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Summary: The journey for Lost Jerusalem is nearing an end. And on the planet, there are tons of surprises. KOS-MOS is found outside the planet, and when Shion arrives, they try to rebuild her. But what is wrong with chaos, he is nervous of seeing her again. Can he get over the fact that she is an android. And what terrible power does the five new enemies possess. And the Testaments are back, what is going on. The adventure of a life time begins. But, will it end on a good note, or not. Get ready for the battle that will shape the very foundation of the universe. And, all of this centers around chaos, what do people want with him. Found out, as friendships grow, and love expands. The battle of all time begins, but who will be left standing. The parirings will be , AllenxShion, chaosxKOS-MOS, and some OCxOC, and some ZiggyxJuli. Please R&R.

A/N: This is my first Xenosaga fic, so bare with me. I hope it sounds good, and if I need to change anything, please tell me and I'll get on it. Well, read on and enjoy the beginning of Xenosaga IV.

Xenosaga IV:

Universale Krise


A loan craft floated silently in space, two sets of rings rotating around the hull of the ship. This ships name was the Shadow Universe.A few A.M.W.S. units floated beside the large craft, their weapons ready to blast anything that came into range. A gold A.M.W.S. flew at the front of the other units, it had a rifle in one hand, while holding a sword in the other. The pilot glanced over his systems, a beep sounding from the communications console. "This is Commander Blair," the pilot said as he answered the call.

"Commander, this is command," the voice said. "We got some Federation vessels coming towards this location."

"Want me to intercept them?" Blair asked.

"Yes, the master doesn't want one scratch on this ship, got that," the voice said.

"Understood, Blair out," the commander said. He turned off the device before turning back to his controls. "Okay boys, let's rumble." There was a loud cheer from the other units as they separated formation so that they could intercept the attacking vessels. As Blair approached the lead vessel, he saw them launch out a few A.M.W.S. units. "This is going to be fun," he whispered. He lifted up the rifle in his right hand and shot a rapid burst of gun fire at the first unit, destroying it in no time. He saw a A.M.W.S. head towards him at lightning speed, its blaster firing rapidly. Blair rolled his unit to the side to dodge the attacks, he then pushed his unit to full throttle. He put the sword in his left hand to the side, and as he passed the enemy unit, his sword slashed right through the cockpit, creating a huge explosion. He turned his head slightly to see the progress of his squad. They were taking care of the other units, and vessels with much ease. He grinned to himself as he charged towards the vessel again. As he closed in on some enemy units, he quickly blasted them down before he landed on one of the enemy vessels. He could see the horrified expressions of the crew on the bridge. He gave a small smile as he lifted his rifle and shot through the bridge. He kicked off the vessel and escaped the firing inferno. He saw a black A.M.W.S. unit come towards him, its sword drawn.

Blair threw his rifle out into space, since it was completely drained. He then charged towards the black unit, his sword shining in the light of the stars. He threw a slash at the black unit, who simply blocked it. Blair rotated around to land a kick into the A.M.W.S. unit. The black unit disengaged combat and flew back a ways, it then charged back towards the battle, sending a slash at Blair's cockpit. He lowered his unit so he could dodge the attack. He then spun around behind the black unit and slashed through its lowered defenses. He then flew back, so as not to be caught in the explosion. He heard an alarm began to sound and he looked at his controls. "Damn, my energy levels have dropped to .001," he muttered. "Too damn low to continue this fight." He looked up slowly to see the other members of his squad quickly take out a few other vessels. He gave a soft smile to himself, "I guess they can handle this anyway." He flipped the communications switch so he could speak to the bridge. "My energy levels have dropped to a dangerous level, I'm returning immediately."

"Understood Commander, head to dock 16," the voice commanded.

"On my way," Blair said. He turned his unit to face the Shadow Universe, and he headed at full speed towards it. His thoughts swarming with the idea of taking down a whole lot more units in the next battle.

A giant room in the center of the Shadow Universe was dimly lit. Standing at the four points of the carpet in the center of the room, were four people in a black robe, their face covered by their hoods. Standing on the platform above them, his eyes staring out the ships window, was another black robed man. His eyes turned to the side to glance at the four men, his ears listening onto their conversation. "Why are we doing this?" one voice asked.

"Our journey to the realm of god rests with this decision," another voice said, this one with a strong southern accent.

"But, why do we need to go to Lost Jerusalem?" the voice asked again.

"Simple," another voice began, this one in a carefree sounding voice. "The only way to reach the realm of the gods, is to capture Abel and Nephilim."

"What of the one named Yeshua?" the last of the four voices asked, his a lower sounding one.

"I don't see the point of capturing that one Grieve," the southern accent sounding voice said. Grieve turned to him for a second.

"I thought he was one of the ones who hold the power of god," Grieve stated.

"I agree with Fist on this one," the high pitched voice said. "I really don't see the point of capturing Yeshua, I don't think his powers are as strong as the other two."

"You never know speed," the first voice said as he glanced at the robed man.

"I guess you are right Sciron, we can never really know," Speed commented. The man on the ledge above the four people smiled as he turned around to face the others, his red eyes darting outside the room. His grin becoming scarier. Outside, the guards lifted their spears to prohibit passage. A figure wrapped in a red robe, their face concealed by a red mask, stood in front of the guards.

"No one enters," the first guard said.

"Too bad," the red robed figure stated in a female voice. In a few seconds, three other robed figures appeared beside the red one. On her left, was a person in a white robe, their face was covered by a white mask. Beside her was a figure in a blue robe, they had a blue mask covering their features. And the last one was in a black robe, and he also had a black mask. Each mask was the same shape as the others as well. "We were called here," the woman said.

"I'm sorry, but you still can't enter," the guard said. The woman frowned behind her mask.

"and why not?" she asked.

"Since I was not briefed on your arrival, I can't permit you to enter, since I don't know if your lying," the other guard said. The woman frowned as she lowered her head.

"Very well," she simply said. That was the last thing they heard as the black robed figure stepped forward and shot a dark energy ball into each guard, killing them instantly.

"Shall we," the figure said in a male's voice. The woman nodded as she began to walk into the door, the other three right behind her. As they entered, the four men in the center turned to glance at them.

"Why are Testaments here?" Sciron asked.

"Ya, I don't remember calling you," Fist agreed.

"We were summoned by the master," the woman said, her eyes glancing up at the platform above them. She quietly teleported up to face the master. The other three stopping dead in the center of the room, their heads raised slightly to stare at the master.

"I weclome you my lovely," the man said as he walked forward. He placed his hand on her shoulder, a smile tugging at his lips. "Ready for your mission?"

"We are always ready," the woman said with a bow. He smiled as he lifted out a communication device which was beeping.

"Master!" the voice called on the other end.

"What is it?" he asked simply.

"We have reports that a few Federation craft are heading towards the research satelite," the voice replied.

"I wonder what they want there," the man thought as he rubbed his chin. He turned slightly to face the blue testament. "Blue Testament!" the man called. In an instant, the blue testament stood beside the red testament. "I want you to go to the research satelite, and give the Federation a warm welcome."

"Yes master," Blue Testament said with a bow. He then quietly teleported out of the room. The man then turned back to the device in his hand.

"I'm already on it," he simply said as he shut off the power. He turned to face the other two testaments, who teleported up to the platform as well. "As for you three. I want you to go to the locations specified in these disks." The man lifted out three disks and tossed them to each of the testaments. "I want you to find the crystals inside the areas."

"What are these crystals for?" White Testament asked in a female voice.

"They can store the power of Nephilim, Abel, and...Yeshua," the man said.

"So, I guess Yeshua is important," Fist said as he glanced at the master. The white and black testaments bowed, before teleporting out of the room. The red one lingered for a while however.

"Do I get a good luck kiss?" the woman asked. The man chuckled as he lifted off her mask.

"Sure," he simply said as he gave her a quick kiss. "Now go, that crystal you are to find is the most important. With it, I can control Yeshua, and the power of god himself."

"I understand," Red Testament said. She bowed before also teleporting out of the room.

"Why are you kissing her, she's a human for crying out loud," Sciron said.

"Ya, its kind of disgusting," Speed agreed.

"You see, love can grant us ultimate power," the man said. "As long as we have those who would die to protect us, we can truly challenge god. You don't understand the power of love like I do."

"But, you don't love her," Grieve pointed out.

"Point, as long as I pretend, the power remains in effect," the man said. "And, as I continue this little play, my power is slowly increasing. Soon, with the power of the other three of course, I will have enough power to challenge god, and in turn, topple him from his throne. And together, we will conquer that realm and rule over this pathetic universe. Our journey must not be stopped." The other four saluted as they began to file out of the room slowly. The man on the platform snapped his fingers, a man appearing beside him in less than .01 nanoseconds.

"Yes?" the man asked.

"I want you to prepare the ship for launch," the black robed man began. "And also, check on the status of both the Elsa and the Durandal. I won't to know their location. Then choose an appropriate speed that will get us to Lost Jerusalem a few days behind them."

"Why behind them sir?" the man asked.

"Simple, I want all the pieces for this little game to be on the same board. So when we attack the planet, we can take them down as well," the robed man said.

"Understood master!" the man saluted as he disappeared out of the room. The robed man sighed as he gazed out at the stars. He gave a soft smile as he lowered himself in his chair, his hands clasped to the armrests, his eyes drifting closed.

"I guess, I'll take a little nap," was the last thing the man said as he drifted into silence.

A/N: That was the prologue to this new story, I hope it wasn't to confusing. In the next chapter features chaos, and a character from the game we thought was dead, it will explain how he came back about a few chapters after the next one, so I hope you won't be confused. So, get ready for the next chapter, and I hope you like this story, till next time.