This has to be the shortest thing I've ever written for fanfiction except possibly sauske's gem. Anyway it was a spur of the moment idea. I got this image of Joey and Kiaba in this pose of Kiaba with his arms around Joey with he moon behind them and since i can't draw i wrote about it instead. Which probably wasn't a good idea cause i was supposed to be doing my algebra instead but oh well.

Hazel eyes stared off into the night, seemingly watching something but not really seeing anything. For reasons known only to him the light of the deck were off, letting only the lights of the bedroom behind him illuminate a small part of the wood floor. Because of this the boy's body was still cast in shadows, the only light coming from the half moon above.

The way the blonde stood, hands resting on the wooden rail before him, suggested he was lost in thought but really he was just standing there, enjoying the stillness of the night.

"Lonely?" a voiced asked close enough so that it's breath tickled his ear.

"Now that you mention it I could use some company."

"What kind of company?"

The breath still tickled his ear, causing a smile to play across his face.

"Hm i think someone kind would be nice. Someone who's not afraid to care but at the same time makes me work for the caring side. I'd like someone who works hard but can relater and have a good laugh every now and then. And they'd have to be someone who'd love me no matter what I did or how many times I screwed up."

"You know there are a lot of people who fit that."

"No one said I was done."

The second person raised an eyebrow.


"Really. They would also have to be tall but not to tall, have brown eyes, and the most caring blue eyes a guy could wish for."

Strong arms wrapped around the blonde's waist.

"Looks like you're in luck mutt. I know a person who fits that description perfectly."

"Do i know this person?" the hazel eyed teen asked as he leaned into the embrace, his head fitting perfectly under the other's chin.

"I don't know do you."

The blonde thought for a minute, his companion's breath warm against his hair.

"You know I think I do moneybags, I think I do."

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