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Chapter 28 – The Plan

The faces of Malchior, Starfire and Cyborg where all turned to where Hawk was holding Raven looking quite confused with the situation. He had thought they where beaten beyond the capability of being conscious, and so to see them standing there, a bit shaky on their stances, but never the less standing shocked him to a silence, the atmosphere plummeted and the other elementals decided that perhaps their assistance was needed after all, Avocets face lit up with a smile that reflected his inner lunacy, the inner sadist coming to the forefront. 'Ooh it's just like Christmas!' he cooed his hand clasped at his chest as though he where a proud mother. The break in the momentary silence seemed to shake Raven from her stupor; she shook her head and stepped back from her red headed peer.

'Just leave Hawk' she hissed, venom lacing her tone her eyes hardening to amethyst shards. He simply laughed taking a step towards her; in turn she took another step back.

'Are you running away little bird?' he asked mockingly, she glared him down.

'Come on, Come on! Are we going to fight? I want to fight! LETS FIGHT!' the words from the air manipulator we're said whilst his hands where in his hair, pulling at it as though he wanted to pull it out, without waiting for an answer he advanced forward, eyes glinting manically at the prospect of more bloodshed.

'Come along Tamaranian, let me hear you scream!' he through the floating girl towards the large bay window where upon impact the glass shattered around her, though still holding her weight, it was at this point that Malchior noticed how little strength the Tamaranian really had left, he then turned to his bionic ally and saw that the fleshy parts of him where all bruised and he sported many wounds which bled lazily, his circuitry wasn't faring much better, the coverings shattered and a few wires hanging out in places, which even with his limited knowledge of technology he knew to be bad. Starfire's skin had become a greyish orange and she sported a selection of cuts, the worst being a deep slash on her midriff and another gash above her right eye witch had swollen to the point it couldn't be opened, and this was only what he could see by looking but he suspected broken bones due to her favourability of flying since regaining consciousness. Taking note of his own state he came to the conclusion he wasn't much better off, his left hand unable to move at all, his left leg unfavourable to stand on and through the blood and bruises he could hardly tell where he was bleeding from anymore. He glanced over at the others who where still in deep oblivion to see they where in worse states than the conscious. And in comparison to the damage they themselves had inflicted on the elementals during Ravens unconsciousness there was a deep contrast, only crow was out of commission and this was only due to a broken wing and foot, he was still conscious and warily watching, as though at the slightest hint of danger he would rise once again, this angered him greatly, but was pleased to see that Raven seemed to have regained all of her memories, or at least the important ones proving them to be allies. Malchior was knocked from his contemplation by Hawk who stuck him across the face with a flame enclosed hand, and Malchior noticed that Crow was back in the fray, fighting with Cyborg, Raven it appeared had interfered with Avocets pledge to make Starfire scream and had took him on herself, with little difficulty, each landing hits on the other, apparently evenly matched. Malchior's hand shot to his now burnt face as he crouched into a defensive position, unable to change forms due to Rorek's condition.

'Dam!' he hissed out, completely in discontent with their situation. The shot was strong, there was no denying it, and it was with this blow that Malchior came to the realisation that up until this point the elementals had been merely playing with them, toying with them, making them believe there was a chance of defeating them, but as they where now taking no chances of defeat and losing Raven, they had no chance of winning this battle. He looked towards Raven and was shocked to see unshed tears in her eyes as Avocet sang azarathian words towards her, she knew there chances had dissipated to near nothing, she knew it, he knew it, that they should retreat. But this building, this tower, this was their home, even Malchior grudgingly admitted it. Their eyes met in the chaos, she nodded in agreement with his conclusion, ever understanding with her telepathic capabilities. They would leave, regroup elsewhere and treat the wounds, both physical and mental, and come up with a plan.

They teleported out of there, Raven leading him, the unconscious in her grasp much to his distain while he took the conscious. When they reached their destination he readily fell into a deep blissful sleep, unable to fight it off any longer.

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