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Chapter 2

The Elsa flew slowly towards the atmosphere, the E.S. Asher keeping even pace with the ship so it didn't lose it. The pair entered the atmosphere and picked up speed towards the starport. chaos opened his eyes and turned to his radar to make sure that the Elsa was right behind them. "I wonder what they are going to think," he said absently.

"About what?" Jin asked, his eyes shifting up to stare at his friend.

"About seeing you back," chaos said, his eyes locking with Jin's as he looked down.

"They probably will be, I mean, they probably thought I was dead or something," Jin said as he turned the controls so that the Asher headed straight for the starport. chaos sighed as he turned his eyes toward the hand of the Asher, catching a glimpse of the remains of KOS-MOS. "You worried?"

"What?" chaos asked as he returned to reality, his eyes turning to Jin. "N-No, I'm not worried. I know she will be fine."

"I mean, are you still scared of seeing her even after she is rebuilt?" Jin asked.

"A little bit," chaos confessed. "It's going to be hard to see her again."

"It probably is," Jin nodded in agreement. "But, you will have to talk to her eventually. She's going to be around Shion and Allen a lot."

"You're right, I better get ready to talk to her then," chaos said with a sigh. The Asher entered the starport, and the duo turned to the vacant spot to see the Elsa land on the ground. The ramp lowered, and the entire crew started coming out. chaos grimaced as they saw the expecting looks on their eyes.

"Now what's wrong?" Jin asked.

"Nothing," chaos said as he raised up the restraint that was on his body. Jin shrugged at the answer as he used the controls to lower the hand of the Asher. He opened it up and slowly put KOS-MOS on the hard ground. Jin and chaos saw the look of surprise on the crew's face. Shion ran from her spot and cradled KOS-MOS's battered frame.

"Let's go," Jin said. He lifted his restraint and opened the door. He walked slowly out and looked down to see everyone look at him in shock.

"Jin!" they all said in unison. Jin smiled as he jumped off the cockpit of the Asher and walked towards the group.

"How did you survive?" Shion asked as she got up and walked over to her brother.

"I'll answer all questions once we return to our home," Jin said. "We even have a lab set up so you can start working on KOS-MOS."

"We?" they all asked.

"Yep," Jin said as he turned to stare at the Asher. "Are you coming?" In a few seconds they could all make out the silver hair, and later the body of their other friend, chaos.

"chaos!" they shouted joyfully as they ran over to him. Shion, Mary, and Shelly gave him a hug while the men just shook his hand.

"It's good to see you guys also," chaos said. He turned to gaze at KOS-MOS for a few seconds.

"We should head to the house," Jin said as he lifted up KOS-MOS and headed towards the exit of the starport. "Are you guys coming?!" he called back to the group. The others nodded to each other and ran after him. The crew of the Elsa was anxious to learn how Jin survived, and Shion was ready to start rebuilding KOS-MOS. Jin turned his eyes to stare at his sister. I should tell her to make KOS-MOS more human before she starts rebuilding her, he told himself. The group continued in silence. Each of them with their own thoughts. They were either thinking about seeing KOS-MOS rebuilt, or their friends. chaos was the only one thinking and hoping that KOS-MOS would return his feelings, he was really hoping.

Blue Testament sighed as he stood in the main area of the research satelite. He had his hands at his side as his eyes scanned the doorway from behind his mask. "Where are the damn Federation soldiers," he grumbled. He could here the gunfire from a few rooms before the main area. He sighed again as he turned to the different controls. Why was the Federation taking so long. They should be able to take down a few soldiers. This was such a drag in his opinion. He lifted his head and stared at the celing, "Why did the master send me on such a damn mission. I thought I would have some fun killing Federation soldiers, now I'm ticked off. Even if they come, I won't be in the mood to fight them. But, I have too." He walked forward slowly and closed his eyes. He could see the soldiers moving through the satellite. He then opened his eyes, they were here.

Federation soldiers stormed the room and expected a huge squadron to be there to welcome them. All they saw was a blue robed figure standing in the center. "Who are you?" the one in front asked. The blue robed figure lifted his head and glared at them.

"About damn time," Blue Testament growled. "I was here thinking you would never show up. I'm really bored right now."

"Huh?" one of the soldiers asked. Blue Testament sighed as he pulled out a sword from no where. Some of them recognized the sword, and their faces went pale.

"Y-You are," the lead soldier stuttered as he walked slowly back.

"Yes," was all the Blue Testament said as he charged forward. His left hand began glowing a blue color as he sent a wave of ice at the soldiers. A few of them rolled out of the way, while the unlucky few were crushed when the ice exploded on them. The soldiers lifted their guns and began to fire rapidly. Blue Testament grinned behind his mask and did a flip over the gun fire and landed beside a soldier. He slashed his sword through the soldiers body. Quickly turning around he struck another soldier. He removed his blood stained sword and jumped in the air, coming down with a vertical slash through one soldier. He rolled to the side to dodge another storm of gunfire. He then lifted his left hand and shot out a blizzard of ice crystals. Each one managing to pierce the flesh of the soldiers. They all let out a scream as they collapsed onto the ground, blood everywhere. He turned his head to see the lead soldier stare at him with a fear, a few of his men were in the same state.

Blue Testament grinned again as he got fully up and lifted up his hand. He shot a giant wave of ice, which crushed the remaining soldiers into nothing. All that was left was the blood that had sprayed from their bodies due to the pressure. He sighed as he marched out of the room and towards where his E.S. was waiting. He got into the cockpit and turned on some controls and glanced briefly at his radar. There were no more living things in the satellite. He pulled up the communication device for the Shadow Universe. "Yes?" came the dark voice of the master.

"There is no one left aboard the research satellite," Blue Testament reported.

"I see," the dark voice said. "Very well, use your E.S. to store the data from the satelite. And then, you can destroy it along with the Federation ships that are near it."

"Understood," Blue Testament said as he turned off the communications device. He started fiddling with controls and brought up the data that was stored inside the satellite. He inserted a disk and waited for the data to be completely stored. After a few minutes the download of the data was complete, and he removed the disk. He turned on the E.S. and expanded the blue wings on the back. The E.S. was a giant blue demon looking thing. It held an ice like sword, and had two spikes on each side of its head. Its wings were long and broken, they also had ice frozen onto them. Blue Testament grinned as he raised up the E.S. and blasted a hole into the satellites hull. He then flew the E.S. out and turned it around. He pressed a button on the console and opened up a few guns on the wings, and then raised up the E.S.'s sword and aimed it at the satellite. He grinned as he moved the E.S. a few more feet back. The Federation ships were unsuspecting when the guns began to shoot energy into the sword. The ice sword began glowing an icy color as a blue sphere began to form at the tip of the blade. The Blue Testament grinned as he fired the massive energy into the satellite. He watched with glee as the satellite and all Federation ships in the vicinity were completely wiped out. He turned his E.S. around slowly, and flew back towards the Shadow Universe.

"This is so boring," White Testament said in a female voice. She jumped over an opening that formed on the ground. A few arrows then shot at her from the sides. She simply ducked and rolled under the barrage of arrows. "This is to primitive," she complained. Truth is, she loved mechanical stuff, and she wanted to deal with stuff like that. Not some damn piece of primal shit. She jumped onto a single ledge and landed on her knees. She looked up slightly to see a huge block coming towards her. She sighed behind her mask as she lifted her hand and a barrier of light formed. She got up and then shot a burst of lightning from her hand. She sometimes wondered why she was White Testament when she could shoot lightning from her hands. Shouldn't she be Yellow Testament or something. She would never figure it out. She walked into a circular room, and saw different sized ledges all around the walls. In the center was a pedestal with a crystal in it. She smirked behind her mask as she walked towards it. "This is too easy," White Testament laughed as she extended her hand to take the crystal. She stopped when she heard a sound, and quickly jumped backwards. "The hell!" A giant rock monster stood in front of her. It had giant solid body, and stood about 10 ft. tall.

"You who come for this crystal, can not receive it," the monster growled.

"And why?" White Testament asked, already knowing the answer.

"This crystal was set here by Abel and may not be removed," the monster growled. "If you try to remove it, you will die."

"Very well," White Testament sighed. She raised up her hand and a handle emerged. The handle had square edges, and a whole in the center, where the user was too hold it. She grasped the handle and held her fist out, the blade of the handle extended away from her hand. The color of the blade was white, and had yellow streaks going down the edge. She grinned behind her mask as she placed the flat side of the blade on her shoulder, her hand still grasped around the square looking hilt. "Come then." The monster let out a roar as it charged White Testament. She smirked as she dodged the attack with ease and jumped onto one of the ledges along the wall. She aimed the blade at the monster and laughed. "Is that all you got?" The monster let out an angry yell as it rammed the wall, causing White Testament to stumble a bit. "Your annoying," she growled. She did a front flip off of the ledge and landed behind the monster. It turned slowly and glared at her.

"Must kill you!" the beast roared.

"Man, you need to learn English," White Testament said. The monster let out another roar as it charged her again. It threw a fist at her, which White Testament dodged by jumping onto the arm as it hit the ground. She then put the weird looking blade to her side and charged forward. She swung the blade when she got to the head, and a spark of electricity smashed through the rock monster. It's head exploded into rubble, and slowly the rest of its body crumbled. "Boring," she muttered. She jumped out of the rubble and put her weird blade away. She grabbed the crystal and smiled at her victory. She then headed out of the cave and back to her E.S., it was time to begin the masters final plan. She grinned as she thought about what could happen, she couldn't wait.

Black Testament walked through the narrow hallway, his eyes constantly moving around the area. He sighed to himself since this was boring. Why were the testaments doing such boring things. He turned a corner and continued his slow walk down the dimly lit passage. "Well the hell are some monsters," he muttered. "I've never been this bored in a long time. Ever since my failed attempt to bring order to this universe. Damn Shion, damn KOS-MOS, damn Nephilim and Abel, and damn you Yeshua," Black Testament chanted, his face turning into a snarl as he continued into a small room. He saw a crystal hanging off the wall, and he looked around to see tiles on the ground. He thought to himself, why this would be the only room with tiles. He walked slowly towards the crystal and extended his hand to take it. His eyes widened behind his mask when he felt the floor shake. He jumped backwards and readied himself for what ever was coming. A figure with dark wings appeared in front of the crystal. The creature had two long fangs, and demonic eyes. It was strongly built, and had four razor sharp claws on both its hands and feet. It let out a screech as it took a step forward.

"Why are you here?" It asked in a demonic voice.

"I'm here for the crystal," Black Testament replied simply.

"Well you can't have it," the creature scoffed. "Nephilim has entrusted me with this crystal. And I won't allow a stinking human to take it."

"Fine, you want to do this the hard way," Black Testament sighed. He lifted his head to see the beast charge towards him. He sidestepped the claw and attack, and then ducked under a simple punch aimed at the head. Black Testament rolled backwards on the ground and came up in a standing position. The beast let out another screech as it charged Black Testament again. He sighed behind his mask and lifted up his hand a dark energy was beginning to form. He shot a simple shot that ripped through the creatures skin. He then formed a dark energy in his hand again, but this time it became a scythe. He whirled it in the air and held it at his side. The creature was howling in pain as it tried to get rid of the pain its body was feeling. Black Testament grinned behind his mask as he ran forward. He held the scythe with two hands as he struck through the monster. The creature let out another screech as it backed up, its body feeling even more pain. "Ready to die?" The beast jumped into the air and came down with all the speed it could muster. Black Testament's scythe began to glow a dark color as he took it back and slashed a blade of energy out and slice through the creature. It let out another screech before it collapsed on the ground in half.

Black Testament disengaged the scythe and walked towards the creature. He smirked as he lifted up his hand and shot a dark energy into the separate halves of the monster, dissolving them into nothing. He turned on his heel and walked towards the crystal. He picked up and smiled at his achievement. He then turned on his heel again and marched out of the room and towards his E.S. that was waiting for him at the entrance. He smiled the whole way there, he would soon be able to destroy his old friend once and for all. And he wondered what Yeshua would think when he saw that he was alive. He chuckled at the thought as he continued through the cave.

Red Testament walked slowly through the cave, her eyes glancing at the lava surrounding the pathway. "Man, why would a crystal be in such a dangerous place," she wondered. She stopped abruptly when she heard a sound coming from the sides. "So, I've got some company." She turned around to see five figures covered head to toe in fire. "You guys are a sight for sore eyes," she chuckled.

"Damn human must shut mouth," one of the monsters growled.

"We will kill intruder," another added. Red Testament smiled as the five creatures charged at her. She raised up her right hand, and a giant sword covered in fire appeared.

"Now, let's have some fun," Red Testament grinned. She ducked under one creature and moved the sword in an upper slash, cleaving the creature in two. She then sidestepped a punch from another creature. She then rotated around and struck her sword through the defenseless creature. She then did a back flip to dodge a simple fireball. She rotated in the air and took her sword in both hands and unleashed a powerful slash, killing the creature in an instant. The other two charged the Red Testament together, their hands glowing as they prepared to unleash a powerful fire attack. She placed her sword on her back, and then lifted both hands. Her lips turning into a smirk behind her mask as she shot a wave of lava at the creatures. The lava smashed against the creatures, and do to all the heat, not even the fire creatures could survive the attack. She sighed again as she turned around and continued through the cave. A few minutes later she arrived in a large room with lava all around. In the center was a single ledge, and on the ledge was a pedestal. She walked down the very narrow pathway, and stood before the pedestal. "Hmmm...this was too easy." She jumped back, and as soon as she did, a fire attack was launched at where she was standing. She turned her head to see a giant monster in the pool of lava. It let out a roar as it prepared to shoot another lava attack from its mouth. "Damn," Red Testament muttered. The attack hurled at her, and she raised up her hands to make a barrier of fire. "You'll have to do better than that!" she yelled at the monster.

"Human calling great lava monster weak!" the monster roared. "Pitiful human must now die!" It lifted its giant hands and swung at the ledge. Red Testament jumped into the air, barley dodging the attack. She removed her sword as she came and cleaved off the hand.

"Got you," Red Testament said triumphantly. The beast roared as the hand began to bubble, and then shoot out a wave of lava. Red Testament raised up her sword and placed her left hand on it. The blade then shot its own wave of lava out. The beast used all of its energy to push against the Red Testament's attack, and didn't see her disappear and reappear above it. The beast looked up and saw the Red Testament holding her sword with both hands. She grinned behind her mask as she brought the sword down and began slashing through the monster. The blade stopped in the middle of the beast's body, and the Red Testament smirked as she turned the sword and grabbed the handle. She then ripped through the left and right sides of the beast, causing it to let out a high pitch screech. When she landed on the ledge, she was holding two smaller blades, fire still covering them. She watched happily as the beast began to sink and die within its lava home. She turned back to the pedestal and lifted up the crystal, her eyes shining with glee behind her mask. "The master will be so happy," she smiled. She then turned on her heel and marched out of the room and towards the entrance where her E.S. was waiting.

It was mid afternoon before the gang arrived at the home of Jin and chaos. They walked in slowly and Jin carried KOS-MOS into the lab that was situated in the back of the house. Shion, Allen, The Professor, and Scott followed Jin to the lab so that they could start rebuilding KOS-MOS immediately. The crew of the Elsa lounged around the living room, while Jr. went into the kitchen with chaos to help get somethings ready for dinner. chaos opened up a cupboard and began to pull out some contents. He turned to Jr., "Can you grab some pots?" Jr. nodded as he walked over to the area where chaos pointed to. They worked in the kitchen for a while, and in that time Shion was looking at some computer screens, and determining if the body of KOS-MOS could be repaired. She scanned the data as it moved up the screen, her eyes moving really fast. Allen was at a computer that Jin was telling them about.

"This computer is a special device that we developed here," Jin said. "You can use this to build KOS-MOS, as long as you have all the material stored inside the device that is over there." Jin pointed to where KOS-MOS lay, and sure enough there was a device situated near her.

"So, we can use that and it will rebuild her for us?" Allen asked.

"Yes, it will rebuild her so that she is the same as when she was a few months ago," Jin explained.

"Well, that is more convenient," Allen said. "Will she still see us as her creators?"

"Yes," Jin said. He turned to stare at Shion. "Is that okay with you sis?"

"Huh?" Shion said, her thoughts being interrupted. "Oh, yeah, that will be fine. It will also give us time to listen to your story."

"All right," Jin nodded. He walked over to Shion and glanced at the screen. "Are these the materials we need?"

"Yes," Shion said with a nod.

"Okay," Jin said. He got up and turned to face Scott and Allen. "Here are the list of materials. There is a closet over there with each material in it. Once you get those walk over to the device and begin storing them." He threw a computer device at the two individuals who took it and began heading to the closet. Shion walked over to the damaged KOS-MOS and began to rub her hand threw the blue hair.

"Don't worry KOS-MOS, you will be back to normal in no time," Shion whispered. Jin watched his sister and smiled as he walked over and placed his hand on her shoulder.

"I have a question?" Jin asked.

"Huh?" Shion asked as she looked up at her brother.

"Do you think you can make KOS-MOS more human?" Jin asked.

"Well...yeah, but, why would we do that?" Shion asked. "I mean she will still be a machine and all."

"Don't worry about the whys," Jin said. "I just want you to do it."

"I need to understand why I'm doing it," Shion pressed.

"Let's just say it has something to do with chaos," Jin whispered.

"What do you me-" Shion abruptly cut off when it finally hit her. "I see."

"So, can you do it?" Jin asked.

"Yes, I can," Shion nodded. She walked over to the computer console and began to hit different keys, her eyes scanning the screen. She then pulled out a disk and inserted it into the computer. She then pressed some more buttons, and began to download the information into the disk. "Done!" she exclaimed.

"Really?" Jin asked.

"Yep," Shion said as she got out of the chair and made her way back to KOS-MOS. She opened up a hatch on the androids head to uncover a slot. She then lifted up the disk and inserted it. "Okay, that should do it," she said as she got up and stretched. "The disk is loading the data into her, so now she will be more human."

"That's good," Jin said. They turned to see Allen and Scott come back into the room with all the material.

"We got the material that was needed," Scott said.

"Good, store it into the device so that it can begin rebuilding her," Jin instructed. He then turned to The Professor, "Do you think you can operate the terminal and oversee that the device does what its supposed to do?"

"I can," The Professor said. He made his way over to the console and sat down. A few minutes later Scott came to his side to aid in the operation of the machine. The Professor scanned the computer and estimated how much time it would take to complete the repairs. "This is awsome!" The Professor exclaimed. "With this machine it will take less time than if we did it by hand!"

"How long will it take," Allen asked.

"Let's see if my estimations are correct...no more than 4 hours," The Professor replied. "And after she is done repairing, she will have to charge up, and that will take about 3 hours."

"Okay," Jin nodded. "I'll bring some food to you guys so that you don't starve."

"That will be fine," The Professor said as he began to operate the machine. Jin turned to Shion and Allen and motioned for them to follow him. They entered the living room and saw the other members of the gang begin to eat the dinner that Jr. and chaos cooked. Jin walked over and lifted up two of the plates.

"I'll take these to The Professor and Scott," Jin said as he left for a little bit. Everyone ate and talked joyfully with each other. After chaos was done, he got up slowly and cleaned off his plate in the kitchen.

"I'm going out for a while!" chaos called to the others.

"Okay, be careful out there!" Jin called back. chaos nodded to himself as he exited the door and headed down to the beach. He stopped where the waves were splashing on the shore, and he turned his head up to stare at the sky.

"I guess I better get ready to talk to KOS-MOS," chaos whispered. Tears dripped down his cheek, and he didn't know why, or care. He was sad, because he knew that KOS-MOS would never return his feelings. Why was he falling in love with an android anyway. Even if he tells her, she won't care and probably say something like 'Those feelings don't compute' or something like that. He dropped onto the ground and began to gaze out at the ocean. His thoughts kept going back to her. "I just got to hope and pray," chaos whispered. "I hate this," he snapped as he lowered his head down, tears still falling down his face. He turned his head back to face the house, "I'll go see her after the others go to sleep." A sudden pain went through chaos's head as he grasped it with his gloved hand. He began to pant as he let his hand down. "W-What was that?" he asked himself. He turned his head back up to the sky. "Something is about to happen, but what? I guess I'll just have to wait and find out." With that he fell back onto the ground and began to shut his eyes. I'll just take a little nap was the only thing he told himself as he drifted into sleep.

As chaos left the house Jr. got up and headed to one of the bedrooms. "I need to contact MOMO and Ziggy," he told the group. The others nodded as he entered the room. He pulled out a communications device and began to hit in some digits. In a second MOMO's face was on the screen. "Hey MOMO."

"Hi Jr." MOMO said cheerfully.

"Guess what?" Jr. asked.

"You found Lost Jerusalem!" MOMO cried happily.

"Yep," Jr. said. "We met chaos and Jin also."

"Jin's alive," MOMO said happily. "Oh, I'm so glad."

"Yeah, we are also rebuilding KOS-MOS, so you will also get to see her when you arrive," Jr. said.

"Awsome!" MOMO exclaimed. "Can you send me the coordinates?"

"Yep, hold on a sec," Jr. said. He pulled out another device and plugged it into the communications device that he was using. He then entered the coordinates and sent them to MOMO.

"All right, I got them," MOMO said. "I'll leave with Ziggy as soon as we can."

"Great, I'll see you soon then," Jr. said. "Be careful."

"I will," MOMO said. Jr. turned off the communications device and sighed.

"I'll tell her when she arrives I guess," Jr. told himself. He pocketed the device and made his way back to the living room.

"Okay, now that everyone is here, I can begin to tell you how I'm alive," Jin said.

"What about chaos?" Tony asked.

"He's already heard this," Jin informed them. "Now let's begin. When I went back to where Nephilim, Abel, and chaos were. I aided KOS-MOS in defending them so that they could begin the transfer. I ended up getting killed before the completion. Since I was on the planet, I was also teleported with them when we went to Lost Jerusalem. chaos asked them if we can bring him back, and they said it was possible. While the other souls were being reborn, they prepared to begin the preparations for my rebirth. I didn't want it though."

"Why?" Shion interrupted. "I mean, didn't you want to see me again."

"I did, but, I didn't think it was right for me to be reborn," Jin said. "I even asked them why they brought me back. And they said it was because I gave my life to help accomplish the task. So, after that I was glad they brought me back. I've been living here ever since then."

"So, that's how you are back," Shion mused. "Anyway, I'm glad they decided to bring you back. I would be lonely without you." Shion got out of her chair and threw her arms around her brother. "I'm so glad."

"Me too," Jin said. He lifted up his hand and patted her gently on the back. "So how is Allen treating you?" Jin asked with a smirk.

"U-Umm...he's treating me fine," Shion blushed.

"I see, finally hooked up didn't you," Jin chuckled. "I'm glad."

"Thanks Mr. Uzuki," Allen said.

"Call me Jin please, I hate having titles," Jin chuckled.

"Okay, Jin," Allen said as he got up and shook Jin's hand again. "Anyway, we are glad you are alive."

"Thanks," Jin said. "Are MOMO and Ziggy coming?" Jin asked, his eyes turning to face Jr.

"Yep, I just called them a little while ago," Jr. said.

"That's good," Jin said. He turned his attention outside to see the night begin to set in. "It's almost time to get some sleep."

"We should head back to the Elsa, it will make some room here for the others also," Captain Matthews said.

"Well, someone will need to walk you to the starport then," Jin said. "So, let's get going." He got out of his chair and made for the door.

"Well, see you guys tomorrow," Shelly said.

"Take care Little Mastah," Mary said cheerily.

"Take care guys," Hammer and Tony piped in.

"I guess we'll leave The Professor and Scott here," Captain Matthews said.

"Okay, we'll take care of them," Jr. nodded.

"All right, bye," the crew said as they made their way to the door and followed Jin outside. The others waited around for Jin to get back, which wasn't very long.

"Ok, Shion and Allen will have the guest bedroom. Jr., you okay with sleeping here in the living room, The Professor and Scott will join you when they are done with the repairs on KOS-MOS."

"That will be fine," Jr. said.

"Y-You mean I will be sharing a room with ch-I mean Shion," Allen blushed.

"Is that okay?" Jin asked.

"It's fine," Shion said as she grabbed Allen's arm and began to drag him towards the room. "Anyway, goodnight all."

"What about chaos?" Jr. asked after Shion and Allen left.

"Don't worry, he'll be fine," Jin reassured him. "You go ahead and make yourself comfortable, I'm going to go inform The Professor and Scott of the situation."

"Ok," Jr. said as he walked over to one of the couches and began to make himself comfortable. He lay his head back on one of the pillows and slowly closed his eyes. His thoughts were filled with that of MOMO, he couldn't wait to see her. And in a week and a half, she'll arrive at the planet, and then he'll tell her how he felt about her. He couldn't wait. With that last thought he fell asleep.

The Shadow Universe floated slowly through the space. They had come out of warp not too long ago, and they decided they should conserve as mush energy as possible, so they decided to fly the rest of the way there. In the master's personal room, he glanced around at the four figures in front of him. "Sciron!" he called. One of the cloaked figures walked up and stood in front of the master.

"Yes master?" the figure asked.

"I want you to port to Lost Jerusalem," the master said.

"Why?" Sciron asked in a confused tone.

"I want you too talk with Yeshua, see if he will join us," the master said.

"Why do we need Yeshua?" Sciron asked again.

"The crystal my friend, can harness the energy of Nephilim and Abel," the master began.

"Then what about the crystal that was supposed to store Yeshua's power?" Fist asked in his southern accent.

"That crystal is specially designed," the master said.

"What do you mean?" Speed asked.

"You'll find out when the time comes. But let's just say with it, we will truly hold the power of god," the master laughed. "Now, go Sciron," the master said. The bulky cloaked figure bowed slightly as he exited the room. He walked to where the ported was in the lower part of the ship and lifted his hands. A shadowy figure appeared beside him. He had dark skin, and markings all around his face. His teeth were extremely sharp, and he had blue eyes.

"Yes General Sciron?" the figure asked.

"We have a mission, and you are the best one of my soldiers," Sciron said.

"Understood," the figure simply said. Sciron lifted his hand again and a dark light shined on both Sciron and his soldier. They were then teleported to Lost Jerusalem. In about 3 minutes, they were standing on a hill in the middle of the night. Sciron looked around and took a deep breath.

"It smells pretty," Sciron said, his lips turning into a frown. "I hate pretty." He turned his eyes to the figure standing near him. "I want you to go find chaos, and use yours special trick to teleport him here."

"Why not drag him?" the figure asked.

"In case someone decides to follow, they won't be able to find where he was taken," Sciron explained.

"I understand," the figure bowed. "I'll bring him at once." Sciron watched as the figure disappeared into the night. He then turned and walked over to a tree. He plopped down in front of it, and stared at the stars that scattered across the sky.

"Well, I guess I wait," Sciron whispered into the empty night, his eyes never once leaving the sky.

As the others were falling asleep, chaos was making his way slowly back to the house. His mind kept wandering to KOS-MOS, and he didn't know what to say to her when she was finally rebuilt and recharged. She found the house can walked in slowly, her eyes catching Jr., The Professor, and Scott in the living room. The Professor obviously fell of the chair was snoozing in, and didn't wake up to get himself comfortable again. Jr. had his mouth open and his head slumped off of the couch. Scott was the only normal person sleeping. He concluded by seeing those three that Jin must have given Shion and Allen the guest room. chaos walked slowly through the room and headed towards his own room. As he reached for the handle to open the door, he stopped and his eyes trailed to the hallway that lead to where KOS-MOS was. He then thought that this might be the best time to talk to her, even though she wouldn't hear him.

chaos turned and walked slowly down the hallway. He decided that they wouldn't hear him after he entered the room, so he stopped creeping around. He walked into the room and turned on the lights. He then walked over to the area where KOS-MOS lay, pulling up a chair for himself. He sat comfortably down and reached over to stroke the android's blue hair. "You are so pretty," he whispered. "I wish so much that you could love me." His hand went down and cupped her cheek, tears began to fall slowly as he looked at her sleeping form. "You're just like an angel," he whispered again. "Wouldn't it be great if we could be like everyone else. We can take walks, live together, hold and kiss each other, and just spend as much time as we can together. Now, wouldn't that be great." A small smile tugged at his lips as he bent down, his face over hers. "I just want to say that..I love you," he whispered the last part. He bent down and kissed her forehead slightly, his face then moved down and he gave her a small peck on the lips. "Wish you were awake so I can actually kiss you." He got up and made his way to the door. His eyes drifted to the androied behind him. "I'll tell you again eventually, I hope you feel the same way." He turned his attention to the door, his eye catching a shadow walking towards him. "What in the world!" The shadow walked towards him, and then disappeared. chaos's eyes looked all around him, he didn't know where this thing could attack from. His body the felt weird, and he wondered why. He glanced down to see his body slowly vanishing. "What!" he shouted.

"Don't worry my sweet little chaos, we are just going someplace so we can talk," the shadowy figure said as it appeared in front of chaos.

"What do you want?!" chaos snapped.

"My master just wants to talk to you," the figure said in a soft tone. chaos looked back down at his body to see that it was about to be completely gone. KOS-MOS opened her eyes slowly, since she was done recharging. She got up slowly from her position and looked around, her eyes falling on chaos.

"chaos...?" KOS-MOS whispered. A feeling rose up in her, and as quickly as it came it was gone. She wondered what it was, her sensors trying to pick up the emotion. She realized that she could now feel all kinds of emotions, and she wondered why. She would have to ask Shion. Her eyes continued to stare at chaos, the feeling coming and going. She then noticed that his body was vanishing, her eyes widened when she saw a shadow figure in front of chaos, his hand pressed against the silver haired mans chest. chaos turned slightly his eyes catching the site of KOS-MOS.

"KOS-MOS," chaos whispered. His body was now almost completely gone. He turned to see the grin on the figures face, and then he turned back to gaze at KOS-MOS, his beautiful angel. Before he was completely gone, the last thing he heard shocked him, and made his feelings for KOS-MOS grow since she cared about him.

"chaos!" was the very sentence KOS-MOS shouted as he finally disappeared into darkness, the shadowy figure right behind him. Her eyes fell, and she wondered why she even yelled like that. But one thing was for sure, she had to find chaos so that she could find out. Her eyes became hard as she got out of her sleeping area and made her way out the door. She had to find the others and wake them up. They had to find chaos no matter what.

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