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"Row Row Row your boat, gently down the stream."

Spike looked up from the terrified Slayer he was gloating over and stared at the boy that had been helping his Sire for most of the night. "What the bloody hell are you singing boy?" Spike growled as the boy looked up from where the micro demons where holding him.

"Just a little song I learned a… long time ago." The boy explained casually as he watched the self described 'Big Bad' continue to harass the idiot flat scan he had been trying to protect all night.

"Well would you mind stopping I'm trying to have a moment here." Spike said sarcastically as the dark dressed boy simply nodded his head and the only full powered member of the Scourge of Europe turned back to the Slayer.

"Did you know Vampires can't be affected by telepath's?"

Spike let out a long suffering sigh before turning back to the annoyance he had intended to kill after he finished off the slayer and gave him his best glare. "Yeah mate, everyone knows psychics can't touch us." Spike said as he tried to get back to his Monologue while he still could.

"Is that so? I didn't know that so I guess you were mistaken when you said everyone."

Spike let out a Snarl as he spun towards the boy. "Will you shut the bloody hell up and let me finish here?" He demanded as the boy seemed shocked at the demand.

After a moments consideration he simply nodded his head for the second time.

With a sigh of relief the Vampire turned back to the cowering Slayer with a smile. "Where were we." He asked rhetorically before leaning down to sink his fangs into her neck.

"Row Row Row your boat gently down the stream."

With a strangle scream Spike dropped the slayer and spun towards the boy with every intention of ripping him apart with his bare hands.

He stopped after a moment as he realized the boy's mouth was firmly shut with a knowing smirk on his lips.

"Wha…" spike asked in confusion as he spun around slowly as more voices took up the chant.

As the moments passed more and more of the possessed children started the song as the vampire started to get concerned.

"While vampires are in fact immune to telepathic influence of any sorts the small beings surrounding us are not, and while not even the most powerful can control so many at one time. The fact is every one of them is being controlled by one being already." The boy said as he stood up and tugged his gloves back into position on his hand before clasping his hands behind his back and smirking at the vampire that had been causing him problems for the last several hours. "And as strong as that one being is it is spread out over a massive area meaning the localized strength actually reduces from a quantifiable P twelve rating to a rather sad P four. And I am more then capable of dealing with a P four."

Spike stared at the boy in fear as the last of his minions took up the chant and turned to him with completely emotionless faces.

As one the fifty plus minions he had recruited throughout the night smirked at the vampire.

Those smirking faces were the last thing Spike saw before the flood of micro demons swarmed over him and he was reduced to dust.

(Ethan's Costume Shop)

Giles smashed the bust in anger before looking back where is Ex-Friend lay and sneering at the empty space he had occupied.

(Next Morning: Sunnydale High)

"HARRIS! I want an explanation for…"

Buffy and Willow froze as the principles grating voice stopped in mid rant. Looking at each other they slowly peeked around the corner to see Principle Garfield Bartholomew Snyder staring at a dark dressed Xander Harris before swallowing and nodding.

"I see Mister Harris, please forgive me, I'll see that it's taken care of." Snyder said before turning around and walking down the hallway with a thoughtful expression on his face.

(Warehouse on the far side of Sunnydale.)

Drusilla sat rocking back and forth in the darkness as she tried to make sense of Miss Edith's Words.

/The Corp is Mother, The Corp is Father, The Corp is Mother, The Corp is Father, The Corp is Mother, The Corp is Father, The Corp is Mother, The Corp is Father./

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