Watching as the light began to fade from the eyes of the young man he had failed to save, Alexander Bester frowned slightly before kneeling beside him and jerking his gloves off. In the years Alfred Bester had been a Psi-cop, he had sat in on more deathbed cases than anyone else before or since.

Placing his hand to the side of the dying man's head, Alexander focused his will into the fading light, as the last spark of life faded Alexander jerked back and allowed himself to smile.

Standing up, the one time Scooby picked the corpse up and quietly made his way into the gathering night.


Sitting in the library, the black and grey clad telepath watched over the corpse throughout the night as it lay within the weapons cage. He had little to fear of the body being discovered. In all fourteen people had entered the library throughout the evening and with a gentle telepathic nudge had completely disregarded the existence of the cold body sitting in the weapons cage.

Surprisingly enough, young Jonathan had given him the most trouble. With a near constant shifting mindscape, the boy was a natural at mental resistance. Enough so that Alexander had put the boy's name down in his registry for possible recruitment or at the very least, a candidate for a breeding program.

For a moment the old Alexander let his mind drift over the exact reasons why such a program was wrong before forcing the thought away. Perhaps a voluntary breeding program would be better. Certainly the odds of Jonathan turning down the offer of free sex were next to nil, no need to coerce when other, more morally acceptable options were available.

Turning his attention to the ledger he kept, Alexander went over the files and reports of the day, his stock options and business purchases were doing better than anticipated. While the idea of a psychic stock market gambler was not original he had certainly taken the idea and run with it. Currently he had command shares of nearly ten separate major companies all over the world, with a primary focus on cutting edge technology that he was nudging in a direction of his choosing.

In ten years he had no doubt he would be the foremost player in weapons and technology. Already his hedge company was being recognized as one of the up and coming threats to the established monopolies.

Checking on his… subject again Alexander turned back to his work and double checked on the so called 'Demon Research Initiative' before allowing a smirk to form. The military had helpfully established a multilevel base near the college that he had managed to get decommissioned and with a little nudging had purchased the secret base whole hog from the military. In all it was turning out to be an almost perfect starting place for the new psi-corps.

Already the mental 'shouts' he had been sending out had drawn a sizable telepathic community to the small town, most of them being lower levels with little or no military or strategic value. Still, they were his people, and the corps was always willing to shelter their own.

Unfortunately, he had begun to draw the attention of certain elements that he would have preferred not turn their eyes his way. Wolfram and Hart being the current headache. While his telepathic abilities helped keep him ahead of their teams he had been plagued by them until Giles had managed to find him a method of protection from the 'seers' in their employ.

The fact that precognitives of that level existed in this universe was enough to blow the psi-cop persona's mind. In the Babylon 5 universe the ability to see the future was something of myth and legend, attributed to only the most ancient of species still walking among the stars. In all, it was another thing he needed to keep an eye on. Along with the rapidly expanding telepathic community that Sunnydale now boasted there came the Psi-Hunters, groups that had and hadn't plagued the original Psi-Corps were giving him headaches as well.

Once again checking on his guest, Alexander nodded that he could no longer sense the dark void of a dead mind as the demon began to possess the corpse.

Turning back, Xander noted that several people had been attacked recently with parts of their brains eaten. That made him sigh. While hunter groups had been a problem for the original Psi_Corps, they did not have to deal with demonic psi-hunters, religious whack-jobs and anti-telepath zealots all at once.

In fact the whole thing was beginning to become extremely bothersome and for a moment he cursed the need for him to be an administrator before going back to the paperwork. Bester had always done his best work in the field.


At eight hours after death the corpse twitched and soon after took on the approximations of life once more. Jerking up, the once human lunged at the door and after a moment of struggle began to search for other ways to escape and attack the telepath.

Standing from the table, Alexander lifted the crossbow and aimed it at the vampire before he began the test.

"Mister Coleridge, would you kindly take a seat"

Smiling as the half feral vampire sat down due to the mental trigger he had placed in the dying man's head, Alexander slowly lowered the crossbow. This would definitely warrent some experimentation.


(A/N) Yes, I stole the idea for the mental trigger from Bioshock. I hope you all enjoyed as I really struggled with this one.