to ravens but instead of being purple his was a deep crimson colour and was held together with a large badge identical to Ravens he was smiling that fangy smile that Raven knew all to well.

"I hoped that you'd ask that ,looks like some things never change hey you still the stubborn ,beautiful and have that same angry feel to you well its a relief to know that the un-replicable characteristics remain as for your fighting and senses be replaced and you will be coming with me see my powers are ore progressed than yours, you left for this useless piece of rock before gaining complete control and all the spells and what not you need to master magic and I have the power to take you by force you will gain my knowledge through marriage naturally maybe we could invite..." Yet again he was interrupted by a very annoyed Raven.

"I DON'T CARE ABOUT CONTROL I WILL NOT BE COMING WITH YOU HAWK" She Screamed the sounds of something smashing below them

"See you can't even feel the slightest amount of emotion without something exploding or being destroyed." He chuckled pointing at her.

"Neither can you" she replied sharply he had evidently pushed her buttons.

"Hey I can feel more than you touchy and if rat me out to your friends I will make sure they die a painful death in your presence" He wisped threatingly "you know I can" he added then sniffed the air "One Tamerainian 1 human a genetically modified human a half robot half human and another human seemingly though I'm not sure" He chuckled ticking each one off on his fingers

"5 there should only be 4 " She mused that's when the titans burst onto the scene followed by a strange looking boy who donned white hair blue eyes and the rest of his face was concealed with a ebony scarf

"Malchior!?" she hissed averting her eyes away from his icy blue ones.

"Oh your no fun you could have let their simple minds figure it out sweet raven" he scolded mockingly with his deep British accent all the titans backed away from the dragon.

"Wait your a half dragon" Hawk piped up raising his finger to point at Malchior "No wonder I couldn't decide what you were dragon blood just detectable" he chuckled

"Only by a trained nose" Malchior added seemingly enjoying his presence

"Who are you?" Robin piped up

"Me I'm a Powerful tainted from Azerath" Raven mocked only to receive a glare from Hawk who then turned to robin and added "What she said, my names Hawk" He said shaking All of there hands except Raven "Well Malchior when are you going to avert to your true form?" Raven asked Malchior didn't answer but merely shrouded himself in smoke but instead of transforming into a dragon he exited the smoke as a completely different human he donned ebony hair witch was the same as Roreks and had forest green eyes that danced in the sunlight he wore the same armour as Roreks except the R was an M.

"You look similar to Roreks" Raven stated

"I know speaking of Rorek he should be here any moment to fight me back into the book any moment" Malchior tutted staring out over the water that's when they seen a silhouette coming towards them.

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