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Chapter 4

Black Testament did a back flip to dodge a strike from Jin's blade. Black Testament then turned on his heels, connecting his heel with Jin's skull. The sword user fell to the ground hard, blood dripping off his chin. "Get away from my brother!" Shion shouted at Black Testament. She ran forward, her weapon ready to unleash a furious attack. She swung the attack at Black Testament, who lifted up his left hand and created a barrier, which blocked the attack. Black Testament then kicked her square in the abdomen, sending her smashing into a tree.

"Damn you!" Jr. screamed. He aimed his two pistols and fired rapidly at the enemy, who dodged it with ease.

"Is that it," Black Testament taunted. Allen lifted up his machine gun and aided Jr. in the battle. Black Testament simply laughed, as he threw his scythe into the air. He then jumped up and grabbed it, both began to rotate in circles. "Dark Circle!" A wave of energy shot out in a circular motion knocking Jin, Allen, Shion, and Jr. back a great distance.

"Stop it!" chaos screamed. He ran forward, KOS-MOS at his side. A blade emerged out of KOS-MOS's right hand as she jumped at Black Testament, clashing her blade with his. Black Testament grinned behind his mask as he stared at the android.

"Come on, I thought Mary could do better than that," Black Testament taunted.

"Sorry, but the enemy unit is about to be terminated," KOS-MOS commented in her monotone voice. Black Testament turned his head to the side to see chaos appear behind him, his fist drawn back.

"Damn! Yeshua!" Black Testament bellowed as the fist connected with his face, sending the man flying into a tree, shattering the trunk in the process. chaos landed, his eyes darting to where Black Testament landed, his mask laying on the ground.

"Enemy unit seems to be knocked out," KOS-MOS reported. chaos nodded as he walked towards the robed man, a sword landed in front of him though, making him take a step backwards. "Sensors pick up a single enemy unit."

"Who's there!?" chaos shouted into the air. A second later revealed a blue robed person. "Blue Testament?"

"So, you know me," Blue Testament chuckled.

"Wish I didn't," chaos grumbled.

"Come on Yeshua, be nice," Blue Testament laughed. He turned on his heel and walked slowly towards Black Testament. He bent down slightly to lift up the mask before actually picking up the black robed man.

"Tell me who are you?" chaos asked.

"You'll find out soon enough," Blue Testament said. He jumped into the cockpit of the E.S. Shadow Lord, placing Black Testament in the back along with Sciron. He then lifted up his hand. "Transfer E.S.!" After his E.S. returned he turned to gaze at chaos and KOS-MOS. "And here is a little parting present for you." He raised up his hand and shot a sea of ice at chaos and KOS-MOS. Seeing the danger, chaos jumped in front of KOS-MOS and lifted up his hands. A barrier of light appeared and blocked the attack, creating a smoke screen in the process. After the smoke and the barrier both died down, chaos looked for the E.S. Shadow Lord, but it was already gone.

"All sensors show that the enemy units are no longer on this planet," KOS-MOS commented. "Too bad."

"Yeah," chaos whispered. He turned to see his other friends head towards them.

"How do you guys do it?" Jr. asked. "I mean, we get knocked around like damn rag dolls, and you two manage to knock that new testament out."

"I...don't...know," chaos managed as he collapsed onto the ground.

"chaos!" the group yelled in unison as they ran to check on their friend. KOS-MOS watched silently. A pang pressing into her robotic chest. Was she feeling sadness, she didn't know, she really hoped Shion would help.

"We need to get him to a hospital or something," Shion broke into her thoughts.

"Good idea," Allen agreed.

"Is there even a hospital on this planet?" Jr. asked.

"There is a medical facility, I'll lead the way," Jin said. The others nodded as KOS-MOS walked forward and lifted up chaos. He lay limp in her arms as she headed after Jin. The others right behind them. KOS-MOS's crimson eyes glanced down, and gazed at chaos's chest as it rose and fell. Suddenly the pang in her chest returned, and she could feel her systems heat up as she stared at chaos's face. What was this, she had to find out now, she would ask as soon as she got to the hospital. Allen and Shion should know. She just had to wait until all this mess was taken care of.

A beep sounded from a console, which prompted the man sitting at the console to turn his attention to the device. "This is Commander Damian," the man said. He was a tall man with short blonde hair. He had a scar down his left cheek, and was wearing a normal uniform of the Federation. His eyes were a mix of blue and green.

"Is everything going according to plan?" the voice asked.

"Yes it is Admiral Jikin," Damian replied. "All systems are up and running. We are ready to begin the test anytime."

"Good, then you may start the test instantly. Get the weapon in position now, and don't fire until I give the signal," Jikin instructed.

"Understood Admiral, Proton Cannon X-456 MWD is almost in position," Damian said.

"Contact me when it is in position completely, and the firing sequence is ready," Jikin commanded.

"Understood sir!" Damian said. As the voice cut off from the console he turned his eyes to see those that worked on the weapon. "All right everyone, get this ship in position."

"Proton Cannon X-456 MWD moving into position!" a voice called out. "Will be in firing range in less than 30 seconds!"

"Taking all safeties off of the weapon now!" another voice called out. Damian turned his head slightly to see the young woman typing feverishly at the console. "The magnetic locks are disengaged. The Geocrystal is functioning at 100, all systems are green!"

"Proton Cannon X-456 MWD in firing position!" the voice from earlier called.

"All ships are out of firing range!" a new voice added to the commotion.

"Good, are we ready to fire?" Damian asked his crew.

"Yes sir! Everything is prepared to fire at the signal!" a female voice saluted. Damian nodded to himself as he pressed a button, and in a few seconds Admiral Jikin was on the line.

"We are ready to fire," Damian reported.

"Very good," Jikin said. "Fire in exactly 20 seconds."

"Understood," Damian said. He turned to the fire control personnel. "Prepare to fire in 20 seconds."

"Understood sir, everything is ready, starting the clock now," the female voice said. Damian nodded as he turned to facing out the window of the weapon they were in. He placed his elbows on the table, and his head on top of his hands.

"Firing time set," Damian told Jikin.

"Good," Jikin said in a happy tone. The signal then cut off, and Damian was left with the sound of the female crew person counting off.

"10...9...8," was where she was at the moment. Damian sighed to himself, he couldn't wait to see the weapon in action.

Jikin cut off the signal, and then turned instantly to staring out the window of his flagship, the Avenger. After months and months of research and development, and of himself getting promoted so he could take control of the weapon. They were finally finished, and it was time to see the power of their work. "The weapons systems are starting up!" a voice from one of the soldiers on the bridge informed.

"Finally, it's time to see our hard work in action," Jikin grinned. The weapon began to glow with a blue light, and it slowly turned so that it could face the target completely.

"The weapon is emitting a power level of 150, and it's rising!" one of the soldiers shrieked.

"What power," Jikin grinned. "Soon, that entire race of stinking people will be nothing but dust. Nothing can stop me now!" He began to laugh to himself, the crew of the bridge turning to see what was so funny.

"Umm...sir?" a female soldier asked.

"It's nothing," Jikin breathed. "Prepare to gather some data."

"Sir!" the female soldier saluted. She turned to her controls and began to activate the consoles, her eyes ocassionaly looking up to stare at the weapon as it began to fire it's beam at the target. "The weapon has reached an energy level of 200!"

"Excellent," Jikin smirked. A second later the beam fired out and completely obliterated the target, and a few asteroids as well. There was nothing left of anything that it touched, the soldiers on the bridge looked at what happened with wide eyes. Jikin on the other hand, was laughing to himself.

It's finally ready, and soon, that disgusting race of people will be turned into space dust. I can't wait for the battle that would soon begin, Jikin thought to himself. He lend back in his chair and glanced at the ceiling, his thoughts held up on the past. And what the race of people, calling themselves the Sharaks, had done. He remembered it clearly. And it was only a few months ago, as soon as the Gnosis crisis was finally delt with.


The alarms all rang at the Federation base that was set up on the planet, Midor. Jikin opened up his eyes slowly and looked around the room. "What's happening," he groaned to himself. He quickly jumped out of bed and got dressed, and then turned to the door and walked out. He could see many people running about.

"Get to the A.M.W.S.," a voice spoke over the speaker. "Take them out and stop the enemy who has all ready landed. Get the people to safety immediately." Jikin grunted and ran towards the hanger.

"Don't worry mom, I'm on my way," Jikin whispered to himself. He wondered how his dad was doing. He was stationed near the planet and probably locked in battle with the attackers space vessels. He arrived at the hanger and ran to his A.M.W.S. unit and prepared to launch. "This is Jikin, launching now!"

"Understood Commander, launch immediately," the communications officer informed. Jikin simply nodded as he moved his unit out of the hangar. He looked around and saw black A.M.W.S. units everywhere, and destroying building after building. Jikin pulled out the blade of his unit and charged towards the enemy, a rifle in his other hand. He fired two shots, before turning to another one and slashing it with his blade. He then thrusted to the side to dodge an attack from another A.M.W.S. unit. He moved his unit around and planted a kick in the enemy, sending it flying. Jikin's eyes scanned the people looking up at him gratefully. "Get out of here, head to the base!" The citizens of the planet nodded and made their way to the base. Jikin turned slightly and saw a vehicle heading towards the base. He caught a glimpse of his mother and headed over to provide protection. The people turned to look at him with fearful eyes. "Don't worry, I'm here offering support, we must get to the base." The driver nodded and pressed the peddle and sped off at full throttle, Jikin right behind him. His mom turned to him and smiled. He could even make out what his mom was saying. "Thank you" was what she was saying, and he was just glad to be able to help her. He really loved his mom. He smiled to himself, his mom was going to be all right, and he was happy. A sound escaped his thoughts and his eyes looked around, but a second too late he saw a flash of light. The light hit the vehicle, detonating it on impact. Jikin looked on at horror, the blast was moving too fast to even block. "Mother!" he screamed. "MOTHER!" Tears entered his eyes as he looked at the flames, his A.M.W.S., which was knocked back aways after the blast, lay still on the ground. Jikin then turned his attention to the side to see a huge black thing standing there. "You monster!"

"Oh, I'm sorry, was there someone important to you there?" the person asked with mock sadness. "I should have left them alive then." The man then laughed as he walked towards Jikin. "It's a shame killing with these things. There is never blood, and I really love blood."

"You bastard!" Jikin screamed. "I'll kill you." He took his rifle and aimed it at the robot, but a simple blast from the enemies rifle destroyed his. Jikin then pulled out his blade and charged forward. The enemy robot sidestepped slightly, dodging the attack completely. A blade then emerged from the robots arm and sliced off the A.M.W.S. units left arm. It then shifted a little, and sent a kick into the A.M.W.S. unit, knocking it to the ground.

"Boring," the man said with a yawn. "I don't have time to play with you. You're no match for my E.S. Death Bringer." Jikin gritted his teeth as he watched the E.S. disappear into the dark.

"Damnit," Jikin growled. His eyes turned around the planet, and he saw many bodies lying on the floor, and everything was burning. He then glanced to the sky, and wondered how his father was doing. He decided best to aid him now. He pushed his unit to full throttle and headed up towards the battle that was above him. When entering the space battle, his eyes turned to the side to see the same E.S. that killed his mother bored the biggest ship he has ever seen.

"This is the space vessel, Shadow Universe," a voice broke across the communications devices.

"The hell," Jikin muttered.

"What is your purpose," a voice answered the call. Jikin could tell it was his father, and turned to locate the ship, which was an easy task. He quickly turned his unit and headed towards the ship to aid it.

"We are the people known as the Sharaks, and we are here to bring retribution to the race of man," a knew voice entered the communications line. Jikin's eyes widened, it was the same guy who had killed his mother. "My name is Specter, and I'm the leader of the Sharaks. Our mission is to reach the realm of God, and you are in the way. We will not be stopped from achieving the power God has granted us. Prepare to be annihilated.

"Specter, so that's his name," Jikin whispered. He turned to face the ship and saw it glowing with energy. "What the hell."

"Now, Die you wretched worms!" the man bellowed. A blast of light shot out and destroyed every ship that it touched. Jikin turned to his fathers ship and watched with horror, the blast hit the ship and destroyed it. In the process it sent a short-circuit through

the A.M.W.S. unit, and it headed back through space and away from the battlefield. A few seconds later he could see another light, and knew that the enemy had attacked the planet, and it destroyed everything.

"N-No," Jikin whispered. "No! MOM! FATHER!" he screamed at the top of his lungs. It was too late, after this first attack by the Sharaks, his parents died, and he was all alone. "I promise I will avenge you." He then lend back in his chair and gave a huge sigh as he floated through space, to god knows where. He was the only one who survived the battle. And at that moment, he wished he had died. It would get rid of the pain he was feeling. But alas, fate was not so kind to him. He closed his eyes slowly, and waited for any sign of a ship to pick him up. He had to begin his plans, immediately.

End of Flashback

Jikin heard the door slide open, and turned in his chair. A man with a sword strapped to his side, and a scar across his forehead stood in front of him. "Ah, welcome Bran," Jikin greeted.

"You called for me Admiral Jikin," Bran said with a slight bow.

"Yes, I've got an assignment for you," Jikin began. "I want you take the newly acquired E.S. Titan, and head to a planet known as Zuel. There is a Sharak base on that planet. I want you to eliminate them all. And that includes all the mother and children, no prisoners."

"May I ask why sir, that is a little cruel," Bran commented.

"Do you think they care, they hurt most of our innocent civilians," Jikin growled.

"But, if you look at it, it's Specter's fault, he is the one leading them after all," Bran said with reason.

"I don't care, destroy them at Zuel, and don't come back till you do," Jikin snapped. He quickly turned back around to face the bridge's window. Ignoring anymore arguments from Bran. The man sighed as he turned around and marched out of the room. Once the door closed, and he was a few feet away from the bridge, he punched the wall with his fist.

"Damn, why did I get brought into this. I only joined to kill Specter for what he did to my friends and homeland. Not the entire race," Bran muttered angrily. "Maybe, I will still get the chance to kill Specter, and once he dies, I will then kill Jikin, and save the Sharaks. He might be a fellow soldier, but, he is attempting to commit something that was forbidden by the beings like U-DO and God. I hope everything works out in the end." With that last thought he continued his long march through the ship, and towards his E.S. Titan, he also wondered if this thing will be enough to carry out his plans. He would just have to wait and see.

chaos opened his eyes slowly to find himself in the same area he was earlier. "D-AM," he whispered.

"chaos, the new threat is approaching," D-AM spoke softly. "You must be ready."

"What kind of threat?" chaos asked.

"A being that shouldn't exist, the one named Specter," D-AM said. chaos froze up slightly at that part, it couldn't be, could it. "I see you know him."

"I know the name, but it can't be the same person," chaos told D-AM.

"You would be surprised," D-AM said. "Things happen for a reason, and destiny sometimes can be cruel. It's fate that you must confront Specter. But, what will you do. Will you kill him, or, will you join him. What's your choice."

"What do you mean?" chaos asked, but it fell on deaf ears as he found out that D-AM had all ready gone. chaos felt his world spinning, and the words D-AM said still in his mind. What would he do, would he fight Specter, he didn't know. He heard voices coming into the area, and he could tell who they were. He closed his eyes, and waited for him to return back to the realm of consciousness.

chaos opened his eyes slowly to see Shion, Jr., and KOS-MOS in the room. He pushed himself up and the three occupants ran over to him quickly, making sure he was okay. "chaos, you doing better?" Shion asked.

"Yeah, how about you guys?" chaos asked the three.

"We're doing fine," Jr. replied.

"All systems are functional," KOS-MOS reported. chaos smiled at hearing KOS-MOS speak, he was really glad she was back. Though he wouldn't show it, yet.

"Where is Jin and Allen?" chaos asked.

"They are with Nephilim and Abel at the moment," Jr. informed the silver haired boy.

"Yeah, something about checking the rebuilt E.S.'s like Asher," Shion added.

"Oh, they are done, then maybe we should go see them," chaos said.

"That's a good idea. But, are you okay to be moving?" Jr. asked.

"I'm fine," chaos smiled.

"Systems show you have some signs of low health still," KOS-MOS informed.

"I said I'm fine," chaos muttered as he jumped out bed. 'Now, where did you guys put my clothes, I'm not walking around in a patients outfit." Shion chuckled at this.

"Okay, I'll get them now," Shion said, trying to hide her giggle, which was making chaos blush. Which he didn't like doing. She came back a moment later with his clothes and gloves. He took the items and went into the little bathroom and changed into his normal attire. He came out a moment later. "Okay, let's get going."

"Right," Jr. nodded. Together the three left the hospital room, and headed towards the new E.S.'s. chaos was in deep thought the entire trip. He still didn't know what to do about Spector, he just hoped whatever he decides will be the best. And the one thing he hoped most of all was that he wouldn't hurt KOS-MOS at all.

The cargo ship Horizon entered the area of space around Lost Jerusalem. Ziggy stared out the window as he guided the cargo ship towards the planet. "We're almost there," he said, his eyes glancing to MOMO for a second.

"Finally, I get to see Jr.!" MOMO cried happily. Ziggy smiled a little bit at her comment.

"We have to get there first, so calm down MOMO," Ziggy spoke calmly.

"Yes daddy," MOMO said happily. Ziggy kind of choked at that, his eyes glancing at MOMO again.

"What did you call me?" Ziggy asked.

"Daddy," MOMO replied.

"Why?" Ziggy asked, his mind not fully comprenhending all this.

"Because you and mommy are in love, and that makes you daddy," MOMO answered like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"I don't know what to say," Ziggy whispered. But in truth he was a little happy inside. The ship suddenly rumbled and Ziggy braced himself so he didn't fall over.

"What was that?" MOMO questioned. Ziggy looked to the sensors to see many creatures approaching the ship.

"We got company," Ziggy growled.

"But, this ship has no weapons," MOMO cried.

"What! Damnit all!" Ziggy yelled in anger. He moved his right hand to a control and began to enter in a distress signal. "Let's just hope somebody can help us from that planet." Ziggy turned back to the pilot controls and began to dodge the attacks from the creatures. MOMO turned to stare at one of the monsters and got a good look at it. It didn't look a Gnosis, but it was like a giant snake. It had red rings around its eyes, and rocky scales. It's fangs looked to be 100 inches in length, and very sharp.

"What are they?" MOMO asked, she couldn't remember ever even hearing about these things.

"I don't know, but these things are really making me mad," Ziggy growled. He turned to MOMO sharply, "Hold on tight!" The ship then did a nosedive to dodge a swipe from another creatures claws, and the fangs of the snake ones. MOMO turned to Lost Jerusalem.

"Jr., please save us," MOMO whispered. The ship turned sharply to dodge another attack, they couldn't last much longer. The two occupants of the ship just hoped that someone would help them soon.

chaos, Shion, Jr., and KOS-MOS arrived at the launch pad and saw four E.S.'s standing in front of them. "Wow!" Shion exclaimed. "They look even better than before."

"It took us a while to rebuild them," Abel said. "But, it was worth it. These things will be able to protect the planet from invaders."

"Do we get to pilot them?" Jr. asked. "I really would like to pilot the Asher again."

"Yes, each E.S. has been decided for certain people," Nephilim said. "The E.S. Asher is designed to be piloted by Jr. and Jin."

"But, didn't chaos pilot it earlier with Jin?" Shion asked confused.

"Yes, but chaos couldn't help to bring out the full power of Asher, only Jr. and Jin together can," Nephilim informed.

"I see," Shion said.

"Ah man, so no slow chaos," Jr. pouted.

"Sorry, but he was selected to pilot the new E.S. that the planet produced," Abel added.

"So, who are the pilots for Dinah?" Shion asked.

"You and Allen are," Nephilim replied.

"That's great, isn't it Allen," Shion said in a happy voice.

"Yes, I get to be closer to you Shion," Allen grinned.

"Ziggy and MOMO, when they arrive of course, will pilot E.S. Zebulun," Abel said.

"So, it's like they are the only one's who don't change," Jr. commented.

"Yeah," Jin nodded. "But, don't worry, I'm sure we'll make a good team."

"You're right," Jr. smiled.

"Now, KOS-MOS and chaos will pilot the E.S. Ultima," Nephilim said. The group turned to see a different E.S. This one had a steel body, with a cannon in the center. It had two swords strapped to it's back, and two rifles on each of it's legs. On it's hands were sets of machine guns. And it had two wings that were in the shape of that of an angels.

"It looks cool," Allen commented.

"Yeah, a whole lot different than ours," Shion agreed.

"You guys can go test them now if you want," Abel said.

"That would be great," Shion said as she ran over to the Dinah.

"Nephilim!" a voice called from the entrance to the launch pad.

"What is it?" she asked as she turned to the boy.

"The guardians of the planet are out of control," the boy said.

"What do you mean?" chaos asked, joining Nephilim.

"They are being controlled by something. And are being forced to attack a ship belonging to that of Ziggy and MOMO," the boy said.

"What!" Jr. cried. "Who the hell are these guardians. I'm not going to let them hurt MOMO," Jr. growled.

"chaos, take the E.S. Ultima and destroy whatever is controlling them," Abel commanded.

"Right, KOS-MOS?" chaos asked, his eyes glancing at the blue hair android.

"Affirmative," KOS-MOS said with a nod.

"Wait, we are coming too," Shion said.

"Very well," chaos nodded. "Let's go." The others nodded as they entered their respective E.S.

"All right, you are all cleared to launch," Nephilim said. "Be careful." chaos nodded as he glanced down at KOS-MOS.

"All right, let's get going," chaos said. KOS-MOS nodded.

"All systems green. Weapons up and running. Launching E.S. Ultima," KOS-MOS reported. The E.S. got in a ready position before launching out of the area. chaos glanced to the side to see the other two E.S.s right behind them.

"All right guys, let's save our friends," chaos said.

"Right!" everyone, except KOS-MOS, yelled in unison. The E.S. Ultima took the lead, and lead the group towards space. His sensors all ready picking up on the source.

"I hope these E.S.s are as strong as we have been told," chaos whispered to himself. There was only one way to find out chaos knew, and that was to fight these guardians in space. He just hoped they would stop them, and he also hoped that Specter had nothing to do with this, he wasn't ready to face him yet.

E.S. Ultima took out one of it's rifles, and took aim. With a single shot it took out one of the creatures. "Nice shot," chaos commented.

"Thanks," KOS-MOS said. She moved the E.S. quickly to dodge another attack. She then pulled out one of it's blades and charged towards the creature that attacked it, destroying it easily. "This E.S. is different than the others, and it has more power energy. It can destroy the enemy units easily."

"I bet," chaos said with a nod. He turned to the side to see E.S. Asher dodge an attack, and then blast it with a rapid shot. It then flew forward and stabbed a creature with it's arm, destroying it easily. "Nice work Jr. and Jin," chaos said over the communications line.

"Thanks, these things are too easy, but we need to find what ever is controlling them," Jin commented.

"You're right," Shion's voice came over the device. "My sensors have picked up something abnormal, we'll go see what it is."

"Affirmative," KOS-MOS said. "Take care Shion."

"Right," Shion said. chaos saw the E.S. Dinah head towards an open space not too far away. Ultima shifted direction and headed towards the cargo ship that Ziggy and MOMO were a board. It pulled out its' other rifle, and fired two shots, taking down two of the attacking monsters. Asher came up beside Ultima and fired a repeated blast at one of the creatures that was attached to the hull of the cargo ship.

"Everything okay in there?" Jr. asked over the communications device.

"Everything is fine, thanks to you guys," Ziggy's monotone voice replied to the question.

"Thanks so much Jr.!" MOMO squealed. Which caused Jr.'s face to turn red.

"You okay Jr.?" Jin asked. "Why is your face red."

"N-Nothing," Jr. stammered. "We have to guide them to the planet."

"Agreed," Jin nodded. "chaos, do you think you and KOS-MOS can handle the rest until Shion and Allen are finished?"

"Yes," chaos replied. "Be careful on your way to the planet."

"Understood," Jin said.

"See you on the flip side," Jr. added. The Asher turned towards the planet and flew cover for the cargo ship. chaos watched them go before turning back to the creatures coming towards them.

"Ready?" chaos asked.

"Affirmative, destroying enemy units," KOS-MOS reported. She moved the E.S. down to dodge an attack. She then pulled out one of her blades and stabbed it up, destroying the monster. The wings expanded to give the E.S. some more speed. It dodged another creature with ease, firing two shots from its' rifles.

"I hope that Shion and Allen are okay," chaos said. He looked towards the location of E.S. Dinah, but it was hard to see anything.

"They will be fine, focus more on the enemy units," KOS-MOS advised.

"You're right KOS-MOS," chaos said. "Let's get them." Ultima sped towards another group of monsters, its' rifles blazing. When the energy levels dropped, it hoisted its' rifles and pulled out the two blades.

"Here we go," KOS-MOS reported. The E.S. Ultima charged the enemy creatures, and began to slice them in half. chaos activated the guns that were on the wings, and expanded them. He took control and the guns fried consecutive shots, destroying many of the creatures.

"Hurry up," chaos whispered. His eyes shifting to where Shion and Allen should be. He turned back to the battle and continued his onslaught. Trying his best to give the Dinah time to finish up what ever was controlling these things. They were running out of time, and fast.

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